LETTER: Help! My skin is peeling off



I am writing to ask you to publish this because I am trying to find out if anyone else is experiencing this problem.

Ever since I took the vaccine my skin has been peeling off.

I am wondering if this could be a side effect of the vaccine.

My doctor said I should not worry because we are constantly making new skin and constantly sloughing off old skin. But to say I am worried would be an understatement. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Losing my skin

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  1. There was an article from the region where the same thing was happening to a gentleman after taking the vaccine as well.

  2. Human beings skin PEALING LIKE A SNAKE IS NOT NORMAL, AT ALL…. and it happening after being Vaccinated, according to medical diagnosis practice IT IS REASONABLE TO ASSUME THE VACCINE CAUSED THAT PERSON SKIN TO PEAL like a snake.

  3. Bitch, you ain’t go no damn doctor. If you were so concerned you would have gotten a second or third opinion because it’s alarming and a novel experience to you. Not write in to no ANR.

  4. It doesn’t appear to be a dangerous development….

    New England Journal of Medicine:
    Although the doctors who wrote the study don’t yet know why patients are currently experiencing these types of reactions, they do note that most cases of post-vaccination skin inflammation can be cured with an at-home remedy, and New York dermatologist Marina Peredo, MD agrees. “If you experience a delayed reaction after your inoculation, it can most-likely be treated with ice or an antihistamine,” she says. “If that doesn’t do the trick, contact your board-certified doctor to see if an oral cortisone is right for you.”

    Largest study of COVID-19 vaccine skin reactions shows a wide range of reactions possible — but none severe

  5. Real scientist and real doctors warning about the side effects of up to death, be careful and trust in your natural immunity, anyways too late for you, stay away from any so called booster

  6. I have said, and continue to say, that these trial ‘gene therapy’ vaccines should be ceased immediately. Many people around the world who have taken these dangerous jabs continue to report adverse reactions to the authorities, yet, the pharmaceutical companies, politicians and even the so-called medical experts (who are paid to tow the line by the mentioned above) are still turning a blind eye. WHY?

    I know more people with adverse reactions to the vaccine, than I know anyone with Covid-19 … GO FIGURE!


  7. COVID-19 and it roaming band of Mutating Wuhan Ninjas viruses look like they are the #herpes #shingles #aids #hepatitis of the future which HUEmans will be living with for the foreseeable future.

    The #vaccines are like condoms.

  8. This is a very serious matter, I have evidence of many. The New York doctor is part of the coverup. People have actually lost limbs. Someone referred to a story from another island but they not name the island. SVG has a number of cases. Contact:[email protected] for photos

    • You are probably right… I posted the letter from the New York doctor to provide some encouragement to this jab victim. I’m sure she is scared.

      The people who never got the jab still have their immune system intact and have Natural immunity Those people who allowed fear to make their decisions for them now have compromised immune systems.

      • Don’t confuse ‘Natural Immunity’, which comes from prior infection with a ‘Natural Immune System’, which has never come in contact with COVID or it’s ‘vaccines’. If you have not been immunized by recovering from COVID or receiving a vaccine (that actually works) you DO NOT HAVE IMMUNITY. Having said that, a strong immune system likely decreases your chances of dying or even getting sick at all. Please continue to be safe and careful

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