LETTER: I have been falsely accused of rape



It is time for the one-sided gender bias BS to stop. I am not defending any rapist. CLICK HERE TO JOIN OUR WHATSAPP GROUP.

I notice females commenting saying X and  Y on articles of rape trials,  and these media outlets posting half a case (just the female side of the story).

You same females who have kids now, when you were going to school you where having sex with older males (bus drivers, college students etc ) for things your parents couldn’t afford  to buy you, just so you could fit in with the in-crowd.

Yes, you males are to be blamed without any doubt.!The cases coming to light now – is it rape of prostitution gone wrong?

There’s many situations where a female will say have sex with a person for funds and if the male funds short, hmmm rape!

It’s very easy for a female to falsely call on a male, and boom male is locked up and can’t afford a lawyer, much less a great lawyer!!! You think $7,500 to $15K easy to find for a rape case?

To you males who prey on these females whether young or old you need a double mouth 12-gauge close range to your temple and shift your brain. To the left!

To the readers of this – example you remember couple years ago when the voice recording of the male and young female – “$400$ for two minutes sex?”

Police quick to charge the man for sex with a minor without checking her birth certificate. But wait, how the female didn’t get charged for prostitution?

We people in society need to stop looking at things  at face value and get the full story and then come to your conclusion.

This rape cases need to be investigated  properly, cause there’s no coming back to a normal life even if you are acquitted of said offense.

There’s  more but I’ll save for part 2.


A male who has been falsely accused of rape !!!

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  1. Well said I hope the readers and those high in law making listen coz even males are been rape but they are afraid of what the police and society will say since the law is one-sided and outdated

  2. i am so glad someone said this cause i was trying to tell some persons the same thing .. i am glad

  3. Given the evidence the Heard/Depp trial, it’s clear to see that some women will concoct stories to fit their agendas.
    There is clearly double standards being applied when investigating cries of rape or assault by men against women.

    It is definately a time of change…

  4. I do understand what you are saying but the main point here is the age of the female even if the person is been paid consider the age by law it’s been classified as rape. Anyone above 18 is by law an adults.
    Anyone that have any form of sexual interaction with another person under the age of 18 its called RAPE whether or not it is consensual

  5. After telling the story to the police of thef committed by a young girl, after the police caught the girl, the story changed from thef to sexual complaint, the police believed every thing the girl said # the girl thief 3000.00, so hender the guy from getting back his money after 6 cheque was cashed illegally.

  6. You r so right they need to see both side because the age of consent in Antigua is what 16 n there are many teenagers out there prostituting themselves n when they don’t get there way say it’s rape n men need to push themselves for justice girls will push themselves on u then say u forcing them to have sex with you it’s time for a drastic change in our society don’t you guys think…?

  7. I can tell this writer despises women by the contemptuous use of the word, “females.” It sounds like it’s being written by a true rapist.

  8. I’ve read the letter, however, the figures on rape (globally as well) shows that females are more at risk than males percentage wise.

    We need to get this proportion, because men can normally go out anytime of the day or night, and do as they please, whereas women have to watch the clock, be wary of what they wear (why?); and being accosted when travelling alone.

    Females are getting a bad deal from men at present, and the law needs to tougher up for them!



  9. Dude, don’t write any more letters. You’re just digging yourself in deeper. If that is your defence – that minor girls changed their mind, and that you think that every woman in Antigua used to give it up to grown men for trinkets when they were minors – then you are just proving your own guilt. Clearly, you don’t agree with or understand why relations with a minor are unacceptable regardless of whatever story the man comes up with. Damaging a young girl’s future prospects before she even has a chance to grow up properly is indefensible…

    • Of course, regarding grown women, there are situations where women lie, but that’s why there is a judicial system in which you get the chance to plead your case in front of a jury of your peers. Good luck with that.

      Advice: Maybe stay away from minors and women offering prostitution and you can avoid being caught up in most of these situations. Just date a regular grown woman like grown men do without complaining in other parts of the world.

  10. According to a Facebook comment I read recently on ANR…”Chop off dem bud and send dem home.” if you’re a pedophile, is my addition.

  11. Writer,

    If am I understanding correctly, you are admitting to having sex with a minor but you’re saying basically she agreed. Don’t you know it is rape, a criminal offense to engage in sexual activities with a minor. Think about it, you are an adult with many experiences and know that what you’ve are doing is not right, but the pervert in you want to do it anyway because it is quick gratification and has being normalized. The young girls are sometimes forced, coerced, and really, raped because when they say No, you’ll believe no means yes. Time to make an example of this disgusting behavior by charging and prosecuting the men who does this.

    Young ladies, have some respect for yourselves, first, grow up and make wise decisions so you won’t regret your horrible mistakes because of youthfulness. This situation needs to be taken seriously to prevent or curb such problems.



    IN THE EVENT IT WAS RAPE …..PROVEN BEYOUND REASONABLE DOUBT then an arrest should be made and charges should be laid …. I’m sorry not sorry these young girls are 1 too over sexualized….. 2 red yeyes….now more than ever young girls especially want evebrything dem see and IF ARENTS CANT GIVE IT THEN ME GO FCK FOR IT…..then is it rape or prostitution….

    HOW MANY OF YOU MOTHER’S are HAVING SEX thinking your children are sleeping? How many of you mothers are sending your daughters to beg ur men money …ur male frens for money…how many of you know what online platforms your children are visiting regularly…the language that is used on playgrounds & school yards ….

    We have a lot of sick older men preying on these young girls…even some politicians….

    If it’s rape them mek sure it IS and not FCK price shortten……

  13. The writer for this article and those other grown hard back men out there that are preying on our young girls and boys please stop it and leave them alone. Leave them be. If the young girls as some of you men claimed are pushing up on you. Be the adult or a real man and control yourself. They’re your daughters and sons for the future generations. In the past, we claimed the white masa used to rape our women including our young girl, for today, our black brothers are doing similar. Our black brothers should be protecting our young blacks girls and women not raping and kidnapping them. Our ancestral generation of women and girls went through it and now we are facing it with our own black brothers.

  14. Remember it was a group of men who moved the age of consent from 11 years to 16 years…

    That same group of men can move the age from 16 to 21.. If so we will have even more rapist.

    After years ago the UK considered lowering the age of consent to reduce the number of rapists.

    In my view rape should have an element of physical aggregation, that must be proven.

    The point is where sex between a minor and adult is conceptual and there is no aggravated circumstances, perhaps we can stop calling it rape and treat it as ATTEMPTED MURDER, since this type of trauma can be a life changer…..This way the putative measures can be more sever….

    • Rape has nothing to do with age. A rapist do not care what age you are. Rape is nonconsensual and have nothing to do with age,so I don’t see how that will bring down the rape cases? A rapist is a rapist,and the way you bring down to rape cases is to have tougher sentences, and a better venting system for the victims,and just relying on word of mouth only. To achieve this, a human behavioral psychologist has to employed by the police department and work independently with his findings.

  15. How we educate our children is, I think, the first key to reducing and stopping this growing trend. Why is the onus on girls to learn to say no? To be told to keep their legs closed? To value their virginity? To learn to respect themselves?
    Our son’s also need to be taught to respect for themselves and for our girls. They need to be taught the nature of true manhood and what it represents. The accountability that comes from their actions. That defiling a young girl, a young lady is a debasement of themselves.
    Both sexes need to be openly taught about how their bodies mature and the blossoming feelings of adolescence and how to deal with them.
    We tend to shy away from these topics and leave it to ‘others’ to instruct our children. Assistance is available to help young parents learn the art of parenting that maybe they themselves were not taught, and not through any fault of their parents, but due to how society, both the rich and the poor, got socialized.
    We tend to trend towards pointing ☝️ the one finger at accused persons and forget the four fingers pointing back at us. We tend to push deep into the background how we lived our youth, and rather than learn the lessons from our mistakes and the mistakes of others to inform the next generation, just continue the status quo. It is wrong. The adults need to step up.
    Yes, it is right to advocate for persons who have been assaulted and are victims to report it immediately, but it is equally important, if not moreso, to prevent through education. The last point is two-fold, getting a sex-offender’s list put together of anyone who has been found guilty of this act and also rehabilitation of those persons. Teach them how to change those ways.

  16. First, if young ladies were sleeping with older men for things their parents couldn’t provide them, THOSE men are predators. They preyed on girls who they knew were disadvantaged or marginalized, and took advantage. The above statement is for women who do the same to young men. It’s ignorant to spread rhetoric that woman have this evil power to accuse a man of rape and the automatic response from law is to throw men in jail. If a man I thrown in jail, it’s because he has priors or there is a concern for danger to the public. Further to that, the highly unlikely situation where a woman would falsely accuse, is such a very small percentage, it’s terrible that it happens, but it doesn’t happen in big numbers. The author of this article is very clearly a man who doesn’t trust women in general, and to the extreme would assume that most woman would falsely accuse a man of take. It’s weird.

  17. It don’t matter if the person is willing or not. If you are below the age of consent then it’s statutory rape. In fact I don’t even believe that older adult males or females should be hooking up with these barely legal ones either. A 30 year old has already lived so much life compared to a 17 year old. Let them grow and experience young puppy love a little.

  18. Rape is define as unlawful sexual intercourse or any other sexual penetration of the vagina, anus, or mouth of another person, with or without force, by a sex organ, other body part, or foreign object, without the consent of the victim.

    First off no matter what you say if it below the legal age it is RAPE!! Adult men needs to understand they are the adult in these situations and act accordingly.
    Then there is no consensual part of it .. NO matter how far in the game you may be and the other party says NO, and you choose to continue , it is RAPE. No matter if it is a man or woman. No means no. Full stop.
    We are trying to find so may ways to justify raping someone. It is like raping the victim all over again.
    Now the investigation also must be well conducted. I have heard too many stories where there are wrong conviction or change of stories. A person’s name is all they got, so before we convict, investigate properly.
    BTW Please no interfere with my children!!!!! Trust & believe there will be no justice system to save you.

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