LETTER: Investigation Needed Into The Operations Of Some Churches

With the extremely damning allegations levelled against churches it is time for the government to swing into action.
Let me hasten to say this is not just about Mr. Adoms’s organization, but all those operating in the name of church, but are actually businesses, enriching themselves on the backs of hardworking men and women.
It is no secret that many pastors instill fear in their congregation, concerning being cursed if they do not pay their tithes.
Years ago, there was mention of an organization charged with overseeing religious bodies, called Ecclesiastical Affairs- Is that body still functional?
If yes,  of this body I ask, what are your functions again?
I really need to be reminded, because throughout Antigua,
not only are people being plunged into poverty because of these wolves in sheep’s clothing, but there are many trapped in these organizations-  desirous of leaving, but are being held captives by fear tactics employed by some so- called spiritual leaders.
Their practices are unscriptural and in many instances diabolical.
As a practicing believer in Jesus Christ, no one has to tell me to give to the poor, the widows, the orphans, but I have an issue with the employment of scare tactics, designed to rob people of all they’ve worked for.. At the end of the day, those to whom the tithe is given live lavishly- They drive the best cars and reside in more than modest homes
. On the flip side their members struggle to pay rent, and growing outstanding balances to APUA – They struggle to put food on the table for their young ones.
Currently there are  dozens of churches in Antigua and Barbuda-  Has the  above mentioned body been keeping these gatherings in check? Do they comply with drafted regulations?
 Are they following what is written in God’s holy word, the Bible?
Should manipulating gatherings be operating as churches?
Should those buildings where married men are being encouraged to have sexual relationship with young girls in their midst be listed as churches?
Will the government and people of Antigua and Barbuda- wait until a Jim Jones or Waco Texas type incident rock the nation before action is taken?
Launch an investigation now!
Speak with members who have escaped from these places. You will be shocked to discover the evils that have been taking place right beneath your very noses.
Concerned resident

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  1. I totally agree with everything you said. Some of these fly by night churches need to be shut down because they are run by hustlers. They prey on people’s weakness and yearning for the word of God. How many of these so called pastors are living well off of people’s hard earned money and sleeping with members of their congregation including young girls. Shameful! And it’s not only the small churches but also the established ones. Don’t get me started on the world wide pedophilia in the Catholic church, and those mega-churches in the US whose pastors live in mansions and have private jets. Read your bible, pray to God and treat others the way you would want to be treated, it’s as simple as that.

    • My my God speak the truth J was just saying the same things with the pastors with big mansion and Porsche cars and private jets wolf in sheep’s clothing and raveling wolf. To much evil false pastors and teachers in our world today taking advantages of people for filthy lucre do to BB enrich themselves. I cannot believe our country becoming likes America. We really living in the last days. Lord have mercy wow.

  2. @Long Overdue
    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Yes the Ecclesiastical Oversight Body still exists. It was given a shot in the arm in an attempt to resuscitate its dormant existence. That body had lost considerable respect and credibility under its former UPP appointed Stan Bowen. Yes, the same Stan Bowen…….. Today, however, that responsibility falls on young Dorsett( NOT THE GOOD BISHOP!, heaven forbid!!!) – a highly respected Man of God. Already he has started the drive to investigate ALL churches registered in Antigua. Long overdue but better late than never.

  3. There are many churches in Antigua that provide a regular source of sustenance for members and non members alike. They may not shout it from the roof top like many of the secular organizations do, as soon as they give someone a two cents. When you call for investigations into churches, also call for the same for these other groups and individuals that are robbing the people blind.

    • I think you are missing the point or trying to cover for something but the issue here is robbing people and making them poor. I for one don’t see what’s wrong with someone giving to the church but the New Testament is clear. A person should give what they purpose in their hearts for God loves a cheerful giver. The poor expecially those who are in the faith should be helped by the believers but Many Church leaders will have to answer to God for what they take from people in the Name of Church building. The human body is the temple of God so when you rob a Christian of their joy then you’re robbing God. Levite Priests are the only entity given permission to receive tithe outside of melchizedek and Jesus who never collected any. God bless.

  4. No pastor should living in any mansion or driving expensive cars. If his members encourage that, then they deserves to be rob blind.

    • You are 100% right. That includes not only the wayside churches and pastors but the mainline ones too. These fake Christians need to be exposed. It’s time for judgement to begin at the house of God. Some of these so-called pastors (and “Bishops”, Apostles and “priests”) are turning the Father’s house into a den of thieves. Jesus in His day drove them out with a whip. It’s cleansing time.

      • Some churches have boards and some are one man churches. Why should the government get involved to rescue some of these so-called christians from their hero worship? They should be wise enough to confront the pastor or leave the church. If the pastor thief and run off with the money that is a different situation. But then policies should be in place to deny the pastor access to the money.

    • Thou I understand and agree with some of your concerns. I must say that you must also say the same for businesses operating in Antigua extorting the people the same way. Somehow more emphasis are put on the church for the same crime that the businesses committ on a daily bases but yet I never saw a letter calling for the FSC, BOS etc to regulate prices…now write a letter calling for investigation on those businesses. Let me assure…I am disgusted by any church that are using deception for personal monetary gains.

  5. Some churches have ATM and credit card machine in their churches. Money grabbing hustlers they are. Everything is money for them. Jesus teach on this earth and never ask for a dollar. We a5 suppose to follow in the examples of Christ.

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