LETTER: How Can Anyone in Antigua Survive on a Little Over $1300 per month?



How can anyone in Antigua survive on a little over $1300 per month?

Where can these people afford to live? In some dilapidated house in the ghetto.

These people can never dream of owning their own homes.

Now talking about run down homes, Gaston has habitually gone on his radio station and talk about landlords who won’t maintain their properties in the ghettos.

He is a major landlord and should know what it costs to maintain properties.

He is not renting to minimum wage earners who don’t take care of his properties and sometimes can’t pay the rent.

I will say to Gaston, he should ensure people get a decent wage so they can move out of the ghettos and get their own homes.

Or better yet, the government can build or provide low interest financing to individuals to build rent geared to income properties, like they do in other countries for poor people.


Gaston May also consider renting some of his properties to poor people instead of always talking about overseas individuals living with their manicured lawns and not maintaining their properties in Antigua.

Does he realize some of these people work two and three jobs to get what they have?

When people work for a whole week and can’t afford to buy food and pay for decent accommodations, it is the government’s problem.

The government should pay and private companies should pay its employees a living wage. Some of these employers are living in their multimillion dollar mansions while their employees can’t feed themselves.

Where are the investors Gaston is to bring into Antigua so Antiguans can find work outside of the public service.

The government can’t afford to pay all these people a decent wage. All Antigua gets are the Marvelous Mikes, Yida, Wiez and the land carpetbaggers in Barbuda.

Just yesterday, it was announced that Barbados and Guyana along with a couple African countries were developing a pharmaceutical company in Barbados.

Think of the high paying jobs and transfer of technology this will bring to Barbados.

Antigua is going nowhere and a lot of people are destined to live in poverty because no credible investor will engage our leaders, who always want a piece of the pie, to create good paying jobs in Antigua.

How does St. Kitts manage to set up a special fund from their CIP money so that they can pay bonuses to their people when all Antigua government can set up is more debt on the people’s back.

All them labour supporters can continue braying like jackasses while Antigua goes from bad to worst.


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  1. Ask UPP to put their money where they mouth is and let you all know how much increase they would have given. Anyone surprised that amidst the noise they are making they are woefully silent on that. Why… Because while you people and them play the card about wanting major increases the #UPPNEARGA know it can’t happen. For one it is inflationary and would render the economy non competitive. These are the harsh reality surrounding wage increase and the quantum you people are clamoring for.

    I wish for one of you #UPPNEARGA to advise on that. A red lolipop awaits.

  2. @Just Saying: Are you related to Gaston Browne? When the Administration dishes out dung,only the poor and down trodden feels it. They are ABLP,UPP AND DNA SUPPORTERS. So in my opinion those people are all in the same boat.

  3. I agree that the country is going nowhere fast. Gaston talks a lot about so much economic development but yet people still can’t find work in the private sector. There are people with degrees working for the government and struggling. How can low job creation= economic powerhouse?

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