LETTER: Has Knight In Shining Amor Vanished From Observer Radio?


Dear Antigua Newsroom,


What happen to that loudmouth man named Dane Knight a.k.a “Knight In Shining Amor”? As much as we differ politically, I find it strange and unusual that almost 5 months now Dane Knight has vanished from Observer Radio.


Not even Serpent when he took holiday took that long of a vacation. So, my question is, 1. Is it true Mr Knight fell out with the management of Newsco because he perceives we the laborities have our political implants within Observer Radio?

2. Did Mr Knight fall out with Mr Serpent Watts about certain show host hosting certain shows on Observer? Is Mr Knight planning and strategizing with the UPP to defeat the best party in the entire region the Antigua Labour Party for the 2023? If that’s the case, he will fail MISERABLY.


Did the best PM in the region Prime Minister the Honorable Gaston Browne send him packing to the retire/senior home permanently where he belongs? Dane Knight, UPP, OBSERVER getting 18-0 next election mark my word, so yell can plan all you want you go lose anyway.


Anyways, Mr Knight I hope wherever you are, you will go to some therapy and learn to be …., you going to the gym…get rid of that laugh boss man. Learn your stop cursing the Prime Minister and bring more substance to what you saying because nothing you say makes sense at all. Talk truth like the PM does everything he talks and tap constantly lie pan the PM and the country.


Anyways go riddance to Dane Knight and the UPP!!!  Don’t come back to the airwaves Dane Knight, you are not missed one bit. You are a curse to this country, you just good for cuss cuss cuss!!! Big up to the world boss Prime Minister Honorable Gaston Browne.


Max Thomas

ABLP Supporter

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  1. RED KOOL AID I doubt this letter could ever be written by Max Hurst or Max Li-no-hell Hurst as you refer to him. At least Max Hurst is more sensible and would never say such rubbish as the UPP will get 18-0 at the next general election.

    Please note the following

    ABLP. ..17. SEATS


    DNA. ……. 00 SEAT

    BPM. ( BARBUDA) 00 SEAT.

    Put that in you and CHARLES TABOR pipe and smoke.it.

  3. ERIC (THE RED) don’t you realize that you and Max Thomas are singing from the same page? Why are you bashing him? One expects you to bash me but not one of your ALP supporters.

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