LETTER: Is Antigua and Barbuda a Monarchy?


Dear Editor,


With the death of Queen Elizabeth many countries have begun the process of moving away from the English monarchy.



However, it seems that in Antigua and Barbuda we continue to move in the opposite direction.



First it was the Birds, then the Marshalls, then the Hursts, with the St. Luce’s and Yearwood next.



ALL ABLP with the exception of Sean Bird.




It seems as if they think it is their birthright.



Abena St. Luce is waiting to replace Melford.




And now Robin Yearwood’s son is setting up to replace his father.


Last year he published a terrible and unbalanced rant against his sister which went viral. Is this really the type of person we want in our Parliament?



 He does not live here.



He was born in the UK and came here now and then throughout his life. Like his father he has contributed nothing to the St. Phillip’s North constituency.



While Robin Senior has been elected time after time, due to the strength of the ABLP, no one can point to one thing that he has done for the constituency.






That is his legacy.




Is there no one else in the country who can represent us?




Of course, the father is pushing his son in this direction so that a Yearwood can be there to protect all the business interest nests that he has established.




Please no more family rights to our government.



Disgusted D. Warner


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  1. “Is there no one else in the country who can represent us? …”

    Well highlighted word for word @ Disgusted D. Warner

    I couldn’t have put it better. 🤜🏽🤛🏽

  2. It is true that much of the incessant support for political families is name recognition. A clear understanding in our community is that children share the values and talents of their parents and should continue the stability and success of their present parents in the role.

    The only exception is gross incompetence and dereliction of duty. However in political roles, individual skills are rallying people to elect and re-elect them, and as such, name recognition is the only bar needed.

    If we then focus on other talents like legal scholarship and academic achievement, we remove the role from being accessible to regular people, a hallmark of the democratic process. We as citizens need to encourage the electorate to be more diligent than just voting for a name.

    Although, I know the temptation to vote for a familiar name, especially if you benefited from it in the past. However, loyalty should be to the people, not the party.

  3. Time to think forward. If you are not born in Antigua and have established residency there for at least 10 years plus worked a number of years volunteering or working in the public sector, you should NOT be eligible to be a member of parliament. All this nonsense won’t stop until there are some rules to weed out greed upfront and also to make sure these elected officials aren’t just inheriting their titles. Also the nepotism need to stop. A Prime Minister simply should not be permitted to be the spouse of a minister of Parliament. Until the backwardness stop some names will continue to thrive at the expense of people without means.

  4. It sure looks that way!
    It seems he’s going to take and look after the constituency needs from the UK..🤔
    Smh only in antigua!
    The family dynasty of labor and they cronies continues!
    People wake up from your slumber!

  5. Schoolchildren say the big Canine wantS him to be the replacement. If he wants him, and given that he has no appetite for primaries, then maybe the Son of Robin will take over Sherwood Forest.

    The question is, does he want him because he is the pick of the litter? One school of thought says not at all. Here comes the conspiracy theory.

    Think about it.

    Wonder who will get the shove for the young pup?

  6. With reference to Sir Robin’s son wanting to follow in his father’s footstep and represent the constituency in Parliament the beauty of the current political system is the people get to make that choice so it all comes to “We the people”. So whether he is selected by his party to contest the elections, the people of the constituency get to make that choice.

  7. Neither him or the crooked customs officer. He and his wife running a brokerage business. The same big hotelier up east has been working for for ages. I hate will hate to know that Robin who did absolutely nothing after all these decades will be replaced by his son . However, this custom officer fellow is already as corrupt as all ABLP put together. Alex continúe to stand for honesty and integrity and none of the two or the both of them together don’t worth the dirt you walk on. Antigua people is moving to integrity and not money and hand outs .

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