LETTER: Fed Up Of All Politicians


All of these politicians in Antigua are pandering to their supporters. Elections are coming and no one want to offend an X.


So self and politics before country. Politicians of all parties should be out all over Antigua talking to people; answering questions about Covid and informing persons of the importance of being vaccinated.


I find it amusing that the majority of the fake news is being spread by the Redneck Trump supporters and their church leaders who all believe Trump is the Messiah. It seems that our people are so gullible that they too have become Trumpsters,

Since March last year when the shutdown came about 12, 000 to 14,000 government employees have been receiving a salary every week and month.


In the meantime the majority of private sector workers have been on the breadline. Hotel workers, shop workers, bars, taxi drivers, vendors, barbers etc have all suffered.

Now that we got on the British and US safe list, planes are coming full. Hotels and the economy are opening up. Ordinary people are now once again able to earn a living.


But guess what? This reopening is now threatened by more than 50% of those fat government employees who have refused to take the vaccine. A great percentage of Customs, Immigration and airport and port employees have all refused to be vaccinated.


This cannot be fair. They have been paid since last March with tax money. Government has borrowed to pay them and we all will have to pay back that loan.

Government is talking about making them pay for a test every 2 weeks but how will the government MAKE them pay?


People need to read and stop watching false crap on Facebook.

There were 50,000 Covid cases in the UK this past Friday. BVI, Barbados, Trinidad and the US have had big spikes in recent times. The Delta variant is coming as surely as night follows day.


We need the economy opened safely. This can only  be done if people are vaccinated. The Delta variant is the dominant one now in the UK and the USA. And where are our tourists coming from?

Wake up people.


I say no more.


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  1. There is 50,000 people in UK with covid how you learnt that information? Did you not read it also writer? Why are you upset and want to join the bully wagon to choose for individuals who have choices? Don’t be fed up, don’t worry about tomorrow do what you have to do to protect yourself. Proper education is better than force

  2. a new deadly strain yet the same vaccine. don’t see how that works. A contagious disease yet it has not spread like wildfire amongst the unvaccinated

  3. Fear have plagued their minds that people are thinking by what have been told to them by using their God given senses.

    Stop allowing the media to think for you and think for yourselves because you are competent to think for yourselves

  4. Next time top dawg sign your BullS**t letter. Desperation really setting in, that the dawg and his poodles can’t pen their names to a letter…..SMDH

  5. 191m contracted -4.1m deaths = 185.9 recovered cases. Now how do we come about the decision that every adult worldwide need a “vaccine”? I am fed up with the vaccinated persons who made a “choice” to be vaccinated thinking that persons that don’t see the need to be vaccinated dose not deserve to have the “choice” to make that decision. I have been looking at the information thats put out and all am seeing deaths and contracted cases. They need to put the recovered cases as well. The 185.9m persons that recovered did so with the immune system that was created by the almighty God which is second to none. Stop down playing the power of the almighty father and place fear in the hearts of people. There is an agenda beyound all the madness. Time is the master. I respect ur choice to be vaccinated. Respect other people. There temple does not belong to no one else but them n the almighty.

      • God is the perfect one when it comes to grammar. People do make typo errors when writing. I am sure the writer saw the error after the post was made when it was re-read. Just digest the message in the comment and ignore the error(s)!! Look 👀 for my errors because they’re a few!!

  6. As a very wise man said recemtly: “I don’t believe in the vaccination. I believe in God, and the vaccine is an answer to prayer.” AMEN! Simple as that.

  7. And you know what I hear, the vaccinated are dropping dead 2. That letter has toxins fuming all over it. Is which politician write that? the first statement was to throw us off eh?; Talking about Massiah, divine intervention is what we need right now.

  8. Am saturated and disgusting by the continued spillage of nonsensical crap coming from the pro vaxxers. You have taken a decision what to do with your own bodies which I hope will have not regrettable effects on you. This was your choice, however outrageous or scientifically unsound it may seem to many others like myself.

    Why the persistent pervasive and dictatorial rhetoric telling people to get vaccinated? Why the propaganda and fallacies about these incomplete, under tried, clinically deficient jabs disguised as vaccines? What in heavens name have the covid-19 vaccines done to stop, cure or prevent the spread of this virus? Which medical asylum have these proponents been nurtured in? Can the world not realize that the only, best and most effective of treatments and cure for this sickening virus is common sense!!! People who have embraced this platform of reasonable consciousness will all know that covid-19 can be conquered by mere strong natural body defense. Instead of spending trillions on these toxic jabs, spend far less in educating people about natural and herbalistic alternatives to boost and strengthen their immune defenses, rather than taking these toxic potions that are obviously destroying what they are intended to preserve and protect.!! What irony.
    This is my problem with the present global agenda to vaccinate the world.!!
    It’s so obviously wrong and asinine that no reservoir of expletives is capable to describe. This madness must stop now.

    If these reckless and oppressive acts continue to be waged on the innocent by a corrupted and devious status quo, the world had better brace itself for a plebian mutiny and revolt never seen or recorded in the history of mankind! Tek warning…..

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