LETTER: I agree with requiring a debate for such major loan in cabinet and parliament


Dear Editor,

I agree with requiring a debate for such a major loan in cabinet and parliament.

Why doesn’t Antigua and Barbuda government borrow money from locals and genuinely provide a way to repay those loans back to locals when repayments are due no matter what political party is in charge?

It is time that the government provides those high-interest loan profits to locals. Start issuing local Antigua and Barbuda treasury bonds or even start with village treasury bonds that can be used to invest in the villages, guaranteed by the government, and provide a worthwhile interest for locals who invest.

We must honestly start to advance the country and start looking at innovative ways to make the country advance and progress but in manners that is still highly beneficial to the locals.

The sad part of this is that the locals do not trust any of the political parties with their money and fear not getting repaid. And they have good reasons to not trust them.

When a government backs and guarantees an investment (like how the US government guarantees treasury securities like bonds) it would make people feel tremendously safe to invest but in Antigua and Barbuda, it is the opposite. They feel tremendously unsafe.

So, those political party who thinks they have done something while in power in Antigua, have done nothing really.

Instead of promising gutter cleaning and tree cutting in elections, the locals should already be getting that, and more advance types of promises and acts should be given like village treasury bonds with high interest return for locals, in the building of community projects.

Instead of focusing on just one way of admitting new attorneys locally, be like numerous US states, who are now trying different methods. Oregon passed a new way this week and California sent a new way to be passed this week.

I understand a lot of bloggers and even locals do not believe in advancement, innovations and bettering the life of locals but I do. I guess it is why I am where I am at in life while they are where they are in life.

Stop promising clean gutters that should already be a staple and now promise creative, advance, innovative and wealthy benefits to the locals. It is time. It can be done.

I expect a lot of push back on this, a lot of people do not get “my way of helping”. Typically, those are followers with no purpose and no intent to help the mass, it is about what they can get for them. For me, it is what I can do to better everyone.

They have an ideology they want to keep, to keep the people down, when pragmatic and innovative ways of bettering the public exist but they ignore.

At this day and age, the size of the population, the Government should not be borrowing money this often and definitely not that often internationally, where those places are benefiting from high interest or interest repayment profits from such repayments from Antigua and Barbuda.

We can make this world better, including Antigua and Barbuda. I would be the first to invest $1,000,000ec into a village or country of Antigua and Barbuda government treasury bonds with bonds may be tied to different projects.

You can not be a great leader or the guy or boss in this world without being innovative and showing progress in the entire country at all levels.

Everything is the same, sorry, I mean, a lot of things are worse.












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  1. Love what your saying!!
    It will serve the people better and it works so long as the law and policy makers pass a transparency and accountability act with steep penalties for those who attempt to hide the governments financial dealings.

    The investors will put in the money if only they could trust the system. Let’s bring credibility to the table

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