LETTER: Gaston gets an A for education

Prime Minister Gaston Browne accepts honorary doctorate from AUA/ June 2017

Dear Editor of Antigua Newsroom ,

I wanted to write on this topic for quite a while now but I think this is a good time. Let me put it out there that I am a fan of Gaston Browne but not a fan of the other members of the Cabinet. In particular, I am not a fan of Michael Browne wish Gaston would kick him to the curb like he did Asot.

Editor, I wonder if Antiguans and Barbudans have sat down to appreciate the extent to regular Antiguans and Barbudans have benefitted from Gaston’s education policy.

Look at it this way. For years, previous governments have been talking about establishing a university in Antigua and Barbuda. The furthest they have gone is to establish a committee. Anyone can establish a committee but it takes true leadership to actually DO IT. Gaston did it and in record time too.

Look regionally, practically all the governments in the OECS have promised their citizens a university. Some of these governments have been in power for 20 years and they are yet to deliver on this but in 5 years GASTON DID IT!.

I am hoping even the UPP supporters and independents can appreciate this. Let’s move on because I could say so much more on this topic, but Editor I am at your mercy.

Every year, the Gaston Browne administration spends millions of dollars on university education alone. Let’s pause for a moment to appreciate this. The latest figure I heard was $25 million annually to educate our citizens abroad.

The effect of this investment is that thousand of Antiguans will graduate university DEBT Free. Can we appreciate this for a moment? I know citizens from the great United States and Canada who, after decades still cannot pay off their student loans. How do we not thank and reward the government for this? I know that some of you are saying that other government’s did it, but Gaston put this programme on steroids, with more Antiguans benefitting from University Education like never before.

I won’t even dwell on all the other scholarships provided by the BoE and those provided through bilateral relations.

Finally, locally, you have seen the investment in education for primary and secondary school students, I won’t spend too much time on that.

Here is why Gaston gets an A+ from me. I am constantly inspired by his own story. Yes, he was born into poverty just like me and used his God given intelligence and his own drive to become educated.

He recognises that education and entrepreneurship gives us the best of ever breaking the cycle of poverty.

Gaston big up yourself.

Signed- Student loan-free


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    • Not when he grows the economy during a worldwide epidemic and recession by 5%.
      Even you as a Gaston hater must be fair and honest to yourself.

      • … and your facts, figures and financial data to back up your 5% claim @ From The Sideline?

        I’m interested to know where you got this percentage figure from.

        Also, and you yourself must also be fair and honest as an ardent lover of Gaston Browne’s policies that haven’t improved the lives of Antiguans.

        See what I did there @ Sideline – THOUGHT NOT!

        • You forgot that Trevor Walker was trying to deny this in Parliament as well. Just visit the website of the ECCB to get your facts.
          And you cannot improve the economy and not improve the lives of the citizens at the same time. Look at the construction sector. You can hardly find anyone to work for you. No matter what I do my plumber just has no time for my small jobs. And neither is my electrician. Who for months now I want him to install a security spotlight for me. PLH is taking all the workers to Barbuda. You cannot even book a room in any of the hotels in Barbuda. ALL FULL. Cement is scarce and many other construction materials. Gardeners cannot keep up with the demand. And yes you can call me a Gaston Lovers, but that is purely based on his performance. Cause I do not see eye to eye with him on everything. And if you have read and remembered my comments you would have noticed when I did not agree with his vision on things.

          • OK, From the Sideline, I hear you.

            I had the same problem as you with electricians, plumbers and don’t tell me about the lack of cement, I had to wait weeks.

            However, this is where we differ when it comes to Gaston Browne. I travel a lot regularly gor business purposes, and when the Prime Minister banned Antiguan nationals last year (due to his nonsensical vaccine mandates), I almost lost my business.

            Where was the common sense in that?

            I supported the ABLP in the first instance, but their politics and policies now seem to be more reactive than proactive.

            Anyway, good debate sir … respect 🤜🤛

          • @From The Sideline…
            …”growth” without parity is not an empowering equation.
            Next, 99% of the “jobs” which you mentioned does not even require a High School Diploma. Work yes, empowerment no!
            Therefore, where are the Industries which will absorb the thousands of University Graduates, those given partial scholarship’s to study abroad and those who’re attending UWIFI.
            The ONE PERCENT, of managerial positions are already filled, and a bottle_neck scenario is developing.
            So again, unless “GROWTH” comes with #PARITY, your Soup_Kitchen will be serving many more clients. Only difference, they’ll be coming with a piece of sheep_skin in hand.

            Lead you forget, the ENTREPRENEURIAL Spirit is not nurtured in the Culture of Antiguans and, don’t even mention the Barbudans.

            Ras Smood aka Jumbee Picknee
            Son of Mami_Wata & Papa_Elegba!

      • @From the Sideline. LOL. Fake news. How many Antiguans are benefitting from the so called 5% growth.

  1. HE GETS AN E for E-books scandal and not holding Michael Browne nor Daryl nor himself for wasting $75,000,000 in the fraudulent scandal.

    • And you get an E for Exaggerating.
      Even when the good minister presented the total cost of the eBooks in parliament to be $21,000.00 EC Dollar you still feel you can spread the untruth of $75,000.000.00.\
      Shows that you guys do not care about truth and facts.

        • There is nothing exaggerating about that. Those are the then government figures. Nothing made up. There was a report commissioned and tabled in Parliament. The commission was chaired by Dr. Gittens the then Accountant General. The purchase of the WPP went to Parliament for approval. The figure is not in dispute. It’s what we now owe China for. The sad thing is they did not get any value for money. Plant started to break down after three months.

        • It is usually futile to try to talk facts to people who are enjoying a sense of moral superiority in their ignorance

      • What the hell do you mean giving Gaston an A for education? Has the Red Kool Aid gone to your head? Do you believe that education starts at the university level? Look at the mess he has made of primary and secondary level education. Our young ones have lost almost 3 years of learning because he did not care about what type of learning they were getting. He was too busy with his sparring Beckles with their propaganda university. There are children, for God sake, our children who are lost due to improper schooling. No learning devices, some teachers not capable of using the electronic platforms. No connectivity to their homes, 3 children in the home using their mommy’s cell phone to do their work. Do you know how many of our children simply gave up? Do you know that the current level of work that students are doing for exams now is lacking in substance? Do you know how much some teachers are stretching themselves beyond their families to help these children? Do you care that so many children have no water to take a bath before they go to school, nor are able to number 2 in the toilet at school because there is no water to flush? Do you know how many of them just leave and don’t return?
        Look, nay ahnay me. Gaston, you Michael Browne, Darryl Matthew and all the people in here who are bigging you up are wicked, heartless and very cruel. You will get it back, mark my word.
        I hope one of these children will one day have a serious decision to make about the quality of life you will live in your old age.
        ARYUH WICKED SET AH ……….

  2. Letter misleading. Not all scholarship recipients graduates without loans. Sometimes, some students are told that there is no money, after they have have already started into their programs. And it’s appears they are not retroactively given the funds when monies become available. Why waste the resources if you’re not going to see them through to the end. I do believe the PM’s heart is in the right place, but I think there is a better way to go about how his scholarships are being distributed.

    • In America, many have to get loans to attain tertiary education. Our small country has good intentions but is many times strapped for cash as extenuating circumstances arise unexpectedly at times and monies have to be diverted to quell many situations. After all, we don’t mint our own dollars and depend heavily on consumption tax as many government offices are like social programs.

      • I cannot understand how this government is doing it. That even during a pandemic and a loss of more than 40% of your revenue, the government still finds money to give students to go and study abroad. Some get checks in the amount of $27000.00. Yet not one grateful word is uttered by these haters. And many of these children do not return to Antigua to make their contribution to the country that has educated them. They stay up there in USA, Canada, England looking for a job. These are our taxpayers’ dollars.

        • Like the CADETS FROM PORT AUTHORITY- should they be grateful for being treated like dirt and not graduating ?



          • Name calling will not help. And present only facts please.
            Cause yes anyone that gets a free education should be grateful to those that paid for it. Cause they didn’t have to. But ungratefulness is worse than witchcraft. And especially young people should know.

        • Well he is either getting loans or using some of the CIP money that some people say he has hidden in a certain bank.
          A lot of the graduates don’t return to Antigua because there are no jobs for them. When Antigua becomes the economic power house, they will come back.
          You seem to be on the inside with Gaston, so maybe he will tell you where the money is coming from. And then you can tell us.

      • @ Dave Ray: It must elections time again. You are raising your head once again. Go and bury your damn head into the mud. So we could kick you in your Hilary’s Arse. The one with the Federal Computer attached to her personal server in her home. I wondered why no charges were ever brought against her. I forgot,she is a Democrat,just like the Labor Party nothing sticks. They look out for each other like the Comrades inna Antigua do.

  3. You will never get consensus on this topic. People will always deflect or pivot to other topics because they don’t want to face the reality of it all. The PM is a risk-taker with the good intention for wholesome benefit of our country.
    Antigua and Barbuda is on an upward trend if people stop politicizing every matter but yield to the offering bring made to us all.

    • Please note: “… The PM is a risk-taker with the good intention for wholesome benefit of our country”.

      @ Dave, you sound like you have running water (with daily showers), great housing, regularly wages and/or a good pension.

      Many islanders do not have these basic and essential needs.

      As a businessman, I want to see a sense of fair play for the citizens – surely not much to ask after eight years in office from the ABLP?

      However, overall, the population hasn’t really seen any tangible improvements in their lives under Gaston Browne’s governance.

      You talk about “wholesome benefit of our country”, however, Antigua 🇦🇬 must be the only country I know with a strong, rich and vibrant yachting community and the island doesn’t seem to benefit from it.

      Antiguans fed up now, time for change …

    • You were not singing those same sentiments when the UPP formed the Administration. You Labor Party people are so brain washed. What did they use Clorox? You all would drink that Red Drink and see those in front of you dropping dead and still lined up and drink,IT. The signs of a CULT,led by your Master-In-Bater, Gaston Browne.

    • Dave you na TIAAADDDD kiss arse you directly lob man arse …you always looking for relevancy.
      Gaston ah wa he want ..you know he want something when every clickety clockety he on here defending HASTON.
      You was a useless liaison USELESS….


    • Name one company that came to Antigua to provide white collar jobs. Everybody can’t work in construction. Most of the construction workers are non nationals anyway.

      • It seems like Fitzroy/ Nomad/ Youth ( the same person) had a busy week-end.

        Do you think that you are fooling anyone.

        Gaston and the ABLP are on their way out.

        Get used to it. Your rainfall of letters are not convincing anyone

  4. @Student Loan free. It seems you really believe you will not have to pay for your university education. If you believe that, then you also believe you will get your 10 virgins when you go to paradise.
    It looks like you also believe all that nonsense Gaston feeds the public about having a masters degree from some university. We all know that he went to State College. After that everything is vague. I have a job for you. Do you think you have enough balls to come right out and ask Gaston Browne to tell you (and show you) proof of his bachelor’s degree and masters degree? While your’re doing this, are you strong enough to ask Michael Browne to show you where he got his Bachelor’s degree, and the master’s degree, and the proof of the Howard University doctorate? And while you’re at it, are you brave enough to ask the Minister of Lands which university she got her degree from and that you want to see a copy?
    Are you strong enough to google these universities and check for their names and the years they graduated? Are you prepared to deal with the results of your search?
    I read recently that a minister of government in one of these islands had to resign because he lied about his qualifications. Think something like that will ever happen here?
    BTW, Michael Browne told us he already had his doctorate 8 years ago on the political platform. His leader and comerades were calling him Dr Browne and he was answering. Even the press was writing about him as Dr Browne. Have any idea who took it away from him why he had to go and get a new one?
    Bunch ah jokers dem be. Only in Antigua.

  5. Dumb. Asses.
    So, does that make him a good politician, leader, prime minister?
    I know he is a qualified thief.

  6. Yup. A new and expanded ABICE coming soon too.
    Sir Novelle Richards Academy expanded

  7. @Student loan free
    Were you the duncest student in the class to be now graduating loan free? You changed your name from Nomad?




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