LETTER: I’m not bitter like a certain DNA candidate, but more like upset

5 planes at VC Bird Airport


General elections just happened, folks who haven’t been to Antigua since 2018 flew in just mere hours before the election to vote, It’s your right to vote as a citizen of Antigua and Barbuda. 

But you mean to say you flew out right after the election? It needs to be a law that if you don’t live and/or pay taxes in Antigua and Barbuda you shouldn’t be allowed to vote in Antigua and Barbuda.

Yes, before you start cussing listen me out. (Well in this case read me out).

Why we the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda have to live under a government that you don’t have to?  My little suggestion. Elections are every 5 years but can be called / held earlier. My thing is between both elections, if you’re not in Antigua and Barbuda for a minimum of 150 days you shouldn’t be able to vote. For example 2018 to 2023, your days in Antigua should add up to 150 days. You can go and come as you please but make sure your days add up to 150 on the day of election.

Yes, again you may differ but, with all due respect be honest. A political party paying for your ticket to come and vote (yes both parties and the independent candidate).

Don’t you have a konchenz? (not the artist from Jamaica).

But there will be exceptions to this. Students, ambassadors, medical professionals, medical reasons, army officers, etc.

But let’s look at Saint George. Plenty ah dem nairga Dey flew een between the 16-18th, and plenty came in on the 18th.
Now look, the 19th dem done back in the USA.  Is that fair to us who have to live here 365? Where we have nowhere to run to?

We need a free and fair election.  Campaign funds should be capped as well. Let’s use policies and track record to get elected!!!

Am neither red, blue, white, orange, etc. Am an Antiguan and Barbudan (as joe joe say “wen u cut me a bleed pineapple.”

If you don’t agree with my opinion ( I saw this on someone’s whatsapp status),“u can take ur double doctorate an guh look work.”

Just like Tin Tin days in the ABLP party, am out

The Usual Suspect

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  1. Fair point @ The Usual Suspect, but we must not forget that there were 18,000 (almost a third) of the voting public who couldn’t be bothered to cast their votes here at home.

    But I do agree with you regarding the rent-a-voters who fly in, vote, and then fly out. This is morally wrong and reprehensible; especially to those who live, work and pay taxes here in Antigua & Barbuda.

    Though not illegal at present, but this loophole has to be closed. Forthwith!

    • Brixtonian
      Do you know the saying, ‘so many men so many minds’. How would we make laws it we would agree and listen to everyone’s opinion and agree on it. The writer has not given any legal grounds for his preference. It is not supported. Many nationals from countries that live outside their border by remain nationals from that country have the right to vote in their elections. Sometimes they do not even have to go home to do so. They just have to mail in their ballot. Most of the time they are also made to pay their taxes whether or not they are living in the country. America especially is known for that. Uncle Sam wants what is his. But on the other hand they also receive protection from their military wherever in the world they are. Reason why the USA, Canada and Europe demand that we share all financial information with them about persons holding their citizenship.

      • Come on From The Sideline stop being so nieve, many of us know friends, relatives and associates who flew In, then voted and left Antigua – and remember – who haven’t paid a penny cent in taxes or even live here, and you think this is ok and above board on the rest of the AUTOCHTHONOUS population who live, work and pay encumbrance here?

        However you want to weave your web of half truths and misinformation to indigenous Antiguans, it doesn’t wash anymore boss.

        Remember, when Parliament re-starts, the UPP now has 6 opposition seats and Independent 1 and Barbuda 1 seat will ensure that the ABLP and Gaston can no longer break their promises to us without being held to account by them. Lovely!


        • You know you never once read and comprehend my comments correctly. I have commented about the writer’s views not being supported by any legal underpin. I have provided that many other countries citizens can also vote in their election even though they do not live there. I never give my reason or opinion whether it should be or not in Antigua and Barbuda. Many Antiguans living overseas will tell you they contribute a lot to the country of their birth by sending money to their family etc. Both the UPP and the ABLP held town house meetings with the Antigua diaspora in the USA. Why do you think they did that? To get those that are able to come home and vote or to influence their family to vote in a certain way. But you and the writer are of the opinion that any Antiguan once not living here should not have the right to vote in their country’s election. Not knowing how these people will vote anyway. Sometimes I wish you would elevate the discussion to the next level and not just keep it political. Election is over, let us discuss issues not with a political view. And in case you didn’t know, the UPP in 2009 had only nine seats, but governing they did. Cause in the end the Aye’s have it. So, it doesn’t matter how the Nay’s scream Eight cannot beat Nine. And when it comes to debating, now we will see who has debating skills. They will have to prove us wrong.

  2. We complain the “system” does not work in our favour when it has been so forever. Let’s just accept and move one.

  3. Good article. I had a close family member who came on the Tuesday and left today. He was unemployed and could not get a Job while in Antigua,Left Antigua to live in the USA about 3 months ago. The same politicians who could not assist this young man get a job paid for his ticket. Similarly I had another family member who left Antigua 6 months ago to live likewise in the USA. This young Lady was working in Antigua but did not like how the country was run. Anyhow she received a call from the incumbent offering a ticket to come an vote . She told me if they cause me to leave my home because they have not done a good Job, they expect me to return and vote for them? I have a good mind to take them ticket and come vote against them. She did not take the ticket and did not come and vote.
    The double doctorate was done on the back of tax payers. He is a boastful, arrogant fool. He was ungrateful to the people who put him in power in the first please. He got a licking from the beginning to end. Diehard ABLP folks voted against him right through. People who would never to this day wear a UPP shirt or attend a UPP event Voted against against Michael Browne.
    There is also a message for UPP candidates and Party in this. Stop calling APLP names. On my way to go and vote a UPP supporter said negative things about my family. Did not call me by name but I knew she was talking about me. I was on my way to vote for UPP. I almost change my mind because I said to myself tomorrow I am going to have it if UPP win. However, when I got into the polling booth. I said to myself,I am not doing this for this individual. I am doing this for my Children and unborn Grandchildren. I am standing up for Antigua. I voted UPP.

  4. YOU RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you move to one new constituency and wah fu re- register, dem wah for prove ya lib deh! So how di f*ck nearga who nah lib ya can vote?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. I have been ‘cussing’ about this BS for a few elections now, since as far back as 2004, and been wanting to put pen to paper about it. Unfortunately, I have been too heated and I feared that I would not be able to make sense if I did.

    It is the first time I can say that I agree with the author of a letter/article in the media, although I do believe that the author is a tad bit more generous with the minimum amount of days – 150 days over 5 years, essentially amounts to 30 days per year. In my opinion, 30 days out of a year is insufficient. I think that 60 to 90 days per year, cumulatively 300 – 450 days, would be sufficient to truly experience what the residents do on an everyday basis, rather than regurgitate conjecture or parrot the loudest propaganda.
    It should be mandatory for them to spend time here, purchase fuel for their rented/borrowed/owned vehicle to get around the island, shop for second-rate quality fruits and vegetables and general groceries in our exorbitantly-priced supermarkets and stores, drive on our horrid roads, and deal with the water woes, just like we do.
    Then and only then do they qualify to help decide who governs our fair country. Instead they’ll leave us stuck with a government of incompetents who lack ideas of how to govern without running to the IMF, or steal our earnings with taxes they said we did not need, or those who think that they are ‘creative enough’ to legally gouge out our eyes, or who climb into bed with the same set of people who held us ransom, turning off our lights when our public utility authority could not pay up, or who exchange public services for brown paper bags from imported merchants, or those, who in their quest to sell their outrageously priced new motor vehicles, wanted to stifle the average Joe for getting us affordable pre-owned vehicles.
    They flagrantly fly in to vote, and fly back out, before the election ink even washes off their hands! Absolute $#*&!!!
    Because the people are waking up and finding their voices! We are learning that the REAL POWER BELONGS TO US – we just HIRE you to do a job!
    The horses have bolted from the stable and it won’t be easy to put them back!



  7. Antiguans and Barbudans overseas contribute more foreign currency to this country on a yearly basis than they deserve have to… We should be kissing their behind! The only other source is government foreign loans.
    Stop the RHETORIC!

  8. Some of them not even voting where they come from and can.
    AG, how do we correct this? Asking for me

  9. Interesting point. People like Dave Ray done fly out already. After trying to cause havoc and undermine. It was shameful to watch. People like that don’t do it for the country, but when they are looking for position. So distasteful!

  10. Yeah, lets strip citizens of their constitutional rights based on residency requirements! Blame citizens from the diaspora for all your problems.

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