LETTER: Is Harold Lovell like a donkey in a horse race?



Throughout life’s journey, we tend to make  decisions that we think best suits our  curiosity. Then later on, we experience regrets based on the outcome of that decision and then disapppointingly say to ourselves, ”  if I had known……”

From my personal experience, I have learnt to treasure those persons who I have around me because in reality we tend not to know the true value of a person until they are no longer with us. As the old saying goes ” you never miss the water until the well runs dry.

Now, as we get closer to the date of our general elections, I am sure that ” Good Leadership ” is a component that is now resonating in the minds of most us. Hence, the two popular persons, Gaston Browne & Harold Lovell, who are vying for political supremacy, are now being tossed up in our thoughts. Ofcourse, the question is asked which one of the two will be the best choice to be our nation’s leader?

Regretably, we have seen & heard that some leaders in other countries are ousted out office because their mandate of good leadership are no longer met. Recently, Boris Johnson of the UK  experience such fate & likewise Keith Mitchell of Grenada.

Now let’s zoom in and see what Harold & Gaston has to offer.

Harold Lovell is highly qualified. He is liked by many and he connects well with the people. In addition, he is a very good communicator , very charismatic, very well attired and he certainly portrays an image of a true statesman. However, as a professional, does his past track record speak well of him?

According to reports, as an attorney, Mr. Lovell has not made a reputable name for himself.  The several losses at the polls is indicative that he has failed his constituents. His political colleagues, see him as a back stabber .  As a finance minister he has made some terrible decisions, resulting to the mismanagement of the country’s finances.

Clearly, it is obvious that for this election Harold may be seen as a donkey in a horse race. It is evident that his track record does not seem to be matching up to his opponent.


Under Lovell’s watch the country’s finances began depleting rapidly from the treasury. Persons began losing jobs. Others began exiting the public system & seeking employment within the private sector. The education system, utilities & the national security sector began deteriorating. The national debt spiked immediately. The IMF program had citizens & residents crippled. Mr. Lovell and Mr. Spencer was just not astute enough to take the nation out of such turbulence.

Gaston Browne on the other hand, seems to be a person who is not liked by many. He is not as neatly attired as Mr. Lovell, neither is he as charismatic as him also. Infact, I will agree that Mr. Browne gets a bit abrasive unnecessarily and may react to criticisms a bit too hastily. However, on the flip side, as a leader & as a professional, his track record speaks extremely positively for him.

Throughout his academic pursuits, he has been very successful. In his private life he has been an adorable husband. As a manager in the banking sector, he has been highly respected. As a young entrepreneur he has accomplished quite a alot. His political resumé exhibits as a politician, as constituency representative, as a finance minister and as a Prime Minister, that his leadership skills is making leaps and bounds, thus positively transforming the economic status of the country.

Interestingly, his regional & international counterparts have even taken pages from his political bio & used him as a case study to administer their own political affairs

It is evident that Gaston who is presently the nation’s leader is certainly fitting to continue his reign. The record shows that he has a vision & a fortitude to propel this country forward,  & to transform it from a third world country to a first world country within this Caribbean hemisphere. Unemployment is now low. Housing & private transportation is on the rise. Persons are more self reliant due to tertiary education & entrepreneurship is now the order of day.

There is no doubt the best choice for the nation’s leadership will be Gaston Browne accompanied by his ABLP administration to keep this beautiful nation a float.




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  1. It’s funny.

    Wanting to compare Harold’s track record but Gaston has none.

    Ah mean this person obviously tries to dress it up but hey if you put lipstick on a pig it is still a pig.

    Harol the right choice. Try something else or you gonna be busy writing your fairy tales!!

    • My advice to you is to spend more time to look at the message rather than looking at the messenger…. Gaston Browne’s message is all about EMPOWERMENT. We now have a 2 class state. UPPER & MIDDLE CLASS…… Harold Lovell’s message is all about HANDOUTS. Don’t 4get the Chinese proverb ” give a man a fish he has food for a day. Teach or empower a man to fish then he will have food for LIFE…. Poor persons are now getting quality houses, decent transportation etc etc.

      • Tell them again and again and again. All the UPP knows what to do is spend money. They never know how to make money. Or to assist people to make money. They have no programs for that. That is why they like to brag about their social programs. School Meal Program, School Uniform Program. People’s Benefit Program, Utility Subsidy Program. And if you ask them, how will we pay for it? They are lost. Well, there is no free lunch. Someone must pay the bill.

        • Re: Bluddy Bloke and From The Sideline

          Look who’s talking about handouts?

          Handout’s is what the ABLP does best EVERY SINGLE ELECTION to win……without all the HANDOUTS, including cash, water tanks, computers, bed, fridges, THE ABLP WOULD NEVER WIN AN ELECTION……KETTLE CALLING POT BLACK YOU USEFUL IDIOTS!!! YOU GUYS JUST BRIBE THE VOTERS

  2. Harold Lovell is bringing relief to the people. Gaston Browne is a lying uncaring POS who says single mothers would waste relief money on hair and nails, while their children starve… so no relief for them or anyone else. 20 failed projects. No jobs. No action to tackle rising food prices. While Gaston enjoys his $20,000 us per month house rent from the failed investor of WISEZ plus $540,000 per year from South Mall. No wonder he doesn’t give a damn about the welfare of the rest of us. Gaston is worse than a donkey. He is a daemon from the lowest hell.

  3. Is the Lovell and Gaston brothers or close relatives, they seen to have some what resemblance through smile and eyes? Just a thought.

  4. Good morning Fitzroy,

    You appear to be a reasonable and intelligent person. Question: Would you provide evidence to support your assertions? Harold, has irrefutable evidence of success in public office and as Prime Minister. How can any sensible person ever think the Baldwin Administration could reverse in 10years the irreparable harm by ABLP for 50+ years? It is absolutely nuts to compare! Conversely, PM Browne has shown himself unfit for being a Finance much less Prime Minister. Please go investigate his record as a banker! Please look at the nation’s finances since he took office. It is absolutely mind boggling that anyone with any sense would compare GB and Harold and determine GB is the better person to lead our nation. He certainly has led us into ill-repute on the world scale. Look at the facts, they speak for themselves! If Antiguans and Barbudans do not rid our nation of the GB administration, heaven help us…we will all know how widdy-widdy bush taste! Inconceivable!!!

  5. What a very sick letter. Chupzzzzzzzzzz! Fitzroy, Antiguans and Barbudans live in a real world and not the dream world that you live in, so you can keep dreaming. There is nothing at all good about the PM of this country and all of the negative things you highlighted about him are the more reasons why we will definitely vote Harold Lovell and UPP on Election Day. I encourage you to please fact check the points you posited to show as Gaston’s track record because most of them are big fat dutty lies. Arwe no want Gaston again he must go! Fitzroy please tell him to set the election date today on the day he TEAR-GASSED us. WE READY NOW.

  6. Bla Bla Bla Bla , for the first time in our history of carnival, Private Sector companies couldn’t afford to support our festival and it had nothing to do with Covid. Smoke on that Fitzroy. Research your name in history and we know you are an illegitimate child .

    • @Dem trying hard. Had the same LOL reaction…the phrase “adorable husband” creates a vision of a monogamous, nonviolent, attractive and charming person, none of which quite fit this individual.

  7. The ox and the donkey understood more about the first Christmas than the high priests and scholars in Jerusalem. Don’t count out the donkey. Let the horses run off the cliff.

  8. Fitzroy you are the Jack Ass in this Race.

    Look like you might do well at putting a Horse Race together for the ABLP Candidates . The Honorable Harold Lovell , will be the head judge in this race to watch them a kick up a kick up because the horse want water Fitzroy. Go Figure.

  9. I know a donkey when I hear one even if I can’t see it I know it by sound and the only donkey here is YOU. HAROLD LOVELL record is one of excellence on all levels and can be matched throughout the regions best. He is held in high regard, respected and trusted. You are led by your nose and a dollar bill to write thos garbage. Gaston Brown whose name has no right in the same sentence as Harold Lovell has plundered the nation of Antigua and Barbuda and sold it out for pocket change. Gaston Brown has turned what was once a thriving country back to the 80’s when we barely had street lights and the standpipe was the way of life unfortunately now, we neither have standpipe or water. Our streets are riddled with craters because they cannot be considered potholes. All in all the infrastructure has heen shot to hell all because of the lack of love for people, the lack of management skills and an overwhelming sense of greed. The place stink and dutty.
    The international community turns away from us because of Gaston Brown. What you need to do is go out and buy the UPP book of achievements where you will see social programs implemented by HAROLD LOVELL and the UPP that are still in play today however depleted. You will see the MAN that HAROLD LOVELL is and why he stands on and a mountains of legal land decisions and political achievements that can never be minimized or erased by the propaganda that you and the ABLP have been spreading. People erased the history of black kings and queens because our people did nothing. This will not be the case. The people have eyes and the facts. We defend with truth.
    So please sit your Eeyore ass down and go look for Winnie-the-poo with you garbage.
    Please be guided accordingly. #theuppbookofachievements
    People who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt HAROLD LOVELL can and is doing it.

  10. There is an old proverb:
    A faithful donkey that carries me is
    worth more than a ungrateful horse that kicks me.
    And then there is the horse shit that we get every day from Gaston Browne. Any updates on Jolly Beach and Antigua Airways? They have been added to the list of ABLP failures.

  11. In my opinion Gaston is the wrong choice for this nation you cannot allow a man who dont give hoots about this country or its people to take governance. To hell high and hell low,hes not a man with s meek and gentle spirit. Agrrogance he portrays his actions hos words spoken speak much of him. Right now im tired of all the Cuties, the Westons, the Yearwoods etc .needs to vacate am tired of them. Good governance is what is needed. You gotta have real love for people and a heart of love and care for people if you want to win this election. Arrogance vagabond attitued and harshness towards people is not the way to go. Its bad energy and it only creates resentment for a government like this, im sorry but thats how i see it. The people’s interest must alwsys be forefront or else your gonna only sink to the bottom. Not your wallet your bank account, your big houses innother words me and only thats the biggest selfish attitude ive ever seen. Not good at all. There are people going through hell on earth in this country and where their livlihood is affected your in for trouble please you government not ready yet leaders. GOD FIRST THEN PEOPLE FIRST YOU SHOULD BE LADT. you nah ready yet.

  12. Fitzroy, give up with your utter tripe, bile and nonsensical verbiage.

    Your credibility was lost a long time ago when you tried to make out that your views were apolitical and you had no political alliances to the ABLP.

    Now I look at your discourses and realise that you gave some sort of affiliation/or membership with the ABLP.

    Give it up now Fitzroy, your credibility can’t get any lower, but then again …

  13. We are trying to get the self enrichment 5 demon fake minister out of office, toake the country breath whilst you people prefer to kiss ass and boost the failure ego.

  14. This piece of garbage was narrated to you, Fitzroy, by the man you purport to be the messiah;that much we do know. What we don’t know is how much you’re being paid. Please tell us;we want to know what you think you’re worth.

  15. Gaston brown is a low life from the ghetto and need to return there asap. Horald is not perfect but a better choice

  16. Gaston is a piece of shit from the ghetto. He need to be return there asap. Horald would be the best option here

  17. “As a manager in the banking sector, he has been highly respected”

    Bank he used to work for is literally about to go bust.

  18. Perhaps Fitzroy should read Aesop’s fable The Tortoise and The Hare and understand the message in the fable as to why the tortoise won the race. Donkeys are in actuality far more intelligent than horses.
    With regard to ALL the politicians, in office and hoping to be, red or blue, the desperation pillaging of the country’s monies and lands needs to STOP along with the ridiculous freebies. All this incessant crap to the effect that ‘I/we will organize a house, water tank, a playing field and a turkey at Xmas for you in exchange for me/us remaining in my position where I/we can loot for everything I/we can get’ has got to stop. It is systematically taking down the country and many of the voters are totally fed up with it…IS IT NOT FINALLY TIME TO GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THE COUNTRY AND ITS’ PEOPLE INSTEAD OF PERSONAL ENRICHMENT?

  19. All sentiment and unsubstantiated opinion, unfit for publishing. You should thank God for facebook and the internet; otherwise your kindergarten level analysis would have never gone beyond your own infantile mind. And even that has tuned out for your own disgrace.

    You should refrain from writing anything that requires even the most basic level of intellectual engagement!

  20. Harold Loveall .Gaston love non but himself. Fitzroy a paid labourite who is not honest with himself, don’t even know what he is.

    Gaston is not the best choice. Too greedy for leadership.
    It looks like this greedy and wicked man grieve Lester to death . A Tyrant that sell out Antigua to enrich himself.

    • My dear WARFARE Fitzroy is not a paid labourite, Fitzroy is another name for Gaston Browne. Writing these articles under the name Fitzroy is just another ploy of the desperate Gaston. Gassie boy the writing is on the wall do keep writing your nonsense.

  21. Fitzroy’
    Gaston had a supermarket in Jennings.
    It had to close down

    Gaston worked at Swiss American Bank
    The bank went bankrupt

    Gaston is affiliated with a bank.
    That bank is being sued.

    Gaston floated a bond in Europe
    The lone subscriber bailed on the Ablp

    Gaston got 2 billion dollars from the CIP
    He cannot seem to account for it.

    Do we see a pattern here?

    So Fitzroy, keep trying. We enjoy seeing you make a fool of yourself!

  22. Politics in my country is a joke… Six and half a dozen… We say country first with our mouths, but in our hearts we are affiliated with party colours or a particular person… All a dem is the same… Same shit, different day… Carry on!!! Tired…

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