LETTER: Hotel workers should not be forced to vaccinate


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Since March 2020 the public has adhered to rules and protocols of this virus; we’ve washed/sanitized hands, worn masks and practiced physical distancing.


Mr. Vernon A. Jeffers I want to ask you where was this ruthless decision making when 95% of hospitality staff was laid off last year?


While some still fighting for severance, its comedic how there is always strength for the small man.


These big hotel corporations have dealt with their loyal employees in such a heinous manner.


The vaccines are not FDA approved its EUA which simply means it’s being issued out because all these countries are under a state of emergency. So forgive us, the few who have remained in the hospitality industry for not wanting to take this vaccine.


The very same tourist you asked us to vaccinate for are the very same ones these hotels allow to roam freely by not adhering to rules and protocol on the compound. A are they immune to this virus?


PLEASE don’t hit us with; the company can make it their policy. There is a difference with a policy asking to be groomed in a specific way versus taking a vaccine where all the physical and financially risk will be on us in the end.


Where are the unions to fight for us?


If the heads firmly believe in this vaccine and is asking us hospitality staff to stand firmly with them, lets meet in the middle a contractual agreement where if vaccine  deteriorate anyone’s health years from now  that corporation will be held liable of all financial medical bills.


These corporations have shown us how disposable we are so the agreement is strictly fairness!


Gaston Browne you turned a blind eye to our cries when the public asked for the boarders to be closed. I’m not understanding how a country is under a state of emergency yet people are coming into an emergency, please make this make sense.


Infringing on our rights via vaccine where is the democracy in that! PM you allowed people from high-risk countries to come to this island now we the locals have to suffer?


Wait isn’t Antigua & Barbuda a democratic nation? But these days all you do PM is dictate. I guess we the public now know the D in democracy means dictatorship for you.

This vaccine don’t immunize you from the virus so why the force? CDC states “ We don’t know how long protection lasts for those who are vaccinated”  so again why the force?


I’m not against you PM but  this vaccine has become about political affiliation I’m just against the discrimination, infringement  and unfairness.


When its relates to the vaccine everything already brings about division in society don’t let the vaccine be another.

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  1. We need this country back and running, I am a hotel worker and I have kids to feed and we are suffering. I don’t think you work in a hotel you are just some random person. We have been taken vaccines all our life…….this vaccine given in Antigua is a proven way for making vaccines.Educate yourself. At no time in history has so many resources been put in to making a vaccine. You are just probably a selfish person thinking of yourself and not the country we live in. If we don’t vaccinate and get people coming back to the island my kids will go hungry as it is really hard. I am so disgusted at all the people making politics from this. The only way for us to move forward is with a vaccine. So i believe get rid of those that don’t vaccinate and get our Hotels open so i can feed my kids.

    • Do not allow fear to make decisions for you. Notice the Black man dropping this info about mandatory vaccine while the white man spoke about relaxing the rules for the tourist……

    • So u are will to risk ur life just so u can go to a job that gonna probably replace u in a couple of months or years? Pathetic

  2. Word traitor dictator tyrant Gaston Browne doesn’t care about you or the rest of us. He only cares about his salary and creative enrichment schemes. He will pay the piper one day.

  3. That nurse is my favorite. Go Champion Airport Nurse!! Happy belated nurses week.
    Thank you ANR for not using that man with he foot dem cock up for this news article.
    Force who? Curfew and state of emergency is now way of life? What is the term for black on black barbicide?

  4. Dear Unknown,
    Who is abhti ceo?
    That position of ceo is much too good for the person holding the trumped up executive chairman position of the abhta
    Well look at how the cookie crumbles

    Signed CookieMonster

  5. This letter is total BS. If it is left up to selfish people like you, nobody would take the vaccine and Antigua would remain awash in covid forever. People are dying from this disease and it is killing our economy! But you only think of your alleged rights. Actually, you are really simply afraid of the vaccine. You are filled with fear but cover it up and hide the fear of the vaccine under the guise of “rights”. Tourists do not want to be around unvaccinated people in the hotels or on tours or in taxis and that is fair. As you claim the right not to be vaccinated, so too the tourists have the right not to be around unvaccinated persons. And hotels have the right not to employ unvaccinated staff who will pose a threat to the health of tourists and other workers. Think of others for once. And not only yourself.

    • Some people seem to have this thing backwards. Vaccinated People pose a greater threat to unvaccinated people not vice versa. What the vaccine is doing is creating a larger population of asymptomatic people who can easily spread the virus unnoticed. If the vaccine works as advertised, fully vaccinated people should have nothing to worry about.
      The vaccines are still in their testing phase and the choice not to take them should be respected.
      If the vaccine is mandated, the government and employers should have no issue signing a document accepting liability for any families that lose their breadwinner due to effects of the vaccines.
      It is also not in the countries best interest to inoculate the entire population with the same type of vaccine as the effects are still being studied. If more options become available i am sure the pace of the vaccination program will increase.

      • Don’t lie and tell people that the vaccines are still in the testing stage. That is not true. The vaccines are approved in many countries and by the WHO. Unless you think that vaccines are only approved when you say so? You must be a vaccine scientist. People with zero qualifications making pronouncements on scientific matters.

      • Exactly my thoughts. If they have so much confidence in this expiramental drug why no one wishes to accept liability for anyone that is harmed by it? Leave ppl be if they don’t wish to be a guinea pig. If ur drug work why are you worried about the unvaccinated? Are we so much in fear that or brain stop functioning?

    • Not So Common, what is wrong with someone being afraid of an EXPERIMENTAL vaccine that has DEATH as one of its adverse effects? So now it’s selfish to not want to become disabled or die? Aren’t you being selfish for wanting someone to risk their life so you can have work? Why should vaccinated tourist be afraid of unvaccinated workers? Aren’t they protected by the vaccines? If not, then what’s the purpose of the vaccine? People should have the right to decide what goes into their body…when you give away that right to government what will they force you do to next? Are you willing to have them put a chip on your brain? Get ready, because that’s what’s coming next. Agenda 2030…The Great Reset.

  6. What is the meaning of education to you?

    If you have a brain you should use it that’s what it is for.

    Education is brain washing.

    Since when medical issues are public? Your health is your private knowing, no?

    • Not when you can infect other vulnerable people with covid. If you have cancer then that is your private business as you cannot spread it to others. But from the time you can spread a disease like covid to others, it is no longer a private matter. It then becomes a public health issues as you are affecting the health and well-being of other people. Stop thinking only of yourself you selfish people.

  7. Hotel Worker you said in no time in history has so many resources been put to make a vaccine . Before you make such a statement and hit that send button , next time please do a simple search it’s called Google .With your belief it’s a blessing that we’re not living in old Medival times AMAZING .

  8. Ahhh, but to be an African living in certain parts of the motherland during the medieval times was vastly more civilized than the Europeans who were preoccupied with defecating where the ate and their nuns were worshiping the penis of Christ.

    We were sailing the Mediterranean by starlight, sharing our knowledge of mathematics, science, culture and art to all those who would listen, Shakespeare even wrote a play about us, Othello. We were trading goods, salt, gold, precious jewels and ,unfortunately, other human beings too, yet here we are today, ridiculing one another on a public news forum because we have become followers and not leaders, users and not inventors…we’ve really come a long way. Cheers to progress!

  9. When will Antiguans or poor people in general realize that they have the POWER..let’s see how a hotel can run without us if we all decide NOT to get vaccinated..I wonder if the hotel owner or his/ her family will do the work..People better wake up MEK THE POLITICIANS DEM GO WORK IN THE HOTEL SINCE ALL AH DEM DONE GET THE JAB…

    • @Sonja
      Then the hotels will close down and all R Y can stay home and eat grass. The vaccine protects you from catching covid from some tourists.

  10. The constitution is the highest law and policy makers in the land. Let fight their forceful policy with our Constitution.

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