LETTER: Just Imagine the Traffic Confusion


Dear Editor,

I just saw an announcement that Old Parham Road will be closed from Saturday from Airport Road all the way down to First Caribbean Bank, for road works. This closure will be for weeks. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

Where is the planning? The road from stadium to Sprugoo Gas Station is still not finished. Just imagine the traffic confusion.

All of the traffic that would usually come through Pigotts will now have to go onto Airport Road and head to Factory Road. Unless there is Traffic Police, 24/7 on Factory Road and at every junction there will be gridlock. No one will be going any where as there are more vehicles than roads in Antigua.

Has there been any kind of planning, discussion with the businesses that will be impacted and education and information for the public on diversions?

I am calling on the Traffic Commissioner to blanket the media and explain these changes to the general public.

Lord help us.

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  1. I will like an explanation why this road will be closed. If it’s road construction that is a poor decision at this time. If it’s new water distribution pipes to increase water transfer capacity, yes bite the bullet.
    When an economy is slow international road construction is one of the ways to inject money and provide work. In Antigua we have one contractor going all the road construction work and our equipment owners allow this foreign owned company to get all the fat. The local truck owners , backhoe owner , grader owner , roller owner , Excevator owners, bulldozer owners , mechanics , truck drivers and operators need to stand up to this wickedness. This could not happen in Barbados where this company is from.
    The little sugar cake work done by PWD core of engineers is ridiculous. These people are raking in 100’s of millions. When they don’t get the big fat checks, they get paid with lands . They get government lands for peanuts and sell them for a fortune.
    Then when you local contractors go to the treasury week in week out nothing. The local equipment owners, service providers, suppliers, security company, cleaning company and so on are not getting paid . You guys are being bankrupt by these politicians. Worst yet the politicians are owning heavy duty equipment also and what little work in the private sector left they are getting all.
    The politicians equipment also working on All government constitution projects. They are now into the water truck business also.
    UPP these are issues you need to bring to the forefront. Do hope that when you take government that you do something about these outrageous stuff. The last time you went straight to bed with these same Serían and the same people that ripped off this country under ALP. Baba is a typical example, Kool store too is now into construction , supplying school mean with chicken and rice ahead of CMC and other reputable food suppliers. There are people that are multi millionaire created my government on the back of tax payers. For a little campaign funding and kickbacks.
    This is what you are up against UPP . Kick backs. So you need the everyday Antiguan on your side . Do not mark anyone red . All these people that Line up in the treasury , at social security , improper medical treatment are Antiguans. Reach out to them. Stop broad painting children of ALP homes red-Kool aid. They are ready and you need to open your arms for them. Their lands are taken up by politicians or sold off to foreign investors.
    Next we need to see where all the big millions of campaign financing will be coming from. Notwithstanding you and the poor picky head picky children, the university graduates , the local suffering indigenous Antiguan business men and women – competing with politicians and their family can make that change.

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