LETTER: How can anyone in Antigua survive on a little over $1300 per month?


Dear Editor,

How can anyone in Antigua survive on a little over $1300 per month? Where can these people afford to live? In some dilapidated house in the ghetto.

These people can never dream of owning their own homes.

Now talking about run down homes, Gaston has habitually gone on his radio station and talk about landlords who won’t maintain their properties in the ghettos.

He is a major landlord and should know what it costs to maintain properties.

He is not renting to minimum wage earners who don’t take care of his properties and sometimes can’t pay the rent.

I will say to Gaston, he should ensure people get a decent wage so they can move out of the ghettos and get their own homes.

Or better yet, the government can build or provide low interest financing to individuals to build rent geared to income properties, like they do in other countries for poor people.

Gaston May also consider renting some of his properties to poor people instead of always talking about overseas individuals living with their manicured lawns and not maintaining their properties in Antigua.

Does he realize some of these people work two and three jobs to get what they have?

When people work for a whole week and can’t afford to buy food and pay for decent accommodations, it is the government’s problem.

The government should pay and private companies should pay its employees a living wage. Some of these employers are living in their multimillion dollar mansions while their employees can’t feed themselves

Where are the investors Gaston is to bring into Antigua so Antiguans can find work outside of the public service.

The government can’t afford to pay all these people a decent wage. All Antigua gets are the Marvelous Mikes, Yida, Wiez and the land carpetbaggers in Barbuda.

Just yesterday, it was announced that Barbados and Guyana along with a couple African countries were developing a pharmaceutical company in Barbados.

Think of the high paying jobs and transfer of technology this will bring to Barbados.

Antigua is going nowhere and a lot of people are destined to live in poverty because no credible investor will engage our leaders, who always want a piece of the pie, to create good paying jobs in Antigua.

How does St. Kitts manage to set up a special fund from their CIP money so that they can pay bonuses to their people when all Antigua government can set up is more debt on the people’s back.

All them labour supporters can continue braying like jackasses while Antigua goes from bad to worst.

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  1. £2.81ph is disgraceful. The tourism sector can afford to match uk minimum wage. It definitely is a case of the rich get richer in Antigua.

  2. Dear PM,

    Tourism is a major earner in the Caribbean.. I’have spent most of my adult life telling/advising and recommending Antigua as a holiday destination to anyone who would listen but to what end to live the pockets of the rich. Because the people who really run the country and tourism sector “the working ants” of Antigua and Barbuda are being subjected to awful living condition so the rich can have our paradise. It’s called Labour exploitation and approx $9 per hour in wage is horrendous. It’s criminal with the rising cost of living. Either you look after the people who keep the industry going or you help the rich get richer. Choose your side. Crime is rising because people can not eat or keep a roof over there head. As a Caribbean nation we are mostly god fearing and law abiding citizens but you take advantage of our good nature and Exploit our gratitude and desperation. How can you travel around the world seeing how other countries enable there citizens but watch us plunge deeper into poverty. Enough of your self serving attitude. Look after the people who quite clearly have looked after you. The wage needs to reflect and offset with the cost of living. Rise the taxes for holiday makers, big chain resorts and airlines. Also all international companies and big corporations. Help people to help the country. Stop poverty NOW raise the national minimum wage to $27 ph at leat 3 times the current minimum and watch your people and country prosper. All for one and one for all.

  3. The EC went down in value since the influx of diversity I don’t have anything against any foreigners but the EC value reflects Jamaica 🇯🇲, Guyana 🇬🇾 and Dominican Republic 🇩🇴 mini wage since we have so many here they accept less and do more productivity So Antiguans wake the fuck up!

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