LETTER: Foreigners getting all the jobs


Dear Editor,


This Letter is addressed to The Government of Antigua & Barbuda, Immigration, and All Citizens!


As an Antiguan Citizen, born and bred, I am very distraught at the state of affairs in my very own Paradise- or at least, what was once called Paradise.


As an Antiguan Citizen, it feels almost impossible for me to get a job, even though I am highly qualified and skilled.


If I were to state the amount of Resume’s/ CV’s that I have distributed to countless Establishments, the figure would be somewhere over fifty.


It’s not like I am old or incapable; I am a healthy male in my thirties, with a wife and two young children- so explain to me what the problem is.


In particular, I sent my CV to one of the prominent Hotels in the Island, Royalton, as I knew someone who worked there, and to my uttermost disappointment, I was told that I was over qualified and that there isn’t any work available.


However, my inside sources at Royalton have been telling me that every week, there are new workers being employed, all of whom are foreigners; primarily Jamaicans, St.Lucians and Hispanics.


Why are they coming and taking all of our jobs, and please don’t get me wrong, I am a fair and welcoming person, but if the scenario was reversed, no way would we be able to go to their country and hold such positions or jobs.


Matter of fact, I was told that there are no Antiguan Managers at Royalton for that matter.  All foreigners! Immigration needs to have a look at what’s going on.


The Government of Antigua and Barbuda need to re-evaluate its labour policies.  Something just isn’t right!

we are foreigners in our own country!



Antiguan Citizen

John Doe

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  1. I am a non national here,I work as a security officer, I never came here to do security,but I stay with it, just to make a living, until I get what I really want to do,

    What I’m saying,not because you may have alot of QUALIFICATIONS, please do what may available in the mean time, until you get where you wanted to be….

  2. It’s simple mean you don’t understand what over qualified mean guess you need to revisit your studies but I just imagine how incompetent you are to be so over qualified

    • Over qualified is a racist term used by white people to deny hiring black people. They never tell white people they are overqualified. Go live in a white country and you will realize what I mean.
      A hotel owner in the north coast was once asked for a job for an Antiguan who had gone abroad to study tourism. The hotel owner said the person had no experience and could be considered for a receptionist job. Yet this hotel brings in all kinds of less qualified white people for the top jobs. Why are Antiguans not hired as assistants to gain the experience? Why does the government not have laws in place to correct this. The ministers don’t care because they can always go to these hotels to fill their guts. The woman did say that her husband and the prime minister were friends.

  3. @ Dear lord
    When folks use those terms they’re just following the old script which we’ve been repeating for decades . I believe it hurt business owners with loss of dedicated and talented people.
    As a large business employer overseas i see that as a win win for both the young man and the potential employer.
    Someone who is willing to do what ever it takes, at any position and pay to get their feet in would’ve been hired easily in my company.
    I beg you to keep looking.

  4. I have bin doing security work over 6 years an I can remember on countless times my employer Put out ads that he need Antiguans to work and up until now I haven’t seen one show up why bec I guess security work isn’t good enough for you all but yet come bash foreigners about taking up all the work

    • Why should Antiguans take security jobs? These jobs are reserved for foreigners who are exploited with poor working conditions and minimum wage.

      • Wow. So why curse the foreigners who do what they have to do to get what they want. They are smart. Get your foot in at least and gain experience in something that you may get to a managerial position. I’m sure you’ve heard ppl say that you have to work your way up the ladder but no!! Not Antiguans. They just want to drop on the top, with or without no qualifications and or experience. I will also add that here in Antigua some have that mindset so start low and go high but some is just ignorant to the fact and refuse to do so. However when many of them go to the USA and Canada with all the big talk and degree they not afraid to start low and go high.

        • Why are you cussing Antiguans in their own country? Who cares that foreigners dominate in custodial work, grass cutting and security work? Many of the people working in these areas can never move up to management except in these fields, because they have no skills or education. Trades people are in demand in Antigua, and non nationals who have those skills are doing extremely well. There are also qualified non nationals working in management positions.
          Who is cursing non national when they do the jobs Antiguans do not want?
          From what I am reading on this portal, non nationals think they can curse and put down Antiguans in their own country. They should be grateful they are allowed in the country in the first place and able to make money to send back home. They have no opportunities in their country and that is why they are here. I would suggest they stay out of Antiguans business.

          • Firstly on behalf of all foreigners WE DO NOT CARE!!!. Your reasoning capacity is giving highly illiterate. Nobody is cursing Antiguans am sure if roles were to be reverse a different story would be told….. Secondly most foreigners come here highly qualified think about it your coming to a country with only one university that was recently constructed 🤦🏾‍♀️ persons come here with degrees and masters because there are so many qualified persons in their country with no jobs to gain so obviously they are gonna seek to go to countries where there qualification is going to be recognized because there is little to no competition. Mind you if you don’t realize but a Antiguan with a decent qualification was a foreigner in another country as well because they studied overseas…. Until y’all learn to remove the ” I am Antiguan so am entitled” stick out y’all ass nothing will never change… Last and final we are greatly that we can work and send home money to build proper homes because we don’t wish to go back home to live with our “old lady” or “old man” after all we must have something to show for all the hard work that was put in, mind you all that was done doing a job Antiguans refuse to do on less than minimum wage smh y’all need to get y’all priorities straight and stop try fighting against the said persons that government collecting taxes from so y’all can get free health and education….. I THANK YOU BYE!

  5. Well of the majority of inhabitants are from without its easy to deduce that the ones from without are getting all the jobs because they are in the majority.

    Since you are in the minority, you must determine why? Surely immigration ghost workers cannot be blamed, the polices they are given to work with are faulty.

    So my brother check your minister, it is he who have you in that situation.

  6. You a gwan like a foreigners employ themselves. Gwan go cut rass grass and mind your business until you get better work to do.
    By the way, they employ foreigners because they have better work ethics and them no think they entitled to a job because ” a ya me born” a them favorite quote!!!

  7. The writter of this article reminds of a single elderly woman who wanted to get married since she was younger, but was never able to find a husband. She turns down every man that wanted to date her because she thought non of them were good enough. The bottom line is take any job that is available or go into farming or something to help feed your family.

  8. Writer please ensure you have submitted your resume to the government’s One Stop Employment Centre. This way it will be placed in a database and checked before work permits are given. Follow up with them at least twice a month. The hotels need to be reminded that they were provided incentive (some according to the law as much as 25 year no corp tax, ability to move forward losses, no property tax etc) mostly to provide jobs to available locals. Truth is many get even more than whats stated in law since they have a history of threatening to close shop in order to get more (eg getting an addition 25 years or more of no corp tax, apua arrears written off etc)

  9. The so called #foreigners came decades ago with a mindset, similar to what Antiguans take for the most part, when they migrate to other Nations, and become #foreigners there in that new Nation.
    The mindset is, we are here to work and achieve by making sacrifices.

    Having no idea, as to what John Doe is “skilled and highly qualified” in, I will say to Mr. John Doe, use those skills and hone them to become your craft, and then, once you’ve become a #CraftsMan, you’ll become Independent and have to depend on no one but you!

    A #SKILL is just a skill, and they come a dime a dozen.

  10. The man cant even talk in his own country. Unfortunately it has become the norm where Antiguans are sidelined for non nationals. Continue beating the pavement my brother, I hope you get a favorable response. You can visit the outdated staff at the Establishment Division on Old Parham Rd to find out if there are any positions available for your qualifications. Mel suggested you check your minister, non established jobs require no qualification, the pay is better, more vacation and you might get the latest car to drive as part of your package.

  11. “Antigua for Antiguans”

    But wait, you just discovered that ALP giving all de jobs to foreigners? Poor you. No indigenous Antiguan should vote for ALP. The vilest people crawl off the boat and get “big jabs” while Antiguans starve. Call the elections now! Antigua for Antiguans.

    • I always find this anti foreign view so two-togued and hypocritical. Dont Antiguans migrate and have big jobs…and yes we celebrate in glee?

  12. I didn’t hear anyone agreeing with me when I criticize the government for issuing a work permit to the Editor at Observer who was applying for a work permit. It was Ok for an English Lady to come here in Covid times when many of our people are un-employed and when the government said they would not issue any more work permits. But I guess if Observer is doing it, it’s OK. Now you want to complain about Royalton.

  13. The biggest problem with most ANTIGUANS LIVING IN ANTIGUA….NOT SAYING THE POSTER IS…


    My dear poster apply for a custodian position jus to get in the door then after 4 mnths start asking TOP MANAGEMENT what are the other positions offered…BESTEST OF LUCK

  14. Dude! Am 100% sure that is mostly Antiguans, Dominicans and Vincy people worked at Royalton.. out of the 500+ staff you might find about 30 Jamaicans, 35 Spanish(even tho It’s own by A Mexican family “cartels”).. while I understand your frustration, especially the fact that you’re a family man, I still don’t support your entitlement belief.. Anyway government have a lot of open vacancy because of ppl not taking the jab, so get up off your “entitled” add a go be a “go getter” for your family

  15. Poster………. STOP lamenting of how qualified & skilled you are ..THATS THE PROBLEM …..ACT like you have no education or skills and see how fast dem hired you…wid all ur qualifications your indirectly telling dem YOU CAN DEMAND TOP COMPENSATION…..PAY…..no bueno.

    THAT TURNS DEM OFF….THEY WANT to feel they got the upper hand and you need this job…..

    So stop highlighting ur education n skills….

    • What the f..k are some of you posting? You mean Antiguans are to go and get qualified to cut grass and do custodial work? The problem lies with the government who are not looking out for qualified Antiguans. Everybody know that when you go to a foreign country you take whatever job you can find and work your way up. These employers need to start hiring qualified Antiguans and the government needs to stop issuing work permits. This shit has to stop. Most of you foreigners have no education and very little skills and that is why you left your big country to come to little Antigua in the first place.

      • Well with the stinking attitude y’all have I guess good work ethics Trump qualification because Antiguans work ethics stinks because everyone feels they are entitled so they should and can do as they please…. For a country with one university lack of qualification should be the least of your worries because many qualified Antiguans in high paying jobs studied abroad in the same countries that y’all cursing out LET THAT SINK IN!

  16. Every disappointment is a blessing. God have some much more something better for you I bet and with a great pay.
    Have faith

  17. Who said foreigners are getting job in Antigua? I am ACCA finalist with post graduation applying for the entry level jobs since 2 years but no use, either they want citizens or residents.
    If some give me an opportunity for unpaid internship for few months I am ready to work, not because I don’t have required skills nor am hard working but because I want to build my professional network and to gain experience.

  18. I always hate when people make comments like this, as if just because you were born in a country everything should be rightfully yours. We all came from somewhere. So if said poster was to immigrate to the US and get a job, should some American be upset because he got a job and they didn’t? You see how that sound. So immigrants don’t deserve a job as well? Maybe they were more qualified for the job than you. You should just get a job simply for being Antiguan? Come on now. Everyone is out here hustling for a job. So if you’re qualified, you’ll be selected.

  19. Epicurean and Purcell always have jobs available I would suggest getting a jobbat one of these establishments. Use some of the money to study a trade or something and open up your own business
    I can’t imagine how u feel but complaining about it doesn’t make things better

  20. As an expat manager in hospitality in Antigua I find this so disheartening. Actively TRYING to recruit Antiguans into roles but have found hardship in so many areas. Persons applying for jobs they are simply not qualified for. Looking for people with the RIGHT attitude to train into the role but getting nowhere. I want to find the right person HERE! But simply cannot find this person.
    It takes a lot of hard work, perseverance and determination to work in hospitality, especially here in Antigua with the demands of the type of guests we receive. BUT all I find are people wanting to work their hours and go. Not get in the trenches and help their colleagues to make the best of our guests experiences and make Antigua a place truly worthy as the best place to visit which it deserves to be…..
    People who I thought would be amazing at the roles have simply not lived up to their capabilities or have let themselves down by not taking the lead on a project and taking ownership for anything.
    In all, it makes me sad that I have to look overseas to find someone, but what can I do when I NEED a person I can rely on BUT CANNOT FIND HERE…
    I want to find a local person who can take on my role when I move on from this truly beautiful, unique and majestic island and teach the future generations what it means to work in hospitality management.
    I hope to find the right person who can grow and shape the future of Antigua….

  21. People believe there are jobs out there for all types of qualifications but unfortunately and truly most of antiguans are not qualified based on international standards to recieve foreigners to make a highly qualified tourism experience.
    Unfortunately antiguans receive a tourist or foreigner and concentrate on making money out of them instead of making them have a nice joyful experience in the island and recommend to friends and family to come to antigua. Priorities have to be made upon antiguans that make tourism and and foreigners come to the island, based on transportation guides attractions and many more things and standards that’s have been established

  22. Well said… I mirror your comments expat hospitality manager. It is a daily struggle to find applicants who are dedicated to the career instead of just seeking a job but not going the extra mile.

    My biggest disappointment is for candiates who only have Antigua experience sadly holds them back. When serving international guests we must have individuals which experience to pattern that. When we try to bring exposure and coach those with limited work experience to bring then up we end up face to face with unions because ‘Antiguans’ just dont want to do it. What else can we do but find those who are willing able and not hinder the progress of the business.

    • I would think the tourist coming to Antigua want an Antiguan experience. If they wanted a North America or European experience, they would stay home. They come for the beach and sunshine. Give them a hammock and a rum punch and some coconut water on the beach and they will have a real tropical experience. Why prepare only eggs, bacon and sausages for breakfast. Prepare some salted cod fish and chop up with some fried plantains or maybe some red herring or mackerel and see how they line up. They will be taking for a long time about their Antiguan experience.

  23. “Antiguan jobs for Antiguans”

    I can’t believe the nonsense some of these people are writing. Like Tim Hector, they make me want to throw my laptop against the wall. Antiguans only have “Antiguan Experience”? What utter poppycock! This is Antigua not some Dominican hell hole. These are the foreign adventurers the ALP has inflected upon this country. If tourists are not looking for an Antiguan experience, then they shouldn’t come to Antigua. Antiguan jobs for Antiguans.

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