LETTER: Harold Lovell must help prevent attacks against Richard Lewis on radio

Senator Richard Lewis

Mr Harold Lovell,

Like Knight get the job to rub out Richard Lewis. Every night he beating up the man, straight, straight, straight.

Nobody know if you encouraging him or the Snake. Once upon a time I would say not you but these days you can’t tell.

You can’t have Wehner going on the radio to attack the man and have Knight and Carty tearing him up so.

We wonder what Lewis do Knight. Could be is because he can’t get him to go pan he show. And Wehner should just hush. He couldn’t even get St George.

One thing to know is that if you continue attacking the man we not going to take it so. That is a load of f—ries.

That man Knight is too damn disgusting. He is bad for the UPP. Rural West want Richard Lewis. He is a hard working decent man, and if this continue we are going to fight back.

Some of them you have inside there just waiting to run you out.

If you follow them and move him out, is two independent man running down here because we going to ask him to run independent like Carty.

Can’t say you did not get a warning.


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  1. KNIGHT has destroyed UPP. Richard Lewis should leave UPP and run as an INDEPENDENT. KNIGHT is a FOUL mouth that should not be on radio. UPP should distance from KNIGHT. He is not a Person should endorse ANYONE. KNIHHT is an AWFUL Person.Knight is looking for NOTORIETY He is an AWFUL Person.

  2. Harold Lewis , Knight ,Serpent and Gisel Isaac have set out to destroy Richarrd Lewis. Richard wife is from Jamaica and UPP DOES NOT like NON NATIONALS..Harold is afraid of Richard Lewis.

    • So what the wife have to do with them.
      He won his seat, so he have every right to be the leader of the party.
      Anyway me love the fighting. It good for the ALP.

  3. What the Hell is the matter with KNIGHT!!!!! UPP is afraid of Knight. He is the DESTRUCTION of UPP. ANTIMAN KNIGHT.

  4. HAROLD LOVELL would never support Richard Lewis. Sometimes I wonder why UPP does not do an INTROSPECTION. I listened to everyone who.left the UPP and They all sing hhe same tune….Harold and Gisel have a NEGATIVE STRONGHOLD on the UPP. I have never seen soooo many Persons departed a Political Party in the History of Antigua. UPP too DIVIDED INTERNALLY. Cannot win an election with this situation.

  5. The UPP have a problem because Lewis is married to a “foreigner” and you know how the UPP feels about people they label as “foreigners”.

    Asking Lovell to prevent attacks against Richard Lewis is like asking Lovell to ask Joanne Massiah for forgiveness for badplaying her in the run off to party leadership.

    Lovell is weak – physically and as a leader too!

    This is what listening to Gisele Isaac-Arrindell will get you: A HOT MESS and a load of Bull

    UPP likes to blame “foreigners” everytime they lose an election. Instead of taking an honest look internally, they blame “foreigners”

    Lovell has contested elections 9 times in total.
    WON 2 out of 9
    LOST 7 out of 9
    And somehow he is still the “leader” having LOST MORE ELECTIONS THAN HE HAS WON!

  6. My friend Knight. I told you loooooonnnnnng time ago that at the right time you will be no more.

    You will be stung.

    Anyway, just bring me cokes when the inevitable happens.

  7. I do not know Richard Lewis.Never met the man in my life.However,he has an english tongue in his head.He is quite capable of defending himself.So why the heck he does not do so.
    Mudada:What the hell could Lovell do to stop others from attacking Richard Lewis? Richard Lewis needs to grow a pair and fight back for himself.That man Carty is running as an Independent Candidate he says.So he would do and say almost anything to be elected into that Constituency.Nothing is wrong with that.By the way Knight is an equal opportunity attacker of all politicians.From Gaston Browne,Harold Lovell and all others. Regardless of Political Party affiliations.

    • WANNABEE, everybody is saying that he must defend himself. Against what? I did not read or hear any of the names called out say anything bad about him. What should he do? Tell them to stop saying good things about him and stop saying bad things about the UPP?
      The UPP has Gisele Isaac, the Chairman of the Party, Chester Hughes the Vice Chairman, Harold Lovell the Leader, Pringle the Deputy Leader and Shawn Nicholas the General Secretary. Lewis is not an executive member. Why then are you and others calling on him to defend the party and not a word from any of them about what is going on?
      Do you want Lewis to come out and defend the good things people are saying about him? That is so idiotic. At first I was thinking that he should say something, but the more I listen to the issue and hear what is happening on the radio, I keep asking myself, what is he defending himself against? It just goes to show how stupid our politics can be.
      The UPP has more drama than ALP with Asot and Gaston. Asot says, Gaston says. In this case, Knight says, Whenner says, and Lewis listens keenly and waits to have his say.
      I don’t know Lewis but I am trending towards him. We seem to have a good politician, but we are so accustomed to the other kind, we don’t know what to do with a good one.

  8. Just imagine, the very man that his name is being bandied about is quiet, quiet, but Harold must come defend him? RICHARD MUST FIRST COME AND DEFEND HIMSELF. PUT A STOP TO LAMIN AND OTHERS CALLING UP HIS NAME. HAD HE DONE THAT KNIGHT WOULD NOT BE CUSSING HIM.

    • @ CL
      If you worked well with a supervisor and he treated you fair and you thought he was a good person. If the company fired you and you have it in for the company, would you curss off the supervisor too? Should the supervisor turn on you and hate you and want to cut you down? Would you stop saying good things about the supervisor? Do you think the company should insist that the supervisor come out and say bad things about you because you sued the company?
      Sometimes some of you all sound so illiterate. Lewis cannot stop his former colleagues from saying what a good person he is. Can’t you see that Lamin, Driftwood and the others respect Lewis but hate the UPP guts? From what I hear went on in there, it sounds like they have good reason.
      Should Lewis say to them “nuh call up me name and say good things about me because the other candidates nuh like um? Should he tell them ‘say how me nuh good’ to please the party”?
      Knight is just vex because he can’t get Lewis on his trashy programme. It looks like he wants to get both Lewis and Carty in his ‘stru-dio’ so they could go after one another and get him excited and squealing like a stuck pig. Looks like he is looking for ratings and Lewis will not give him, so he is pissed at Lewis. What a lowlife, wannabe radio host.

      • yes I think you are spot on! Desperate attempt to glean ratings for a terrible “show”. Keep your head up Richard. And share some of that money from the eBook content with your people.



    Totally in agreement with you. Knight will run Himself in the ground …fighting for UPP. UPP will try Their best to distance from Knight but UPP is afraid KNIGHT will cuss Them.I also agree that Richard Lewis is very , very quiet. Something is going on behind the SCENES.

  11. AS I read in this MEDIUM a few days ago. The results of the election for 2023 will be as follows..


  12. POLITRICKING….PROPOGANDIZING are the norm of the day. It is not amazing just how CORRUPT and DECEITFUL the heart of man is. The Bible did tell of this time in human history. The time of the end when the character of mankind will be so MESSED UP. We are at this time now. The propogandists and politrickians are out in full force…DECEIVED AND DECEIVING….CORRUPT AND CORRUPTING.

    Every one of us will answer one day soon to the evil words that emanate from our hearts (mouths). That day of reckoning is fast approaching. It would do us well to cease the politricking and propagandizing.
    Speak TRUTH…. corruption will be your destruction.
    So all who run behind politrickians and dabble in the corruption… the end is soon at hand.
    Truth never fails.
    Man hates truth and prefer darkness. Truth liberates, propaganda and corruption enslave.
    Awake…. seek the Creator to be liberated from your politricking and propagandizing mental slavery.

    Still there is hope for whomsoever wants to make that blessed change.


  13. Are these people a joke, or are they that ignorant. The party is totally smashed up without any real leadership. They turn on each other. Such disunity is destroying the party. Get rid of some of those loud mouths with fowl tongues. The Holy Word is right: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

  14. Richard Lewis continues to be a thorn in the flesh of the Knights, Lovells, Serpants etc etc bcuz they can’t have him like a puppet on strings. Clearly Richard Lewis is certainly a level or two above those that were mentioned above and he deserves high kudos for not stepping down to their level. Mr. Lovell who perceived to be an esteem gentleman, should be ashame of himself to get in tangle with a “snake” in a ” pit ” that has no shape and is dark as mid ” knight”.

  15. Good on Richard Lewis for not STOOPING SO LOW to engage with Missa Knight. They will never accept you because your wife is a yardie.

    Don’t choose to engage with any QUASI-PATRIOT who publicly states that an Antigua and Barbuda passport is of NO VALUE TO HIM because he pledge allegiance to Trump.

    Richard you are among ROTTEN, PUTRID, SLIMY, SHITTY fruit. Be careful it don’t spread to you and you become corrupted and good-for-nothing.

  16. You are all sad people. Really messed up.

    Your day of judgement is fast approaching.

    FOOLS ! Wake up.
    You judge another when you yourself are condemned already. Such BIG FOOLS.

    Who are you to judge? You walk in condemnation and shame. You grope in darkness because you refuse to accept the light.

    Light shines to reveal truth, but instead of receiving the light you are blinded by corruption, deception and greed.

    Woe be unto all you fools who indulge in corruption and deceit.

    Antiguan, you have being weighed in the balance and found highly corrupted. Your day of destruction is soon to come.

    • oh please! Who are you to judge? Have you been “weighed in the balabce” yet??? Cast the first stone!

  17. A lot of you are a scared of Mr Knight and please don’t use non national in this because it won’t work this time most non national wise up now, you all say ALP love mom national but yet they’re doing everything to presure non national everything that none national of to pay for Raise up high high.
    Richard Lewis neen to come out and distance himself from the people who going on Radio and calling his name he is too Damn quite that is the issue.


  19. If UPP want to win next election the get rid of Harold Lovell and the elitist club. Once they are gone then the UPP will be renewed and rejuvenated and can take down ABLP. The problem with the UPP is Harold Lovell is the leader and he is being controlled by the elitist club.

  20. Pedro the Dominicano:Go back to your racist country.The Dominican Republic as a country hates Haitians.Even those born there of Haitian lineage are not Citizens.Now they are building a wall on the border between both countries.They want to keep the Haitians out.However,they would have those same Haitians.Come into Santo Domingo and do all the dirty work there.

    • Haiti dabble too much in “darkness” and hence they just can’t get their sh!t together. They have no one to blame but themselves. What a country always in upheaval, chaos or some political mess.

  21. UPP want to deport NON-NATIONALS because We vote for ABLP. UPP will never win election in Antigua again. Harold Lovell and UPP NO LIKE NON-NATIONALS.

  22. RESULTS FOR 2023 ELECTION as follows..

    (ABLP 17 SEATS ) ( UPP 00 SEAT ) (DNA 00 SEAT ) ( BARBUDA 00 SEAT. )

  23. Where is the UPP PRO ..Charles Tabor ? I believe Charles is hiding. Too much heat.

    Charles your UPP have treated Richard Lewis very BADLY. What say you??? Looking forward to hearing from you.

  24. HAROLD LOVELL…When are going to name your shadow Cabinet ? I heard that You cannot find anyone suitable for a Cabinet Post within the Candidates LOL.

  25. Not a labour party supporter but Lovell must go! He has no vision. He has his eyes only on the prize of being PM. His two terms in government resulted in an IMF program and a failed attempt to diversify the tourism product. He needs to do some introspect and come to conclusion that he is not the party’s future or present. Winning 2 out of 9 elections should tell him that he’s a rejected representative. He should have been grooming someone to run in his place.

    Parliamentary Representative need a complete overhaul in the twin island state. So to does Constitutional changes need to be made.

    My suggestions. Senators need to be elected not appointed. Lower House members should not hold cabinet positions. Prime Ministers are only allowed two terms. Lower house and Senators three terms. A residence should be constructed for the PM and his family to occupy while duly elected. Get read of the GG. The post is ceremonial and have no real benefit to the nation. Tax dollars going to waste maintaining that office.

    Barbuda should no longer be a dependency. It should be granted statehood or independence. Set them free. Let them be able to handle their own internal affairs. This central government oversight and subsistence needs to come to an end. IT is a drain on the resources. If you are always taking out and not putting in. What does that leave…a deficit.

    More to come.

  26. What he should be doing is distancing himself from the joker Lamin who could not answer 3 questions and the other joker trevor young.

    • So suddenly they are “jokers” because they (like Joanne Massiah) opted not to legitimize the unfair practices within a rotten elitist party??

      Bruce Goodwin
      Anthony Stuart
      Malakar Parker
      Gregory Athill
      Elmore Charles
      Errol Cort
      Etc etc etc

      They are all “jokers” for jumping a sinking UPP ship??

      You sound and behave just like Mr. Knight the U.S. citizen

      • You are so correct. As soon as someone decides that UPP is not the place for them anymore, they are suddenly jokers. 100 Sailor man cyah lie!

  27. Mr. Knight is a joke. I am not sure who really gave him a platform because he seldom shares anything of real value. Under Lovell’s Leadership or lack thereof, the UPP has been relegated to a laughing stock. The loss of people like Miss Massiah, Malaka Parker, Miss Imhoff and the folks who left with them had rendered this organization virtually useless They keep the yes people around but the critical thinkers are ostracized because they dare to challenge the status quo.

    If the UPP would keep this same energy with Labour Party MAYBE they will win. As for me, I will be in my house on election day unless DNA fields a candidate in my area. This is nonsense and the Opposition needs to get it together.

  28. Antiguans are going to suffer for their ignorance, When someone see yellow and say it is green they are doomed. Knight and Servant talk truth, when people call truth in lies they will have to answer for it. The upholder is as guilty as the thief. The day of judgement is at.hand.

  29. Keep up the good works KNIGHT I wouldn’t have to campaign because you’re destroying the party waiting to see who will join Lamin and the others

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