LETTER: Has the DPP resigned yet?

Anthony Armstrong

Dear Editor,

I write to ask a simple question of the Director of Public Prosecution; have you resigned yet?

If not, what are you waiting for sir? Given the Prime Minister’s policy of good governance and transparency he must tell us at the earliest opportunity, whether Antigua will be looking for a new DPP.

The Bar Association must have already met and I await their statement later today.

This finding of misconduct by the Jamaican has brought shame to Antigua and Barbuda.

I am calling on all those concerned to act swiftly to save us any further embarrassment.

Born Antiguan



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  1. Resign way? He know this is Antigua where people in high office don’t resign for anything, no matter how terrible or unethical their action are. He was the same man

  2. A president has already set by the AG. Same scenario. Antiguan’s just love corruption. No wonder why all the ills that goes on in our country seems normal . The law is only applied to the poor and vulnerable in Antigua.

  3. Resign? Why? The Jamaica Tribunal did not disbar the man or say that he could no longer act as an attorney. They did not find him guilty of any criminal conduct. Why you want to put the man out of his job when the Jamaica Tribunal itself has not taken the steps to stop him from working as an attorney? Clearly, they do not think that what happened was egregious enough for him to be disbarred as an attorney. You all are quick to throw stones when you yourselves are some of the biggest sinners when no one is looking. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

    • Did people say that someone accused him on WhatsApp being a
      involved in ….He should return to his country and practice his kind of law. Every body knows why Antigua attracts people with a shadow over them.

    • I tell you why. Would Any honest and respectable attorney have a drug dealer for a client and open himself up to death threats by the dealer for his properties?

  4. If Gaston Browne does not have to resign for all of the creative self-enrichment he has engaged in then no one in Antigua should have to resign for anything.

  5. Time to go.. He feels he knows and have it all, want to tell me how to do my job when he did not give me one. God does not sleep he see and knows we just have to trust and wait on him.
    Anthony never commented on anything because he too big.

  6. Just imagine that I am politician can used school buses that donated to my country and I used for a strip club and my party leadership and blind followers celebrate my actions. Oh!! By the way my Leader is caught up in the deceptions also. All you party supporters are bunch of good fu nothing as well hypocrites.

    • Colombo, please save your handouts because when the climate changes you will need to find meaningful employment. I hate that I have to be working to help pay you for doing this kind of work

    • Me tired hearing from you about school bus. The case is before the appeal courts, let them decide. You sound like a broken record. Is this in your opinion the biggest rip off scandal in Antigua? If this is the only and biggest scandal, then Antigua is the land of virtue. Please find other rip offs to write about or shut up.

      • The 95 million usd for 100 left of runaway … USD… but that means nothing because it’s Harold Lovell is who’s involved

  7. The 95 million usd for 100 len. ft of runaway … USD… but that means nothing because it’s Harold Lovell is who’s involved

  8. The 95 million usd for 1000 len. ft of runaway … USD… but that means nothing because it’s Harold Lovell is who’s involved

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