LETTER: Fight For Airport Land Ownership Looms Again On Runway 10 Dis-used


As a fight for airport land ownership looms again on Runway 10 Dis-used, V. C. Bird International Airport finds itself on the wrong side of International Airport Security at the same time our little island is being recognized at the International Civil Aviation Organization 40th Session of Assembly.

Of three international speakers Antigua is addressing the International community of Civil Aviation which would never guess that Antigua has sold a strategic portion of land within its International airport in a remote area which provided a launch pad for an international banking crime spread over 131 countries globally.

Meanwhile, the new owners of Plot 100 which leases a hangar to Caribbean Helicopters is embroiled in a dispute for control of the leased property which is in the Courts, and which also has further impacted a third party in their nefarious activities by crossing over lands owned by Antigua Hangars Inc. to access the hangar leased by Caribbean Helicopters.

None of this is ever expected to happen on an International Airport because airport lands are not sold as a rule, and Antigua is a hidden exception to the rule (as usual). However as there are no written rules or regulations to which the Antigua Barbuda Airport Authority can refer re the ownership of lands within the perimeter fence, their choice of support has in the past been with the rich investor, and once more their regulatory procedure has come up short, in that their failure to preempt violations by some parties has given strength to those who seem not to know the ICAO rules for entry into a hangar in operation.

As I do not intend to hide my concern I must admit to watching in horror and a considerable amount of deja uv as the breach was carried out and my heart thumped as I remembered when my Gate 10 was seized by the stooges of Allen Stanford with the help of Antigua Airport Security. I had to push back in order to keep my space and continue my business so I could pay lawyers for five years, fighting my own government and ABAA, and Stanford in order to keep my business which Stanford wanted. I had to cut off the Stanford chain and lock and worked at night to build a fence around my driveway, as my Gate 10 was protected by an airport authorized plan which clearly the Airpot Security wished to change.

After getting my first injunction against SDC it took me five years to get justice eventually at the Privy Council, and another five years for the Government and ABAA to give effect to my judgment which called for a lease and the protection of my business including my Gate 10 access. Civil Aviation is very clear and supplied with all of the Rules and Regulations to safely protect a highly security conscious industry from violations of terrorist or economic indictable offenders.

The Perimeter Fence encloses a designated area of lands for airports within countries, and which forms part of International Airspace ruled by a collection of governments globally (ICAO). This space has its own laws which member countries are mandated to pass through their own Parliaments under Civil Aviation laws which are updated continuously as aviation expands and upgrades. Antigua has managed to hide its serious infractions over the years by its prompt passage of laws while carefully guiding the inspectors and international regulators away from the holes in our Perimeter Fence.

Meanwhile as the unwilling owner of 80% of the lands around the parking ramp on the Dis-used Runway 10, and while ABAA continues to act on the rich side of history, I find myself wondering about our past encounter with the last investor, and now with another investor banker of a different currency, I ask, “Quo Vadis” Runway 10 Dis-Used?

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  1. M. M writing letters again I’m glad your pointing out the holes in our perimeter fence. I wished you would have done that while you were operating your business and speaking about land, how did you come by the lands you own on the airport? Guess it’s ok if your the only owner of land within the perimeter fence. Wonder if it’s the same government that sold to A. Stanford, gave you your plots at candy prices? “The robber that smiles, steals something from the thief”

    • Guess if you followed her fight for justice you would know how she got those lands.

      She never purchased and only leased; she was awarded those properties in her fight at privy council and was willing to sell them back to the Govt; they refuse to purchase. Thinking she should just turn it over to them, but why should she when they’re the ones who sold it ?

      However as usual in Antigua where everything the govt does is right and a people who refuse to side with Justice and good governance; we will always be caught up in scandal.

      Y’all prefer to support the govt stand of the rich get richer and the poor remains poor!!!

  2. The writer as usual makes up stories up by her talk that lands near a airport that its usual for them to not be owned by government. Readers desirous of real info on this should GOOGLE “COMING DOWN
    TO EARTH AIRPORT OWNERSHIP AND PRODUCTIVITY” Fact is in Europe, there are many airports which are owned by the private sector. British airport authority, ANA are examples of privatized airport authorities. In Greece most of its airports except the one in Athens are in private hands. In France Lyon, Nice and Toulouse Airports are privatized.
    Really don’t recall the owner on Runway 10 arguing against former finance minister Harold Lovell’s push in 2004 to have our very own airport basically privatized. Can’t see how they would have garnbered financing without some hold on the lands at the said airport. Anyway, fact is government would wish to own Runway 10, however the PM has made clear that the moneys being demanded by the owner is highly extortionate

    • So H Lovell in 2004 wanted to privatize the airport and you have a problem with that. But G Brown privatizes our seaport to Global Ports and what do you say about that? You hypocrite!

    • Do you mean that the PM wants to owe Runway 10 and using his government official power to do so? It seem that you only remembered what the UPP wanted to privatized during their time in government. So, tell me, who is now privatizing our only main seaport to Global Port?

  3. Hey Diesel
    H Lovell in 2004 was involved in a proposal for an exemplary PPP for a joint venture operation that would have seen Antigua getting a fine modern airport structure far superior to the junk the Chinese built costing us in excess of $200Million. The pprpposed structure then would have cost the govt nothing and brought them much revenue annually as joint venture partner. It was A Stanford and ALP hacks like you whovferailed that great project. You ALP punks keep misrepresenting every progressive project that could have moved this country forward so your rich corrupt friends can reap the benefits of every project and share the money with you all. So what about Global Ports? No problem for you in privatizing our sea port, eh? So long as the bribes flow in your direction? Damn fool!

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