LETTER: I love how ABS is pretending to be independent all of a sudden


Dear Editor,

Has anyone else noticed that ABS is suddenly interviewing independent and opposition candidates?

Is that the same ABS that for the last 5 years did not play their role in our democracy?

Is that the same ABS that only reported on the opposition when they were being portrayed in a bad light?

Is that the same ABS that didn’t want the leader of the UPP to deliver a  Christmas message?

Is that the same ABS where every news broadcast is headlined by what a government minister has done?

My own view is that ABS is putting on a show for international observers and the international community. They are using the candidates to make their point that the election here is free and fair.

It is also my view that ABS knows that they are loosing relevance in the media landscape and want to remain relevant. Not even the ABLP wants them since the ABLP has its own media houses.

So who is ABS really serving and do they understand their role as a tax payer funded entity with a monopoly on television news?

The reality is though, their news coverage continues to be biased and they will continue to lose relevance.


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  1. PROPAGANDA thrives
    By Throwing the TRUTH Aside
    De ting done SET already.
    Flynky to Flunky
    Job jeopardy if you Lein Heavily.
    Its Diversification if Warranted

  2. The writer of this article is as shallow as they come. What’s the point of this article? If you did your research, you would find out that ABS TV/Radio is rated one of leading news portals in the Eastern Caribbean for its diversity, youth empowerment and its presence in the social-enabled marketplace. Their information technology is superior and is envied by many.
    Relevance is what they’re known for.
    Wheel and come again, bro

    • Comrade Dave Ray you ALP psychopant, show us the evidence to support the manure you are ascertain.
      I suspect that you can’t because like all red ants, the following quote really applies to you
      “He Who Knows Not And Knows Not That He Knows Not Is A Fool – Shun Him”

    • “Their information technology is superior and is envied by many”.

      Should we be thanking Asot Michael (The man that cares for the people)? Asking for a friend.

  3. ABS is now doing the right thing by allowing opposition parties and candidates to be interviewed on TV and they are still being criticized? Would you have preferred that they continue to interview only ALP candidates? This is an idiotic letter.

    • @ not so common, the writer is simply pointing out y all of a sudden ABS is allowing the interviews from the OPPOSITION and what happened to the previous years??! Its the lack of consistent transparency! Please use your common sense if u have one!

    • @ Not so common
      ABS is a bit late. Opposition members were banned from ABS DESPITE THE FACT THAT IT IS THE NATIONAL station

  4. HOW was ABS during the 2004 – 2014? Seems like Antigua was thrust out of the Sea in 2014 since the people didn’t like the big Tent…. you do and you don’t do UPP cry foul…can’t recalled the ALP was so petty when in Opposition.

    • Not trump


      YOU GOT TO BE AS MAD AS GASTON, IF NOT MADDER- which ‘ALP was not so petty in Opposition’

  5. It isn’t what ABS is doing that’s the matter, it is the timing of it since Parliament has been dissolved and they have no minister. People seem to forget ABS was open so much to the ALP in opposition that they had an ad with Baldwin in diapers sitting on a wrecking ball destroying Antigua. It doesn’t get more opened to an opposition than that. As usual the Choir Members of the ABLP have selective amnesia

  6. Yes ABS Radio and TV has not been very objective or independent in the past. Me, I choose to be optimistic about our political future. A long journey begins with a step and this is a significant step in the right direction for our peoples. We get to hear and look at the leaders and candidates of our political parties ourselves and make up our minds. There are also other changes to be made. Nevertheless it is important that we take an approach that we can’t go back to what it was but look forward to what it will be.

  7. @ Dave Ray please go back in the hole u came from! U are clearly delusional or I presume a labor right. The article is on point! U clearly missing the point and simply cannot interpret the message of the article. At no point we saw interviews or press releases from the OPPOSITION in ANTIGUA on ABS. Just shut your mouth!

  8. I’m surprised if this is true about ABS. I stopped watching them years ago because of their biased reporting.

    There figures are dropping like a stone, whilst Antigua Newsroom figures are going in the opposite direction.

    Great independence and balanced viewpoints.

    ABS aren’t stupid, they’ve probably noticed that their viewing figures have dropped drastically, not only because of their pro political stance alongside the ABLP, but also there is a strong strong belief that this errant station was given financial inducements (like many other media outlets to the collective tune of around 330 million dollars) to promote the vaccine mandates and vaccination 💉 programmes in Antigua from the Bill Gates Foundation and the big pharmaceutical companies.

    ABS probably realise that they have got a station if Gaston Browne and the ABLP lose. Simple really …

  9. “Their information technology is superior and is envied by many”.

    Gastonites, should we be thanking Asot Michael (the ma who cares for the people, especially the people of St. Peter) for the equipment?

  10. Freedom of speech is for all, not just you! ABS is extremely biased. Opposition should be on ABS all the time, not just at election time. Rather than constantly attacking others then claiming that you’re just ‘having fun’ when you get hit, go and concentrate on your better half. Cockroach don’t have no business in fowl pen!

  11. ABS is NOT Observer where a UPP CANDIDATE is the Managing Director and FEIGNS “INDEPENDENCE”!!! Just ask Darren Matthew-Ward and KIERON MURDOCH about the slithering serpent

    • And how about Gaston Browne’s collaborations with POINTE FM, that’s hardly “INDEPENDENCE” is it @ Hmmmmmmm.

      COME ON NOW …

  12. The policy of ABS has been once the gong sounds for elections, all candidates are welcomed. Seems persons forget HL interview on ABS before the 2018 elections. He was interviewed by Garfield Burford for about an hour

  13. @ Hmmm, don’t try that, Abs is supposed to be the nation’s station. @Tenman, opposition should be allowed on the station at least once a month not just at election time, so please stop. Abs conveniently buries the news that makes the alp look bad. Also, the treatment of the staff leaves much to be desired.

    • @Shame -Opposition has been allowed, the elected one’s. Check ABS FB page and you will see a myriad of interviews with the leader of the opposition. Compare abs policy to one that says when the gong sound, no contrary voices will be heard

  14. ABS is for labourites and Gastonites.
    It is amazing how easy it is to convert to ALP those artistes and dj’s who are given a chance to show their faces on a regular on ABS TV.
    The Kool-aid stronger than strong.

  15. It’s great that ABS has been interviewing all candidates this year including independents and new candidates. As a voter, I find those videos on Facebook and YouTube very informative.
    Everyone should have a look.

  16. ABS is not obligated to introduce any candidates outside of election period. Once the PM is interviewed equal time is given the leader of the opposition in Parliament.
    In the election cycle all official candidates by policy are to given equal opportunity. A candidate only becomes official after nomination day.

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