LETTER: How Gaston Convinced me to vote against Labour


How Gaston Convinced me to vote against Labour

Dear Editor,

Like many, if not most of us, I was anticipating the next general election with some interest. I must admit from the outset that this interest did not quite translate into a real intent to vote.

This has changed drastically since the date has been announced. The debacle with Mr. Asot Michael and the PM was one major factor. I saw the threaten to thump in face video, and watched with disgust as our leader stooped to such a low level, and worst yet repeated the threat a number of times, instead of getting hold of himself, his emotions and gathering some respect for the office for which he holds.

He who wants to play by “street” rules, ought to go back to the streets, not occupy a position which requires a certain basic level of self-control and diplomacy.

At best, the Prime Minister needs to fire his entire security detail present on that unfortunate night, because clearly he does not have any faith in them if he feels that even with them present, he must personally threaten to hit someone.

Now, imagine the rest of us ordinary citizens without security, who get irritated and even infuriated but we keep our hands and threats of hands to ourselves. Why should you even have security and still want to be in fighting?

So, this incident, drawing in my attention (negatively), then served as the catalyst for me to pay closer attention to the current happenings and sit and think long and well about making a choice.

Next stop: water. But not just the fact that there is no water. Aren’t we all fed up but used to this maltreatment by now? Christmas Eve, there was no water. Christmas day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s, still no water. I wondered what on earth the powers that be have against family gatherings, because even if water must be rationed, why is there consistently no water on known celebrated holidays traditionally spent around family and loved ones?  Not even the sweet oil trickle? Just none tawl?

But in assessing the water situation, it occurred to me that an election was called EARLY, when there is still no water. As the young people would say: BFFR.

So you can bet your bottom dollar there was to be no water come February or March, or I am sure the government would have held off a couple months more if there would have been great improvement in the water situation.

The roads. My word! Not even the sugar cake gang seems to be doing anything; this is the most atrocious roads have been literally days away from an election. We know the drill: usually you and your vehicle tek your blows for 4 years but you can count on at least gimmick good road just before election. Yet detours and potholes abound at the eleventh hour. C’mon man, be serious.

Finally, it occurred to me that politicians know and respect the value of term limits at any time except election time.

Well, let me serve as a reminder. Thank you for your service. Your two terms are up and you are clearly ready to head to and are perhaps better suited to some street life version.

I have been singing along to Not Dem Again, being the only but very catchy lyrics which I recall. However I am singing it straight to the ABLP, 8 years and NOT DEM AGAIN. No.

I could have sat on the side quietly this election, with my popcorn enjoying the show, however recent events of the Prime Minister himself have ensured that I must and will get to the poll on January 18th.

Now determined voter.

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  1. Well said @ Now determined Voter.

    The fact that you highlighted the continuing concerns regarding the implementation of the water system, the terrible state of our roads; and just importantly the un-statesman like behaviour of Gaston Browne – and with the world watching Antigua well.

    It’s good to know that his behaviour and the lack thereof of his promises, has prompted you to vote next week. However, there’s another group of people that need to commit themselves to voting at the general election.

    I appeal to the youths, first time voters and the undecided to come out and vote as well; hopefully, just like they would turnout for carnival, Last-lap or even at Road House around midnight 😁 to dance away to the early morning.


    The selfish ABLP supporters have been keeping Gaston in power for far far too long now; and if the Antiguan youth come out in their droves on the 18th of January, the ABLP will be gone forever, and futyre generations will be saying GASTON WHO?!?!


  2. I will definitely agree that the PM’s body guards should be seriously charged or fired. At the sametime There will be times when the PM will need to fight Fire with Fire & Steal with steal with his opponents. Some of his opponents have no respect neither

    • I don’t think that YOU, in any sane mind, can identify 1 human as despicable as the one you are lauding. I don’t know about fighting fire with whatever but I do recognize that the NEXT ONE and HE are really in the ‘STEAL & STEAL’ business that you referred to. We hear it playing out in the public now.

  3. I am with you determined voter. I was of the same mindset for a time…observing from the sidelines with much indifference. But what did it for me was the CIP scandal. Thanks to Gaston and his greedy cronies we are about to lose out Schengen visa.
    And if that wasn’t bad enough, now the so called ‘Antigua Airlines’ fiasco. All you laborites blindly supporting this OBVIOUS human trafficking scheme and accusing anyone who questions it of xenophobia I can’t wait to hear what you all will say when this whole thing blows all the way up.
    Antiguans let’s fight for our island. TURN out to the polls and vote dem out!!
    Not dem again!

    • Our living conditions continue to improve under the ABLP, I guest you guys never experience walking long distances to get water. Labour is bread.

      • Hey @ Wadad20, where’s that barrel 🛢 that you are trying to scrape for the ABLP?

        Are you an ABLP government official? A troll or simply a NINCOMPOOP?

      • @Wadad20, if you have to go all the way back to walking long distances to get water, you know we’re in trouble. Gaston has done nothing to make the lives of our local citizens any better. The disparity is overwhelming. Only Gaston, his wife, his son, the Chinese, other rich investors, and the ABLP politicians are reaping the benefits of a Gaston Browne Administration. Most of us are suffering and all Gaston do is belittle us, tear gas us, deprive us and take us for idiots. He running around with wads of money in his pocket, dancing like a clown and insulting our intelligence by giving handouts of a few dollars. His dutty one hundred dollars cannot sustain anyone. The cost of food is so high, the money can’t even buy dinner for a day. He got to go. RUN WAY GASSY DICTATOR BROWNE.

  4. Bloody Bloke! Respect Is Earned not given. If you show Love & Respect It will certainly come back to You. He no have none Respect for no one!!!!

  5. You want stinking dutty behaviors. Well stay with Labour.

    You want an astute leader leader who has not given up to see a better Antigua and Barbuda from as far back as I can remember. When VC decided to let off TEARGAS on teachers protesting for better schools, pay and working conditions. I was there at Factory road and American road when all hell broke loose.

    Tear GAS again under GASton Browne and his Cabinet of Deplorables. I say no. No more. No more…..

  6. I notice the “Top Dog” has taken the phrase “Economic Powerhouse” out of his vocabulary this election. Red dead dead dead

  7. All my voting life was for ABLP. Never again. Took bread out of my mouth because I refuse the vaccine and expect me to vote for you. Nutting tarl go so. You got to be mad mad mad. My entire household voting UPP.

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