LETTER: Gov’t should stipulate where bars and night clubs should be located


Dear Editor,

I am of the opinion that there should be stipulations from the gov’t as to where bars & night clubs should be located.

Throughout the country, these clubs & bars are beginning to open like wild fire.

Some of these fun filled night spots are in the heart of villages close to the elderly, who for medical reasons cannot tolerate the loud music along with the loud chatter sometimes polluting the air with indecent languages.

In addition to the high decibels from the sound systems along with the outrageous conduct of  some patrons, many times, empty beer bottles etc can be seen littering the immediate surroundings after the night’s activities.

I will certainly agree that all mouths should be fed. But, at the same time, everyone deserves respect & tranquility wherever they reside.

Therefore, I am making an appeal to the Govt to implement a system similar to that of DCA to carry out an inspection of the propose site before a bar or night club owner gets their license to operate and open their place of business.

An inspection should also be carried out to those who presently operating.

Some of these bars & night club owners can be very inconsiderate for the elderly & residents alike…… Everyone deserves and is entitle to a peace of mind


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  1. When are we going to get rid of all the jamaican and Spanish bars ?? They are unvaccinated and the cause of the majority of crimes in our one peaceful island. Gone are those days unless we deport them all.

    • That’s real dumb and stereotypical of you. Not all Jamaicans are criminals or loud or whatever else. It’s unfair of you to state that and say deport them all. Not all Spanish people loud. I hope you aren’t or will never seek residency else where. Stay in Antigua.

  2. This letter is well in order and points at something that is lacking in Antigua and Barbuda: the question of zoning. It cannot be acceptable that bars and nightclubs are popping up all over the place, and permitted to disturb people trying to rest at all kinds of ungodly hours. They need to be regulated and placed in zones where they have low impact on residential areas. In addition, it seems that the police conveniently ignore the provisions of the Noise Abatement Act (1996), and whenever they are called, they treat complainants with disdain. Is it because many of the police men frequent these places and are therefore compromised?

    • well said. Also shows weak communities. The process of applying for a liquor license requires a notice. Persons can respond asking the magistrate not to grant the license. I know of places where persons have tried to establish bars and the community has stopped it

  3. When elderly people was partying back in the days nobody trouble them. and most of these elderly people use more expletives then we young people. Second to comment why not complain about the persons who pass with the loud system in there vehicle. I agree that everybody most have peace and tranquility but not with nortion off putting somebody out of a job in this time and era. I will suggest that the bar owners upgrade there building to a sound proof facility.

    • @Just the middle man…while “sound proofing” will control the noise, on the inside of the establishment, what of the other issues which affects a residential community such as #parking, #patrons on the outside, #trash, #traffic on the streets?

      While “elderly people was(were) partying back in the day,” the noises created by #da #Sounds were not as loud, we were not fetting seven days per week and there were not as many fetes, clubs, bars per square mile.

  4. @worried antiguan I hope you don’t vist another man’s country. Why would you want people to be deported they actually help our economy. Some of use antiguan are very much low minded and don’t do research before we make a comment. Know I get what people say by antigua is not a reading public. If it’s the case where they are unvaccinated patriots they should be fined and charge respectfully.

  5. So true! There is NO planning whatsoever. I see bars and nigh clubs just popping up in the midst of quiet villages and have completely changed the atmosphere of those areas. Once quiet and serene communities where the residents would enjoy the quietness and tranquility of the evenings are now invaded by loud indecent chattering and disgusting illicit music.

    Something needs to be done. Are these businesses being given licenses to operate without any consideration for the effect they will have on the environment.

    I see bars owners turn nearby vacant lands into dump sites for their nightly waste. Piles of bottles that are left uncollected by the CBH personnel every week. Then the waste collect water that promotes the breeding of mosquitoes and rodents.

    It is really disgusting indeed. Many of these bars had remained opened even through the “so-called” closure of the said businesses and nothing was done even when the police were informed time and time again.

    I call on whomsoever is in charge of the Town and Country Planning to start to do their work. There is OBVIOUSLY NO PLANNING. NO ASSESSMENT.


    The people who operate this entertainment business have no regard for the cleanliness of the communities in which they are located. It is all about making the $$$$.

    The people who patronise these places are also heartless. All so often, they drive through the villages to the bars/nightclubs polluting the atmosphere with loud, disgraceful music…all through the middle of the night. Why do they think that the people outside of their vehicles want to hear the corruption of the noise they have playing?

    A number of these bars also function as restaurants, and one must wonder about the hygiene and sanitation since in many instances the areas where they are located are frequently without running water.

    Certainly, we are living in the last days. Man’s heart is only selfish and evil.

    Be warned though that we will all have to give account for our stewardship in this life. You can party, drink, fete, gamble all that you want now, but judgement will come and what would you have gained from all of it?

    Once again: I call of DCH or whomever is responsible to do the work that taxpayers employ them to do. You too; will have to answer for your stewardship or rather serious lack of it.


  6. I agree with the author of this letter. It’s tough time that proper zoning be done.

    It bothers me when you have a hardware store right next to a man house. Pig farming next to a man his. Ask this bed to stop, for in reality, what is happening, is when you’re home has a particular value, then these commercial activities come it, it decreases the value of your property also

    Zoning is a necessity, and it needs to be enforced

  7. I agree with the author of this letter. It’s high time that proper zoning be done.

    It bothers me when you have a hardware store right next to a man house. Pig farming next to a man house. All this need to stop, for in reality, what is happening, is when your home has a particular value, then these commercial activities come in, it decreases the value of your property also.

    Zoning is a necessity, and it needs to be enforced

  8. The author of this letter hit the nail direct on its head….. How would any of our govt ministers feel if a night club or a bar is established infront or at the side of their household? I am sure something would be done. So what goes for Sue should go for Paul. Residents, whether young or old, boy or girl, supporters of blue or red deserves respect & is definitely entitled to their peace of mind

  9. I remember #Villa #Yolanda from the 1970’s across from Villa School.
    I watched the proliferation of the unregulated Whorehouses, Rum Shops, Bars grow in the Villa and Point Community, to the point where every single block from Newgate Street to RunawayRoad/Fort Road and Fort Road Thames Street to Fort James become Illegal Dope Peddling Streets and Pussy Pushing Houses.
    This letter of concern, and the issues which it has #HIGHLIGHTED have being allowed to flourish under the watchful eyes of politicians, clergymen/women, law enforcement, the judiciary all well educated servants to these same communities.
    Therefore, the question begs why the phuck haven’t they done something about these negatives plaguing our culture, communities and lives?
    In my opinion, and yes I have a funky ass which spews shit, but again in my opinion, those educated folks charged with serving and managing our communities are getting paid, well paid by turning a blind eye for years to these issues.

    Fuck – was one of the School buses involved in the trial of Wilmouth ‘Pimp’ Daniel, Harold ‘Mr. Stoic’ Lovell and Jackie “Cyan Mash Ants’ Quinn-Leandro converted to a #Fuck #House on wheels?

  10. Thought they used to advertise the liquour license application in the paper before it was granted to allow for challenges

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