LETTER: In the workplace managers can do better


Dear Editor,

It is quite ironic that when we find ourselves stepping up in the socio-economic ladder, we tend to allow the human components of empathy & humilty to vanish from our modus of operandi.

As a manager & moreso as a Christian, I will confess that I have witnessed some unethical & unscrupulous practices among my colleagues, in the way  how they go about with an “undertone” of hiring and promoting  persons up the cooperate ladder, especially in the Statutory & Public sector.

Such practices has now forced me as a Christian to ask the question, does the ” knee in the neck ” syndrome exist on the job sites?

Just about 2 years ago,  we heard about George Floyd, an Afroamerican man, met his untimely death due to a knee that was placed in his neck by someone who was considered to be in authority. Obviously, discrimination & exercising power was a part of that screen play.

Interestingly, it is my view, that the same “knee in the neck” syndrome exists on the job sites of today.. Similar to Mr. Floyd, who was at the time pursuing his own ambition, an employee likewise, has as one of his or her own ambition to climb the cooperate ladder, some day.

Unfortunately & sad to say, some persons on the job never fulfill their ambitions because they become a victim of discrimination, and hence, are been overlooked or get pushed at the back of the bus or even have the corporate ladder pulled from under them inspite of the hard work & dedication they put into the  organization. As a result, within the walls of the workplace you can silently hear the voices ” I am dead but I am still breathing “.

Of course, I will certainly agree & also give kudos to those of us who,  as employees work feverishly & academically to get to the top of the cooperate ladder. On the other hand, for some unforeseen circumstances others may just cruise their way just to get themselves to the next level. Still kudos to them!

Regardless of the situation, each employee should be looked at in a fair manner & be treated with utmost respect. On the job, all employees should be faced with a level playing field.

As managers, many of us may have a different style of managing however, we should operate on a common ground of professionalism, fairness, empathy and invoke the Christian principle of ” do unto others just like you would like others do unto you”.

Of course, it is expected that the heads of every organization will set a standard and a criteria for hiring and promoting individuals. Be that as it is, the process of hiring or promoting should be impartial,  so that what goes for one…. should go for all, regardless if that person is a friend, a family member, is liked or otherwise.

Sadly, I have seen friends, family members & close associates of managers been highered or promoted all because of that ” knee in the neck syndrome ” of nepotism or cronyism, thus causing other staff members to be stifled on the job. Strange enough, some of these persons who have been hired or promoted may not even have the proper work ethics or the required qualification for the job.

We are now in the 21st century where we as managers are better trained than before. As a result, I am making a plea that we become more cognizant of the health & culture of our organizations. Sometimes, the way we operate & the way treat our subordinates tend to be the source of creating an environment of hostility & demotivation within the workplace.

Let us avoid been kings & queens of all survey and act more professional & impartial towards our staff. Remember today may be for us but who knows, tomorrow that coin may flip and that day may just be for them.


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  1. sweetheart you could not have said it better. even in the FIRE Department the same thing is happening. They promote their friends and company when they know fully well they cannot do the job. It is a tham shame.

  2. Well said…! I tip my hat to this author. Many of our managers and those in the hierarchy tend to flex their muscles unnecessarily and stifle the upward mobility of their junior staff. Shame pan dem!!

  3. The topic for discussion is good. Something that really needs public discussion. But the writer is all over the place with his points.

  4. At no point did the author change his erroneous spelling of “cooperate” to “corporate” and that annoyed me.

  5. Reminds me of these hotels that only employ white people as general managers and for certain executive positions and when a black person does get a position up the corporate ladder they get paid way way way less for doing way way way more work . Some of these white hotel owners show their racism just by the way they structure their employees.

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