LETTER: I am totally disappointed at the way management of the supermarket treats its loyal customers


Good afternoon ANR,

The public has been dealt a harsh blow.


Imagine shopping at a popular supermarket (Cos Pro) since it opened.


The loyalty points system introduced, and you can redeem at the supermarket notice.

Notices put up that you can redeem from the 1st of November to the 30th of November.


The morning of 28th of November at the cashier I was notified that they stop redeeming.


Do you think that is fair having spent your money and banking up all those loyalty points to purchase something special for the season?


I am totally disappointed and dissatisfied at the way management of the supermarket treats its loyal customers.


Unhappy Loyal Customer 

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    • Customers must be able to get some redress. This supermarket change their policy to now dictate when you can use your points!!! Nonsense! And the majority of their items do not have price stickers. Have to keep asking “how much is this?” Or wait til u get to the cashier and ask for a price check. And it makes no sense contacting Prices and Consumer Affairs because they are a non-entity to society.

      • You are absolutely correct. They just don’t care. Everyone has made the same complaints.
        When they make a pricing mistake, the break the Consumer Laws by demanding that you pay a different price to what is listed on the item. They kno consumers pay the price listed on the shelf, but they always bully the customers.

  1. I stop believing in Cost Pro loyalty points since 2018. I got caught with that same situation back then. I still shop there but whenever they ask me for my cell number I decline to give it to them.

    • That is the type of mentality and attitude that cause especially “locally” operated businesses here in Antigua to provide sub-standard service. I too have noticed the poor service provided by COSPRO, and I have decided to shop elsewhere. Their prices are not better, their deli offerings are unattractive and tasteless and they are a hotbed for Covid transmission given the crowds that surprisingly still shop there and management’s failure to effectively enforce mandated protocols.

  2. This is nonsense, they did me that sometime ago. Why should they dictate when the points should be redeemed and not even to give customers prior Notice. Some people do not shop every day so supermarket will not help. Money maker Me tap shop day.

  3. That supermarket has been doing that since they open, I don’t shop there unless I can’t find an item else where. They r very unkind

  4. I hope every one of these comments force management to change their unfair opressive controlling policies regarding the loyalty points. Cost Pro you need to do better!!!!!!!!! It seems that you do not care about people’s pckets at all…..how sad. How would you feel if everyone boycott shopping at your supermarket for the holidays???????????????????

  5. I have stopped going there. They have gotten real stingy with there point system and change it whenever it suits them. Their prices are for shit compared to others. Same reason I don’t go to Epicurean anymore.

    They taking lessons from politicians.

  6. Well the backlash has been a long time coming. But it’s worse than you realize. If you were paying close attention, you would have noticed that the cost pro points system only becomes accessible when only the more expensive basic items and those nearing expiry are predominant on the shelves. It’s not a real loyalty points system like what you get at Chase supermarket. Cost pro use it against you, the loyal customer. You’re being rewarded with deception for being loyal. That’s why I never bothered to set up points there.

  7. Ok. I have to defend CostPro a bit as it is one of my favourite supermarkets.
    They are the perfect size and layout to get essential items easily without the crazy crowds like at Chase or the reaaallly long walk at Epicurean. Other supermarkets should take note. I wish there were CostPro size and style supermarkets in every community.
    Their prices are also reasonable with no surprises. At Epicurean you might accidentally pick up the $100 can of sausages because it is where the $3 can should be.
    They also have smaller packs of fruits and veges at cheaper prices; so it is easier to eat a healthy variety instead of being forced to pay $9 for a pack of say broccoli.
    I agree though that they need to work on their points system. I don’t mind that you have to wait to cash out since it encourages me to “save”. I have gotten some good deals e.g. last Christmas, after accumulating a lot of points. I do think that they should be a bit more consistent with the times or advertise long in advance though so that customers know when it is coming up e.g. every three months or every June and December. I also think your points should carry over to the next redemption time even if you miss the timeframe.
    Finally, I find that they have really friendly customer service. All the workers, cashiers, baggers etc. are friendly and helpful compared to the rude attitudes that I have encountered at other places.
    But, it’s ok if other persons don’t like shopping there – I wouldn’t want it to get too popular and crowded!

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