LETTER: Is the UPP A Sinking Ship?


Dear Editor,


My decision to take time out to write this letter is as a result of the dismal turn out of the United Progressive Party/Antigua Barbuda Workers Union, Labour Day march.

Everyone, except for the blind UPP supporters, have all come to the conclusion that their march was nothing short of an embarrassment. And this in an election year. In contrast, the ABLP’s gathering at the Sir V.C. Bird bust and the ensuing march were most impressive. Indeed, independent observers are of the view that the ABLP’s march outnumbered the UPP’s by almost two to one.

However, true to form, the UPP leadership and supporters, are in their usual denial and rather than face the undisputed facts, have elected to revert to their usual lame and ridiculous excuses, which they have used since their 2014 defeat at the polls. They have stated with a straight face that thousands marched with the UPP/AWU and this, in the face of multiple videos which show their march to be closer to about a generous five hundred.

They state that Labour’s march consisted mainly of children and Majorettes “who can’t vote”. Blissfully ignoring the fact that these children have parents, who by the very fact that they allowed their children to march, were clearly in support of Labour. They vote, as do their older children. Videos also show that there was a large turnout of young and younger voters in Labour’s march. As to the presence of these young voters, the UPP comforted themselves with the belief, that these young Antiguan and Barbudan voters came only for the music (Burning Flames), the shows and the food. What was most noticeable about the UPP/AWU march is the average age of the marchers which consisted mainly of granddads and grandmas. A large slice of middle-aged persons and a scarcity of voters under the age of thirty-five. This abject failure must be viewed in the light of the UPP’s claim that they will win the next election and take over the reins of government.

There is an old saying, which I hope I am getting correctly: “To try something over and over and failing, and continuing to try the same thing and expect a different result, is a sign of insanity.”

It is appropriate to the leadership and supporters of the UPP, who have never accepted that they have been soundly beaten at the polls by Labour, to resort to the most outrageous excuses to rationalise its multiple defeats. These excuses range from the sublime to the ridiculous:

  1. The ABLP won because they bribed the voters with gifts from refrigerators to computers to cash, wrapped in Labour tee shirts.
  2. They paid voters to give up their voter’s ID cards (presumably to prevent them from voting).
  3. Labour won because the foreigners and Antiguans and Barbudans, who voted Labour are all “low lives”. This was spouted ad nauseam on Observer Radio by Algernon Watts, Knight et al.

These excuses were repeated and continues to be repeated even though the elections of 2014, the UPP

lost to Labour, in what was a stunning victory.  So, from about 2017, the UPP in opposition had

convinced itself that it would take back the government quickly and in fact, frequently implored PM

Browne to “call the election now.” This was the mantra of Chaku Symister and other activists.

The UPP was cock-a-hoop, convinced in their own minds that they were marching on to victory. In fact, in 2018, the UPP fared even worse than 2014 when they had retained only 3 seats. PM Browne called

the election early as is his legal prerogative, and it was more of the same, as the UPP continued to

maintain they would re-take the government. Chaku et al continued the rallying cry of “call the election now.”. Once again, the UPP suffered a smashing defeat, worse than the last time. The ABLP won 15 seats, the UPP won 1 (All Saints East & St. Luke) and the BPM took the Barbuda seat.

The ABLP polled 23,063 or 58%, down 1,175 votes while the UPP polled 14,440 or 36% down 3,368 votes; the ABLP had a plurality of 8,623 votes and there was a 76% turnout.


Then followed the usual litany of excuses and rationalizations as noted above plus a new one:

That the UPP was not ready because the Prime Minister called the election early. This, they opined should not be permissible and there ought to be constitutional reform, whereby the general election is called on a set and particular date each electoral cycle.


Just imagine the main opposition party admitting that it was not ready for an election, months after repeatedly demanding an early election. We are now approaching another election within months, and the new “My UPP” has pulled out the same old playbook and reverted to the same failed campaign strategies – noise, cussing, cussing CARICOM brothers and sisters, making outlandish promises and accusing the Ministers of enriching themselves(with absolutely no evidence or empirical data); bemoaning the failure of the government to offer a stimulus of $1,000 even though every public servant was paid his/her salaries/wages during the lockdown.


A serious deficiency in the UPP’s campaign is that their rhetoric is aimed entirely at their base, which is made up of some not so bright people, wo display their political ignorance on Facebook and Observer Talk Radio. That is bad enough, but it is worse when the candidates, leadership and activists “shout to the echo chamber.”


Another serious problem for the UPP is the caliber of many of their political spokespersons, some of whom are criminals, found guilty of serious crimes; others with dubious reputations. Add to that its campaign management is in the hands of Chester Hughes, of whom the least said the better and its public relations is in the hands of the fast-talking Winston Henry aka “Fled the scene”, who is fast and loose with the truth. There is also the lack of political skills and instinct in the party’s hierarchy in particular D. Giselle Isaacs, its arrogant chairperson, but more about this at another time.


Finally, the UPP has presented a slate of candidates, who, but for a few exceptions, lack the capacity to govern, have no track record of success, are mostly unemployed, underemployed and are mostly underachievers. Also, candidates like Pearl Quinn, Franz De Freitas, Alister Thomas, Algernon Watts and Cleone Athill and others irritate and put off independent voters, who shudder to imagine any of these persons as a Minister of government.


It is for all of the above reasons that I state without fear of contradiction, that the UPP will be defeated in the upcoming elections. The only remaining questions are:


  1. Will the election be a clean sweep for the ABLP?
  2. Will the UPP hold on to its single seat?
  3. Will the BPM take the Barbuda seat>
  4. Having been soundly defeated for a third consecutive election, will the present slate of candidates remain relevant in the political future of Antigua and Barbuda?
  5. Can the UPP withstand a third humiliating defeat and survive as the main opposition party, or will it disappear as a sinking ship in the political ocean of Antigua and Barbuda politics?


Time will tell.



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    • NOMAD, BEEF, FITZROY or whoever you are it was the ALP labour day march that was most embarrassing. It was like a carnival parade and as you said dominated by groups of Majorettes. Did every constituency have a Majorette group in the parade? Was it a Majorette competition? You ALP minions are so bias and removed from reality that you declared that you had 50,000 people at your march. Anyway, don’t worry about numbers since you will get your answer on election day. It is the numbers on that day that count – UPP 12, ALP 4 and BPM 1.

        • @ just saying

          To answer your question. ELECTION 2023 as follows.

          ABLP. WIN ALL 17 SEATS





      • If delusion was a person, Tag you’re it. The UPP had a march of Government incompetence. That was an abject failure. Less than 500 people showed up to march against what was advertised as corruption, water woes, incompetence and you have such a small turn out that to me screams complete disconnect from your electorate. It tells me that you have lost the ability to rally your supporters as a Leader and get them to fall in line and support you. Your drivel is typical UPP old campaign talk, throw crap at the wall and hope something sticks regardless what your eyes are seeing.

    • To piggyback on the well penned article, the claim of being caught unprepared in the last 2018 election because of its being called early, Mr. Harold Lovell, Esq ought not have used that excuse as he has been the representative in the same constituency (St. John’s City East) for at least the last seven election cycles.
      The stats also proves that in 2014, Mr. Lovell was defeated by the ABLP candidate (his former campaign manager), Hon. Melford (Jerry) Nicholas by 112 votes. In 2018 however, when the turnout was down, Mr. Lovell was defeated by the same candidate, Hon. Medford Nicholas by 153 votes; a higher number in a lower turnout election cycle. Hoe ironic. The strategy hasn’t changed. They keep on blaming and accusing the electorate of accepting bribes. They say how corrupt the electorate is for all these years. How can you win over the electorate by chastising them? That’s the question.

      • Spot on analysis Dr. Ray. The UPP need to gather their folks and come up with a new strategy. This old campaign pronouncements of corruption, theft and bribes is getting old and stale. It simply shows that the UPP is the same old party of old ideas, strategies, and promises. When I saw Harold touting the pie in the sky promise of the PM of St. Kitts I knew his Party was doomed this election. No one with a progressive and logical mind coupled with experience in Finance could ever subscribe to that irrational economic fix. It drove home to me why Harold & his cohorts are a bad idea for Antigua. They make zero sense.

      • Dave Ray next time you appear on the big issues, I hope you will announce yourself as a ALP operative and not pretend to be independent.
        You always boasts how you was involved in Hilary Clinton’s campaign however small it was to stop Trump being elected, but you have no problem with the Trump wannabe in antigua call some top dawg

    • The UPP “crowd” was not even enough to full up the Wilmoth Daniel STRIPPER POLE BUS 🚌

      PISS POOR ATTENDANCE like “FOOTS” performance at the bank

      • Avatar photo Where's the GUN that killed NIGEL CHRITIAN and when will shortie be charged for forging the PM signature??

        Absolute rubbish. Not readable.

        Details of the shenanigan’s at Customs and the brokerage operations including the untimely death of NIGEL CHRISTIAN.

  1. The Nation of Antigua and Barbuda is the sinking ship at this time.Where is your Turban(Pagri) wearing Prime Minister? Is he in India begging money for the Election.

  2. While there is some bias in this letter I agree with the end resolute and the general analysis. Lovell AA well as D Giselle and her arrogance need to be go and a competent team but together after reconciling with the DNA. I myself can’t imagine some of these candidates as actual government ministers. Maybe we need to expand the number of seats to get more back benchers. In any event based on the current slate and competing parties ablp will and should win.

      H_2_O (NO WATER)
      500 (500 EMPTY PROMISES)
      US$20,000 (QUID PRO QUO)
      EURO 3,000,000 (ODEBRECHT)


      • $320,000,000.00 IMF LOVELL 🎯
        $47,000,000,00 WADADLI POWER CAN’T
        $100,000,000.00+ ABST HOTEL RIPOFF

        Don’t. Ever. Forget!

  3. UPP 17-0. Vote Harold Lovell for PM and Giselle for GG. Call the election now. Let the rescue begin.

    • I have been listening to JOAN and TUITT ( Hope spelt correctly).

      Both of Them sounding so DUMB. They DO NOT add anything to the SNAKEPIT.Knight should kick Them off the show.

      • I agree. Joan also never knows what’s happening in the country. Knight would ask her about something and she would say, “I never know”, or ask, “Where was that?” Or say, “I never heard.” How you want to speak about the state of the country and you’re always clueless about what’s happening?!

        • Yep, I listen but that’s where UPP gets it wrong… listenership doesn’t mean people support your views or that people are coming around to doing so. Any body listen to other people more than Dane Knight? All when he cut off Tannie Rose, he listened keenly to another radio station to hear Tannie’s response. He supports Lionel Hurst being banned from the station… but still pulls up clips of Hurst on another station. This man has also played ABS reports too so whatever you’re trying to say about people listening having some greater meaning is lost for me.

  4. Elston Adams……………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Gregory Athill ……………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Lamming Newton ………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Malayka parker …………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Ambassador Goodwin…………..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Colin Browne ……………………… jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Colin Derek ……………………… jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Anthony stuart …………………….. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Joanne Massiah ………………….. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Dean jonas …………………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Winston Williams …………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Wimoth Daniel …………………….. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Mervyn Richards ………………….. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Phil more Benjamin ………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Errol Cort ………………………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    John Maginley ……………………….. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Hilson Baptiste ……………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Chanlah Codrington ………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Clephane Roberts ……………….. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Dr. Edward Mansoor ……………… jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Donna Chaia …………………………. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Trevor Young………………………..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Kyron Simon………………………..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Chaniel Imhoff………………………..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Lenworth Johnson………………………..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Luther Lee………………………..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Anderson Carty………………………..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Elmore Charles………………………..jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP
    Bishop Dorsette……………….. jumped off SINKING UPP SHIP

    • Spot on. the UPP is a sinking ship. Harold has taken a strong party and relegated it a party of jokers and losers. There’s not one person that can honestly believe that Frantz, Faux Pearl Foots, Serpent et al, that could form a government of trust. Harold’s choices are laughable yet quite sad it shows a desperate man grasping at biodegradable straws in a rain storm. These people are less than worthy opponents.

  5. Harold loveLIE Does NOT command Leadership/Support of UPP.

    Damani, Richard “BULLY BEEF” Lewis and J-Pringle waiting with baited breath for loveLIE to be kicked to the curb like a cheating ex in the next general elections. They believe that WHEN he is taken out, the ELITIST ELEMENTS within the UPP will follow suit (Gisele, the HBIC). In the meantime, they have agreed to hold strain, save face, try to present a “united front” and patiently wait for Melford to “FINISH HIM” (mortal kombat).

    Harold loveLIE is the king of BADPLAY. loveLIE BADPLAY Joanne Massiah and Richard Lewis. loveLIE reaping what he sowed. the infamous TRADEWINDS GANG have tried and failed.

    • Avatar photo Where's the GUN that killed NIGEL CHRITIAN and when will shortie be charged for forging the PM signature??

      H_2_O (NO WATER)
      500 (500 EMPTY PROMISES)
      US$20,000 (QUID PRO QUO)
      EURO 3,000,000 (ODEBRECHT)


    • People hungry and thirsty as hell in this country.

      You people are behaving as we are living in paradise in Antigua.

      Only you minions don’t realise HOW HARD THINGS BE IN ANTIGUA?

  6. I have been listening to JOAN and TUITT ( Hope spelt correctly).

    Both of Them sounding so DUMB. They DO NOT add anything to the SNAKEPIT.Knight should kick Them off the show.


      Totally in agreement with You, JOAN especially is just a loud mouth. She is NOT pleasing to the ear.

  7. Most of the added swingers in the ALP crowd were the amnesty persons who got a red shirt with their non-national status and ordered to wear it to the Labour day jump up.

    • Hmmmmmmm, smh, and all the other pseudonym you use on this site regurgitating the same crap every day, you must be schizophrenic.

      Your post is starting to resemble Russian spam bots.

  8. Well said writer. The idiocy of these blind UPPITES followers is beyond pathetic. They continue to spout ignorance and foolishness about other’s. Their modus operandi is to cuss others and say the most outlandish ignorance about other’s. Unfortunately, these Nincompoops don’t realize that the same people they’re cussing are voters. Goodness.. Gracious…these people have lost their brains to their rear ends.

  9. This letter has some merit,it is a truth.

    UPP must not dismiss the points made but seek to make the necessary adjustments to place themselves in a more favorable position.

    It is said if you lie to someone it may not be right but it can be understood however if you lie to your self that is a serious mental health challenge.



    ABLP. 17 SEATS





  11. Given what the author said the prime minister has no reason not to call the election as soon as possible with all that support ABLP is sure to win all 17 seats. The future is not guaranteed so strike now while the iron is hot. The Normad is assuring victory so Mr. Browne you would be wise to listen to him and call the election now.

    • Totally agree with you Economist.

      They think they fooling people and insulting our intelligence.

      • Insulting our intelligence is telling the people “the engines are NEW” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  12. Vote for the current government and you gonna get water all day..
    Apua willsupply electricity all day and night
    And everybody will get a piece of the rock…
    And your prime minister will live in splendor..while you living in poverty
    Go ahead be happy if ablp win..
    Antigua people real fooley!!


      SHERFIELD BOWEN used a GUN to SNUFF OUT TESSA BARTHLEY and now he is warmly embraced by Lovell to be a candidate. Wamp to good Ole SHAWN NICHOLAS??? Shawn ever SHOT anyone in cold blood ???

  13. The only hope for UPP in the future is to bring in a youthful new Leader. The old Harry guy is from another time. He looking haggard and defeated even before he defeated (again). A principled left wing leader will draw voters from all political streams. Since Tim Hector time that ideology has been placed on the back burner, and right wing elements in the leadership have taken over, turning the party into a center-right organization quite similar to the Trumpite party in the US.

  14. HAROLD LOVELL the people want to know if you have HEART PROBLEMS???

    Your cardiologist is not happy. Plus you taking any Limpy Joe medication???


    • Avatar photo Where's the GUN that killed NIGEL CHRITIAN and when will shortie be charged for forging the PM signature??

      Once the gun that killed NIGEL CHRISTIAN IS FOUND and shortie is charged with forgery of the PM signature and ALL THE COVER UP IS REVEALED, then the gun will be found.


  15. Ask Gaston Browne the seats that he said the Peter Wickham poll says they have a lot of work to do.

    • @ ANTIGUA PATRIOT…The following is the poll for 2023 ELECTIONS.

      ABLP. 17 SEATS



      BARBUDA. 00 SEAT


      Hope I answered your question.

  16. One of the main problem with UPP is their supporters love to attack and cuss anyone young old and in between once they have a different opinion to theirs. They will label you and all supporter or a red koolaid drinker if you have a different opinion from theirs. I talking from very personal experience from this platform and in real life though I have never ever supported ALP and never voted from them. Until UPP get rid of the the elitist elements in the party they will never progress.

    • @JB
      What elitist elements? Name them. You would rather prefer dogs that drink gutter water? Do Antiguans only like a certain type of people?

    • When you are angry and list your brains, your will always behave like a Nincompoop. I am saying to them the same for year’s. Me tired get cussed out even in dead mother private parts. Sadly these fools don’t realize that the same people they’re cussing out can vote also. Honestly, most UPPITES leaders and blind followers have lost their integrity and honesty. Me warn dem long time ago. The same old play book 📖 is not going to work anymore. The younger generations are more astute and intelligent to see straight through their falsehoods and ignorance.

    • OK JB………we would not want you in the party either.

      We ask hypocrites like you to either stay away or go.

      • And this is why I will never ever vote for UPP again. Its people like yall just turn off people. If someone don’t sing from y’all hym sheet y’all cuss them. Y’all talk about wanting change but from what I’m seeing in UPP campaign the majority wants to be apart of Gaston Brown enrichment scheme. As for the elitist elements look no further than UPP chairperson to seethat pumpose hunthy high and mighty attitude and don’t get me started about the candidate for St. Paul. Y’all UPP suppoerters areabunch of bitter bad minded begrudging people.

        • UPP chairperson is a university educated person. The candidate for St. Paul’s has a doctorate. Do you have something against educated people, especially women? Labour has a lot of educated people in government. But they are too afraid to talk. They just keep quiet and enrich them selves. You love these dead wood.

          • The candidate for St. Paul is a stuck up hunting pig who treated grown ass people like children when was the director of youth affairs I’m talking from personal experience with the woman. The chairperson of UPP was one of the most vocal person against UWI Five Islands clearly she did not want see regular citizens of Antigua and Barbuda get a university education in other words an elitist element but as I said once you not singing from the UPP hym sheet you are anALPred koolaid drinker that turns off a lot of people from UPP. Ifgge want to origress get rid of the chairperson the current leader and the 90% of the candidates and come again.




  18. Lol!!!!!!! Nomad ah mash plenty #UPPNEGARH corn🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Annie and her multiple accounts going crazy🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😋😋😋😋😋

  19. KNIGHT , Please get rid of JOAN and TUITT. Both are DIMINISHING your show. They add nothing to the SNAKEPIT. Joan and Tuitt are ASSES. Get rid of THEM.

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