LETTER: Is Antigua a totalitarian state?


Antigua is a totalitarian police state. This means that this country is run by a government of whom is dictatorial and requires the complete subservience of its citizens. Antigua is police state.

This means that the totalitarian government exerts its power by enabling a police force to bully, intimidate and supervise the activity of it citizens.

The Antiguan government is using the Pandemic as a tool to criminalize non criminal behavior such as walking on the road at night or breathing in oxygen without a mandated muzzle, I mean, mask.


Antiguan people are tired. We are tired of being lied to. We are tired of our livelihoods being restricted and/or cut off completely. We are tired of being treated like second class citizens in our own country.

We are tired of witnessing tourists  disregarding the law, roaming our streets without being subjecting to a two week quarantine. We are tired of being told that our safety is a priority when it has never been before. We are tired of the law being soft of rapists and murderers and hard on those who are found “violating Covid 19 protocols.” We are tired of hearing our leaders defend pedophilia.

We are tired of our leaders selling us out and neglecting to invest in its people. We are tired of being excessively taxed with underfunded infrastructure.  We are tired of the racism and disdain that we are met with as soon as arrive at the airport by TSA. We are tired of health care “professionals” chatting our private medical business with colleagues and neighbors. We know better so why are we not doing better?


It should not take a global pandemic for the government to express concern for the well being of its citizens. There were plenty of other opportunities to give the illusion of care for its citizens. So many are unemployed, laid off, struggling even more to make ends meet during this crisis.

The economy has been devastated and to add insult to injury, the police hand out fines like business cards for behavior that is 100% NON criminal. People are depressed, living in despair, living in increased poverty, and feeling hopeless. That, in and of itself is a public health concern that will produce dire consequences.

We bear witness everyday to how this government preys on its constituency during this pandemic, ensuring that their pockets are fat, while the people who make this country run are getting by on prayers and miracles.

The government blames locals and returning nationals for the spread of this virus, pointing the finger at everyone but themselves even though “we’re all in this together.” We see how the government blames and penalizes locals while rewarding tourists with quarantine free vacations where they can frolic at English and Jolly Harbor without muzzles, I mean, masks.


I am speaking out against this because I love my country and unlike many of our docile and complacent citizens, I cannot sit back and watch this nation slowly imprison people and limit their basic rights such as the freedom of movement. People are allowed to go outside. This is our planet and no government has the God given authority bestowed upon them to restrict human beings from going outside at noon, at dusk, at dawn or at any time of the day.


While I completely understand the need to take measures to protect citizens from a virus that is very real, everyone should be held to the same standards. Visitors should not get special privileges. How can locals be expected to respect the law when we see visitors  evade fines and penalties? Tourist can come to our beaches and enjoy freedom but the very people who have to live behind the curtains of the Caribbean playground are subject to Draconian like restrictions? Please remember that it is the locals who make all operations of this nation run smoothly. The health and well being of our people should be prioritized at ALL times, not just during a global crisis when every government has to pretend to care about their people. The great Benjamin Franklin said, “Any society that gives up liberty for temporary safety deserves neither liberty nor safety.” Restricting our liberties will NOT keep us safe; in fact, it may very well be even more detrimental in the long run. We, the people of Antigua just want to be free.


An Angry and Concerned Citizen.

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  1. Well said but we need a collective effort as Antiguans and Barbudas for us to get the desired results. It takes the citizen coming togetger with the understanding that we are not dealing with party polirics or selfishness by saying am not affected by this that much so i dont care. Police, soldiers, lawyers, docrors, nurses, vagrants, mentally ill, every citizen of Antigua now is the time to unite! There’s strength in unity. We’ve given up that strength when we fell for the division. Put red and blue aside for a bit we dealing with something way more important. We deserve way better service from the people we put in leadership positions but the problem is because of the division and fear we walk around and not knowing what this “we are the government” means we accept anything. Imagine 50000 marching these streets United police and soldiers included. At this point they would have to take us seriously and not laugh at us and redicule ur when they have their upper class parties.

  2. Well put together dissertation. I was wondering when other people will come in line and cry out fowl at these draconian bullies! We are fed up and boiling with rage! The pandemic is indeed a ‘real illusion’. But their handling of it is absurdly asinine! Don’t forget the courts and Joanne walsh especially. They are as inhumane as they come with their extreme and over the ceiling fines places on innocent suffering people!!!

  3. Why everything has to be politics?
    It must be a politician disagree with the writer of the letter, until we realize its more of us than these wicked people in high places and we move in unity thats the way we will get results

  4. Party my as ya’ll heads are so far up y’all ases not even y’all stinking sht scent allu can smell.

    That’s why our society is the way it is and will only get worst.

    Well put together Sir/Madam if only there were more outspoken citizens who stand up not only for their rights but that of the country we would be in a better state.

  5. There is probably more that can be done to effect change other than waiting on 2023 to come to vote them out. We should be standing up for our rights now, and although this is just a start it is not the only thing that can be done to achieve to change that is so greatly needed. We have remained docile for far too long and have allowed our elected government ministers to take our basic constitutional rights away from us. These are rights that our forefathers fought for. But now we have given up those basic rights without a fight, maybe because our oppressors share the same skin colour as us.

    • In the next election Labour will take every seat. The people are with them, and you know it.

      • I would love if the ABLP took all of your freedom and give you what you are begging for, “no rights”.

    • and the raiter, think you meant riter, says fack you too!… I would have replaced the a with a “u”, but I figured admin would have not allowed the comment. The riter also says “move you mudda sc**t”.

      • It’s because of loose lips and filthy tongues like yours that we have problems. Respect yourself please. Who brung yu up???

        • Nah correction. We have problems people like you F.RKA attack anyone who offer the slightest criticism to the ALP government. When we ignore parties and colours and hold whichever administration’s feet to the fire, call them out on their bullshit, then MANY of our problems will be solved. And if you want, “Move fu u mudda sc**t” too. Sick ah argu r**shole.

  6. Under a State of Emergency.You would become a Totalitarian State.Where the Military has more power than all other law enforcement bodies.Where certain freedoms of the people are taken away.Could that be the real reason.Why the State of Emergency is still ongoing with no end in sight.The CURFEW YES,STATE OF EMERGENCY,NO.

      • From the Sidelines: I say,yes.Many places have had Curfews without a State of Emergencies.I could call places where it has happen.You as one of the BRIGHTEST AND KNOWS IT ALL, COULD CHECK FOR YOURSELF,GAS-TONE-ITE.

  7. Very well thought out opinion piece. I agree, the government has treated the people of Antigua differently than the tourists. These are the people who brought it here. They may have been returning nationals, or just vacation people, but they are who brought it here! As soon as the the government can see that, the better we’ll be. Close the border, let Antigua be open. We are an island, you erase it here and stop bringing it in and we will survive. I understand the economic implications of a border closing, but if truly the government is concerned with the health of the nation, this is what needs to happen. Just close the border for 30 days, get us tested and cure our ill, vaccination is the key, and allow what economic activity can resume to return. Then install reasonable procedures to allow people to return to Antigua and Barbuda. Don’t put it upon the resort to hold their guests hostage, because they allow them to leave. We as the people of Antigua must hold our elected officials to a high standard, they can not allow people in who may be positive, they MUST PREVENT the reintroduction of the virus to our home, once it is stopped here. That should be their total focus. Not containment. NOT ALLOWED. GET THE JAB

  8. Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA(with the importance of #NauticalMiles and #Airspace to any Nation, I still don’t understand why REDONDA is being treated like a #Bastard or is it now in the hands of private owners), as a Nation is not the worst place in the Universe in many ways, but definitely not the best place to be under many circumstances as well.
    There’s no doubt, that several systems in place, in particularly the Public Sector needs serious attention, evaluations and overhaul for effective and proper management something which the private sector does not suffer from as much.
    If we keep denying several of the negatives raised by the writer, it will only lend to the Wild Wild West attitude which seems to be taking root, in the Nation and we know how chaotic those times were and how devastating it was to the #IndegeniousPeople.
    Whether or not the writer has a political agenda, should not take away the truth in some of the comments. Our #TRUTH must not have anything to do with politics, but moreso with building a better Nation(Antigua, Barbuda & REDONDA) for #ALL.
    This will be even a bigger TEST than what the present PLANDEMIC is putting the Nation through, for even though it’s not wanted, it sure is needed to highlight and flush some of the negatives which MUST be addressed and corrected.


  9. So what are we the people going to do about this going forward?

    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?
    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?
    Where are the murderers of Nigel Christian and Andrea Hughes?

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