LETTER: Don’t Be A Solid Waste


Dear Editor,

Has anyone seen or heard from the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) Chairman Michael Joseph recently?

The garbage has been piling up since before the storm.

Some of us are approaching 3 weeks without collection, others 4.

In another country, this might be taken a bit more seriously, but here we are so accustomed to the failure of our public services that when they function properly we hand out awards.

Does the good Chairman not think it wise to address this issue publicly?

Or has failure to collect become such a norm at the NSWMA that he doesn’t even feel obligated to speak publicly on the matter anymore?

Or is he hesitant to come to the public and reveal how many trucks are actually on the road at the moment servicing a population of 100,000?

And what is being done about that system of contracting trucks which is surely a failed system, since contractors have been unreliable and we can see where it has put us today?

Mr. Chairman, is that you? Where art thou Mr. Chairman? Don’t be like the last Chairman. Don’t be a solid waste.

Ernest J. Farfingbottom






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  1. The whole system rotten. This country is a cartoon country. That joker is busy trying to be popular to get nominated when the whole country stinks to the core. It is over 2 weeks now and my garbage has not been collected. It is crying shame that people now more than ever are leaving their garbage by the road side…

  2. Do you know that the trucks don’t get paid like that ,like that. I have a friend that the bank took his truck cause treasury owes him over 120 thousand dollars. Yet still he have to wait months now, still hasn’t got it so he can go get his truck. Sometime some workers at treasury want you to pay them so they can speed up your process. Some people are desperate so they don’t have a choice.

  3. As a contractor lemme just put out that it takes 2-3 weeks on average just to get 4 days pay. Which then have to pay the workers and what not.

    So tell the government to pay the truckers so work can be done

  4. The system was bad before Mr. Joseph became chairman. He has done some work and truckers are now getting paid a little more regularly. If we want to address the problem of garbage collection let’s address the problem of Antigua being one of the few if not the only country where the government has to pay to collect household garbage. If we the citizens were been charged a fee for garbage collection then Solid Waste would not owe the truckers all that money. Like we don’t get free electricity and water we should pay for garbage collection. Mr. Joseph inherited a bad system that was bad even under UPP when they were in power. Be part of the solution and not the problem.

    • Avatar photo the cost of one ABLP vote in St Marys South = $5,000,000/29 = $172,413.79, when nurses, teachers are unpaid and the nation is stinking dirty

      @ ramdance

      Yes minion, try and protect your fellow minion who is using you to send his message.

      I know you once you start saying things like ”it was bad even under UPP” – you and Mr Joseph are downright confounded liars!!!!
      UPP has not been in power for nearly 10 years and u blaming them. You and Joseph better run out of town.

  5. Man running all about Graysfarm and Hatton trying to get votes. Just a little warning that we vote for, say it with me – Representation. Don’t think that we don’t know that you’re using all of this backed up work as photo ops for the upcoming manifesto? Trash piled high and gutters blocked on the west side and you decide to go pose next to the backhoe like it isn’t YOUR responsibility as the chairman of NSWM to get it done. Take politics out of the work and get it done because its a dangerous gamble that you are making sir. Stop putting on labor cap and start to actually work!! Get serious man.

  6. Want to know where he is? Easy answer. Running up and down Rural West giving schoolchildren this and that to get their parents to vote for him. Meanwhile the children and their parents getting stifled and sick from the uncollected garbage on the streets.

    Young man, you want in a day what many spent years trying to work towards. Go and earn the big bucks that you are being paid to do a man’s job. Don’t know what you were promised but the wannabe economist done beat you to it.

    They say you young people are the future. Well if the future looks anything like you and the failed one from SMS, I plan to check out early before you all make me suffer in my old age.

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