LETTER: Empathy for Social Security


ear Editor,

As I sit and pen this letter, my heart feels torn apart and my eyes are filled with tears, for the state that one of our national institutions has crumbled.

I am a new pensioner, and I am very much aware & do empathize with the Director & his staff for the financial plight that his establishment, SS is presently facing.


However, I am just not clear, neither can I understand that after applying for my pension 10 months ago, that to this day, I have not even been blessed with my first payment of my pension…


It is unbelievable & very distasteful!!


The financial bind that SS is in, has now been an eye opener for me and i hope it will be for many more….. Retirement is a must.


A pension is a must. However, preparing for retirement should also be a must with the cliche in mind “Never depend on putting all your eggs in one basket “.


A backup plan is critical!!


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      • @ Not so Common…Bold Face was really right his statement. By the way are you new to the site because I am floored by your comment?

  1. The author of this letter hit the nail on the head… Persons definitely need to prepare themselves for their retirement…… Such practice should be taught in our schools so that it becomes a part of our culture….. When one door closes then another will be made open.

    • @Bluddy Bloke
      People should set aside for retirement if they have the resources to do so. Tell me how a person making less than $2000 per month can save money. When they are finished buying food and paying rent, what’s left? These people don’t even qualify to buy a house. Many senior citizens in the past, before social security, relied on their children or poor house to survive. There are a lot of poor people in Antigua living hand to mouth. The working poor. Don’t forget Gaston said that statuary corporations like social security and medical benefits didn’t need excess funds and then set out to strip them. Pay social security all the monies owed to it and pay the people their money.
      My uncle helped to set up social security during the PLM administration. When VC was returned to power he said that public servants did not need social security as they would get a pension. He encouraged people to ask back for their money, which a lot did and later regretted. Not only did VC not make contributions to the fund, but he set out to strip the fund of its funds. The board members who objected were put on indefinite leave and replaced with compliant ones. My uncle being one of them dismissed. This is the history of social security with the labour government.

  2. When GOVERNMENTS after GOVERNMENTS use these Statutory Institutions as an ATM because of their inept ability to handle the finances of the country, along with CORRUPTIONS with overpriced procurements Purchase Orders and people continue to defend/justify politicians actions in fleecing the country of its resources then this is what we will have to deal with from here till the end of time. Not paying in to the systems which they create, how can pensioners expect any better. These are NOT a political issues this is a National issue which affects both government and private sector so WE need to act and demand changes to governance. [Politicians] Most ah dem dun get rich/wealthy outta de government institutions so month end money nah mean nutten to dem. Elections doesn’t change the revolving doors other actins do. Tired of dis CRAP. Wicked set ah people!

  3. I wonder how many of these fake stories will the website publish and what do they hope to achieve? Maybe it is good dogfood for the UPP base.

    • Truth be told, there are far more Labour Party dogs on this site than UPP. Just read all the posts including yours and start counting.

    • Sidelines: There are people in Antigua. Who are suffering financially and you politicizing this SS matter. People have not been paid for months from Social Security across all Political divides.Just because you are in Gaston’s inner circle and does not feel it.It does not mean that others are not struggling.

      • You keep repeating this lie that people have not been paid for months, even when the Social Security Board announce on the radio that they have finished paying September pensions and are now starting to pay October pensions. if you so want to make things look bad go ahead and spread and believe in your lies. What I know they are months behind in are the benefits. Especially Maternity Benefit and Funeral Grant. I would suggest employers advance these mothers their maternity grant and when they receive it, they will repay the employer. I know of some of my business friends who have done just that.

  4. Anyone who has read my comments over the years when it comes to Social Security will know that I am a staunch critic when of the manner in which our monies are being spend. I have called on the PM many times to do something about it before he gets egg in his face. However, he never did anything about it. Well, I leave that alone. When his eyes open, he will see. Even Lennox have shared sentiments that he is not pleased with what they are doing down there. The entire board is like missing in action in all that is happening. Like they carry no responsibility. But they get their checks every month on time. While pensioners have to wait to get paid. Management spending thousands of dollars on all sorts of frivolous things, like now laptops and note pads for the board members when there is no money to pay pensioners. I can name you many of these unnecessary expenditures, but as I said I have asked the PM to get in there and do a review to see on what they are spending their monies. He would be shocked. It shows they management and the board does not really care. As they have always said that the Act lays the burden on the government to find money if the fund has any shortfall. And therefore no one in Social Security has any sleepless night when they cannot pay pensioners. That is the PM’s headache.

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