LETTER: It’s election time again…! Let’s focus on the message rather than focusing on the messenger


Dear Editor,

It is quite evident that election is around the corner. Billboards are being erected and  political talk shows are now blasting on the radios.

Obviously, it’s a sign that the political parties are swinging into high gear to get their messages out to the electorates.

According to my observation, it seems to me that for this election, many of us are focusing more on the messengers’ demeanor, rather than the messages that are disseminating from them.

Of course, let’s us zoom into the two dominant messengers, Gaston Browne and Harold Lovell.

Gaston, seems not to be liked by many. His personal demeanour is perceived to be a bit unpolished. However, behind that trait  and in spite of the uncontrollable challenges that have impacted upon the country, he and his administration is still getting the job done of moving the economy forward.

Undoubtedly, people’s livelihood have been empowered throughout his tenure.

Harold, on the other hand  seems not to be findng the right formula. Many persons have not forgotten the dark days that the country was plunged into during his tenure as Finance minister. Many fear that those dark days will return with him at the helm . Additionally, persons are not yet convince that he has found a solution to take the country to the next level.

As UPP’s leader, the composition of his team that he is proposing to run the affairs of the country, speaks negative of him. The team  is politically inexperienced and intellectually impaired.

To add salt to the wound, it is percieved that the other members within the UPP,   function on a platform of disrespect, hate, bitterness, vile and anger.

For me, it is frightening because it looks as though, for revenge these persons are trying to gain political power by any means necessary. PLM, UNDP, MOVEMENTS, FAITHFUL NATIONALS, & POWA all operated on the same platform. However, they all failed miserably.

So then, why should UPP be seen as any different?  If “Raising our standard & raising it bodly is our national tagline ” then questions are asked

1. Why should UPP be voted into office, since  they don’t respect the Prime Minister?

2. Why should UPP be voted into office, since they show no respect to the female politicians in the current administration?

3. Why should UPP be voted into office when  POWA, a female arm of UPP, keep silent whenever females in ABLP are  verbally abused?

4. Why should UPP be voted into office since they align themselves with a  NIGHT OWL who spews venom & hate and behave out of character on the radio station?

5. Why should UPP be voted into office when one of their former parliamentarian showed no reverence in parliament by sticking up their middle finger to advocate profanity?

6. Why should UPP be voted into office when one of their hierarchy was under a halucination for a gun licence to go around & kill?

7. Why should UPP be voted into office when a former leader in the organization gave  instructions  to chop up tax collectors?

8. Why should UPP be voted into office since one of their members used derogative terms  against our Caricom brothers & sisters referring to them as thieves & paupers?

9. Why should UPP be voted into office when one of their female politician referred to the nation’s elderly as rag tags?

10. Why should UPP be voted into office when UPP candidates act as dictators at radio stations causing  two brilliant youths to resign?

11. Why should UPP be voted into office since
many of their own stalwarts turn their backs against them?

12. Why should UPP be voted into office when one of their prominent lawyer was ordered by the courts to be relieve of his position because he was deemed too abrasive?

13. Why should UPP be voted into office when it is alledge that a senior citizen is not paid his rent by a UPP candidate?

14. Why should UPP be voted into office when a young innocent girl who was pregnant was shot and killed by a UPP candidate?

15. Why should UPP be voted into office when  the country collapsed under Lovell as Finance minister?

Hell no! We can’t accept UPP again!


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  1. NOT DEM AGAIN. UPP plundered the economy. Also look at the UPP Candidates. I listened to POINTE FM radio on Saturday and heard the description of the Candidates. What a shame. FRANZ DEFREITAS, SEAN BIRD , SHEFFIELD BOWEN ???????? . The description I heard of these three Candidates….Antiguans CANNOT vote these people. MURDERER , BANKRUPTCIES , RUN AWAY FROM MIAMI without paying bills ?????

    • NOT DEM again. UPP CRIMINALS Organization. That is the reason for the following results of 2023 election.

      ABLP. 17. SEATS



      BPM. 00. SEAT


  2. two bread is enough to share among 90,000 Antiguans. In his/her head it is bread instead of crumbs.

  3. Anti man Fitzroy who like can’t decide whether you are a man or a woman, any IT, THING or INEXPERIENCED, INCOMPETENT PERSON is way better than your PM and his ROGUED POODLES. I know you can’t believe that RED DEAD but your leader is giving you enough time to get accustomed to that fact. ABLP and you can’t believe that Antiguans are WOKE and are now putting themselves first and not politicians and Party. Arwe no chupid. So keep writing your lies because all the ills you highlight in your long epistles are all the WICKED atrocities met out to Antiguans and Barbudans by ABLP. Red Dead. Ge arwe one SNAIL INNA BLUE SHUT BECAUSE A DEM ARWE A VOTE FOR. RED DEAD DEAD! 💙💛💙💛💙💛

  4. Not dem again. UPP ruin our economy…. They are wolves in sheep clothing. Their mission is to get rid of ABLP out of Antigua’s politics… They don’t give a damn about our country.

  5. Why would anyone respect Gaston Browne when this man promised an economic powerhouse in 2014 and in 2022 he is telling you that you should have a drum. And trying to make people feel guilty about having no water. Bearing in mind that having a drum will not reduce my APUA bill.

    Also the Antiguan Airways was a disaster. What did the country benefit? How much did these passengers spend. When will the remaining “visitors” leave. How are they supporting themselves? Don’t try to pass off refugees as tourists. So we should feel guilty about that too?
    Gaston gave us a 6 for a 9. It’s time for him to go.

    • I shudder to think that we as people of African descent are bashing our brothers and sisters from our homelands for coming here on an inaugural charter flight.
      It was never mentioned that we owned the aircraft or planned to own it in the future. From all accounts, this idea was ingenious to be able to have a direct flight from the motherland to our tiny Caribbean settlement, our new home.
      In spite of the logistics being compromised, why would we not see the value in the possibility for the future in this transatlantic exercise? They are all members of the Commonwealth, based the British rule. The reasons they came are insignificant in the scheme of the bigger picture.
      Soon, if all the kinks are ironed out, we can start crossing the Atlantic to visit our motherland using this direct link.
      If some of them who came choose to use to this flight as an intransit point, What’s the harm in that?
      There are many charters which come from Canada where some passengers found love in Antigua and stayed.
      In the other hand, if you don’t see the value of securing a water catchment so as not to depend on APUA , then you live in absurdity. Water rates in Antigua are extremely low. As far as I’m aware, the government has been on a program of boosting the water distribution for quite some time now. It is not an overnight solution. Empower yourself by stopping the blame game and secure your water as a supplemental to the country’s water supply.
      Living a quality of life should not only be about playing politics but about self empowerment..
      I wish my country well always. 🇦🇬

  6. Jumbee_Picknee says,
    Let’s focus on #TERM LIMITS and FORENSIC AUDITING.

    All the other fluff can be moulded into their mattress, mistress, ankle bracelets in prison.

      • @Dave Ray…what is “inappropriate” and “irresponsible” under our constitution are the lack of proper enforcement, of the laws under the Nation’s Constitution.


        By the way, tell us who owns REDONDA?
        Did someone, in the ABLP, Gaston Browne Administration sell REDONDA to a philanthropist from California? This would be irresponsible, inappropriate and if the allegations are correct, a proper forensic auditing of the process is done, and the guilty party(s) are brought up on #treason. Treason is still a crime under our constitution, correct?

        Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
        and, as Grannie wuddah say, “no badder luk fu Blak_Sheep, aftah dark!

  7. Can someone please ask the person who wrote this article if they are sleeping? None of the information and especially the questions address rising inflation, water issue, infrastructure, pension and normal salaries, police force, health care, theft and self-enrichment of public servants, Barbuda, youth and so much more including posterity!! UPP DID EXCEPTIONALLY WELL AFTER COMIMG BEHIND AN OVER 50-YEAR OCCUPATION OF CORRUPTION AND WHO LNOWS WHAT ELSE BY ALP!! Gaston and his cronies have done nothing but engage in open corruption and selling off crown lands. People like the author are like ostriches with their heads in the sand. How could any sane Antiguan/Barbudan re-elect and abusive, greedy and uncaring ABLP again? Author, please stop thinking we are stupid and stop with the salacious and scandalous rather than the real issues. RED DEAD!!!

    • This is the dumbest article I’ve seen written on this forum, it’s clear the writer is petty and seems to have a personal gripe, rather than any political views that will fix the nations spiraling moral consciousness!!!

  8. You must think Antiguans are all Boo-boo the fool. Gaston Browne can’t run a sweetie shop, much less a country. This man has openly admitted to knowledge of active crimes, and have done nothing. He borrows to meet basic expenses, and still falls short, while he is unable to explain where our money is. When he is allowed to speak for any period, it is painfully obvious that the man is a dunce with a thesaurus. I’m not telling you anything new. You know this, but clearly YOU are one ☝🏽 f those who are benefiting. Your letter wreaks of desperation- just like the stinking gutters of St. John’s! You and Gaston can goo way!

  9. Pearl “FOOTS” Quinn
    Gladys Potter EMPTY HEAD
    Franz DeFreitas G-R-E-A-T-F-U-L
    Pringle CA-CAPA-TI-TAH and MASKses
    Serpent FARMing FOOL & DICTATOR
    Peter Redz CAN’T TALK
    Jonathan “VOTE ALP”
    King Lyadd Lovell Limpy Joe IMF
    Alister “inTERllectual” Thomas
    Richard “BULLY BEEF” Lewis


  10. I am convinced Gaston is mentally unstable and his supporters for the most part are blind, deaf and dumb. This is what I believe from observation. How else can we explain what Gaston does and saying he is going to do with impunity. In any country with enlightened people, the members of this government would be in jail. Do you realize how Antigua is in a mess while he talks about all the money he and family have. How many black Antiguans are involved in any multimillion dollar project? Name one other than the Brownes.

  11. Hey Fitzroy, NOMAD or more than likely Gaston Browne.

    Here’s 13 good reasons to VOTE the ABLP out of office come the next General Election.

    Enjoy boss:

    1), The recent ongoing SELF-ENRICHMENT land grab in Barbuda by Gaston Browne for his immediate family. Fact!

    2), Mandating FORCED medical procedures on Antiguans was never a discussion, it was used as a government THREAT. Fact!

    3), A nationwide water supply system was PROMISED a long, long time ago by our Prime Minister. Fact!

    4), ATTACKING women and children on Teargas Sunday on 8th August 2021. Fact!

    5), NEPOTISM and cronyism continues to unbalance and unstable the country – just look at our problems with housing and the immigration departments, to name just two. Fact!

    6), A Prime Minister – which has widely been reported – has somehow accumulated around $300 million whilst in office. How?

    7), No response by Gaston Browne or ABLP cabinet members regarding the rising tide of CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES in Antigua, despite numerous requests to do so Fact!

    8), The ongoing and constant DELAYS in paying pensions; wages and overtime. Fact!

    9), Lack of EQUIPMENT for our policemen and women, doctors, and nurses to carry out their duties correctly. Fact!

    10), SELF-ENRICHMENT schemes for his associates, cabinet members and family. Fact!

    11), Not forgetting the recent airline FIASCO and FAKE passengers with Nigeria. 🇳🇬 Fact!

    12), The ASTRAZENECA vaccine still being distributed to the citizens of Antigua & Barbuda, despite being banned from many other countries. Fact!

    Watch how dangerous this vaccine 💉 is on YouTube titled:

    “AstraZeneca pressured to release data on research …”

    13), And Molwyn ‘AstraZeneca’ Joseph still wants Antiguans injected with it. Fact!


    Brixtonian on point once more – simple really!

    • … oh, and how did I overlook number 14), Gaston Browne exiled Antiguan businessmen; women; property owners; and the holidaying diaspora from returning home, because they RIGHTLY refused his vaccination mandates. Fact!

      Again, accept my sincere apology …

  12. YES,

  13. Nice Try Fitzroy, nice try!! Are you getting paid per word? Your motive is glaringly obvious. This charter flight is but the last straw! Ohh and Dave Ray, as You said “tiny Caribbean settlement.” We obviously cannot accommodate too many immigrants. Any aviation expert or immigration personnel would shudder at your blase comments. Our economy is at stake. It is everyone’s business. You would do better to ask the PM to gather up these poor ‘tourists’ and assist them in finding and paying for their accommodations so that they can stop going from pillar to post. Seriously, this is embarrassing.

  14. The writer of this article probably was sitting on a cactus when he wrote this or His brains has to be in his bottom. Chatting nonsense we are not supporting ABLP this term. RED IS DEAD!

    Too much hardship under this govermment and corruption.

    Why should we vote for a government that dont like to pay just thrive of personal enrichments.

  15. The labour government has to be voted out of office so that Antiguans can breath. We are tired of the rundown condition in our country. We are tired of all the debt and nothing to show for it. We are tired of all the young people leaving school with no jobs. We are tired of all the crime. We are tired of one family, their enablers and politicians getting rich from the people’s patrimony. We are just tire of the land Party. We need a government for the people. We will take UPP because they put themselves out there and we are willing to give them a chance to get rid of labour. Antigua needs a new dispensation. We are tired of Labour. They think Antigua belongs to them. They must go.

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