LETTER: I am treated like sh*t at the Family Court



Dear Mr Minister,

Please look into and fix the Family Court, the issues have been dragging on for way too long and innocent people are out here suffering:


1) Why is it that at other places you go and pay whether by cheque or cash and you get your receipt immediately but not at the Court. They tell you to come back, and sometimes when you return they can’t find it, this is wrong for you to pay whether by cheque or cash and not receive your receipt right away.


2) They have some fathers paying child support whom have no access to their child whatsoever, they haven’t even seen them for years. Can this be right that a father is paying and can’t see his child? Honourable Magistrate please fix this, not much fathers want anything to do with their child so if you find one that does, he is a good father that should get justice.


3) How can you be paying child support every month and keep getting a balance that increases? Are these balances for people who don’t pay?


4) Customer service is very lacking; the workers treat you like sh*t all the way down to they’re supervisors that are supposed to be setting the example: they laugh at you, talk to you any how they feel and tell you what they like.


5) They penalize you for your dress code and some of the workers dress like they are going to the club with the shortest dresses, shirts and so forth.


5) They say you have a balance but refuse to put it on the receipt, shouldn’t that mean that you don’t have a balance then?


6) It is friend and company and they protect their friends. For example; documents and warrants disappear or they are pushed through to whom they feel and not others.


7) The Court allows for some baby mothers to be spiteful and vindictive at any cost just to tear apart their baby fathers.


Don’t get me wrong I’m not bashing women because they do have some women suffering out here in silence as well but some are just plain wicked and evil.


It is Family Court but the Court workers turn it into an enemy court.


Mr Minister please fix these issues, it’s time for injustice to stop. There are a lot of fathers out here who suffer in silence.

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  1. These are serious issues being raised and if true priority should be given to addressing and solving them permanently.

    • I know of a lady who has been waiting for fourteen years to have her day in court for the father to pay child support.
      He was a so-called up-standing man in society, had a very, very good job.
      The mother started her suit when the child was four years old, had to change lawyers about six times and no resolution. The young man/formerly child is now 18 years old. The case was finally heard within the last year but the court still has to get all the documents to determine liability. The man is now stricken with a debilitating illness.
      How does that mother and young man get re-imbursed for all the past years.

      • The fish do rot from the head: With Governance that is without standard, professionalism, accountability, or transparency; and playing chimes of musical chains with the myopic governed mired in the abyss of clan-tribal-allegiance to the status quo. I cringe at the thought of their enlightenment.

  2. There is an application that any parent can fill if their not seeing the child or children that I dont not blame the court for . I have a case myself and ive been doing warrants and all now they cannot pick up the individual for non payments…..family court needs to be runned better

  3. This is one sided.
    There are women who have to go up there every week and plead the court and police find the father who is delinquent for 5 or 6 months leaving the woman to cover ALL costs for the child while he just hides out with his new life. It’s a vicious cycle as he will just keep making children and treating her however until she is fed up enough to leave and ask for maintenance as well! He will just do the bare minimum or nothing and hide. The court I know is busy but this woman (and later women) will be pushing the courts and bailiffs/police to please do their jobs to hold these men accountable!

    Also, there’s likely a REASON the men have no access to their child, ie., domestic violence, mental health problems, drug/alcohol abuse and likelihood the child is neglected or injured or WORSE, is killed while in his care. I know the courts drag out and try every avenue to discover these truths and make a proper decision to split access or grant mother only one with access. Maintenance is separate and whether he has access or NOT, it takes two people to make that child and it should take two to support and provide for that child! Period!

    Thus, men/women alike need to understand that the grass is not greener on either side bc we are down there pushing, pushing for courts to find these men and hold them accountable for their CHILD’s MAINTENANCE. Who is really suffering the most when ppl drag their feet, whether it is the courts or the father dodging payment, is the CHILD and it’s NOT OKAY!

    So, yes, fix it! Respectfully…

  4. Check Spiceroom over Hitz Fm. They rinse them out at the court regularly about their rude disrespectful tardy ways of operating. Take your court problems to them I’ve gotten results.

  5. I know a few baby mothers have their children / child living in the states and collecting child support and the fathers haven’t seen the child / children IN YEARS.

    Most of them in the states collecting food stamps….. tanif ( money).

    The fathers are in ANTIGUA paying child support if the child dnt permanently live ANTIGUA …..why should they still collecting CS???? and can’t see their child.

    The office NEEDS to be overhauled

    To those fathers who are in areas they should be found arrested and made to fully pay up… this is very difficult especially when the child is in elementary schools.

    The whole fact of the matter IS …..BE VERY CAREFUL OF WHO YOU MEK FATHER OR MOTHER YOUR KIDS ….. it makes a BIG DIFFERENCE

  6. This may sound controversial, but sir, demand to have a DNA test done with that child. If a woman can have that kinna heart the child probably ain’t yours. As for the court, am still looking for the words to say because tardy, heartless etcetera is an inappropriate use of words. This I will say, let the justice of the Most High disrupt and penetrate every unjust operation in this system.

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