LETTER: Has Audley Phillip been silenced in Antigua?



One cannot help but notice that Audley Phillip, who once had something to say about every single thing in Antigua and Barbuda, has gone dead silent in the local media landscape.

Have the powers that be silenced Audley Philip in Antigua?

My reason for asking is because I observe that the same Mr. Phillip now lives on the Jamaica Observer Facebook page and has something to say about virtually everything that is happening in Jamaica.

Why is it that Audely Phillip is dabbling in Jamaica’s affairs like he is such an authority on everything, yet he is afraid to comment on the goings-on in Antigua and Barbuda.

If Audley Phillip is a man and knows so much about everything then it would be nice to see or hear him commenting on the things that are happening right here in Antigua and Barbuda. Leave Jamaica people business alone and focus on your own, you damn pappyshow.


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  1. The man is free to comment on any Facebook page. Why are you so mad?

    The curry goat 🐐 made you SickToYouTummock

  2. Audley, a wha you do dem bo. I didn’t know you were that important that somebody notice you movements. Your comments on Facebook are funny, you make me laugh and laughter is good for the soul. However, since someone noticed; really, what are your views about what’s happening in Antigua politically? I know you are objective so tell us what you think about the way the country is running? Your silence really speaks volume because you are very opinionated. I also know your eyes are wide open so don’t act like you head bury in the sand.

  3. It’s fine for Audley Phillip to comment on anything he wants to. The problem I have with him is he presents himself in a way that make readers think he is Jamaican and of course, he is not. The frequency of his footprints on everything concerning Jamaica is strange for a man that is not a citizen nor a resident. Also, while he post a lot of funny “original” post, it appears that he is simply copying what he say posted by others or in certain groups and is presenting it as his original. I have even seen well written posts by him that made me verify the authenticity of what he wrote and picked up plagiarized sentences. His behavior is questionable and suggest dishonesty. My opinion based on my observations of him on Facebook.

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