LETTER: Does UPP really want to win?

Team UPP

Dear Editor,

I received a call on Saturday telling me to tune into the Snake Pit now and listen to how members of the UPP (not sure if the host was one of them), was tearing into another member, in fact, the candidate for Rural West, Richard Lewis. The caller to the Pit, a former candidate, advised Lewis to “get up off his backside” and do something about Trevor Young, who was once a member of the Lewis faction that contested the leadership of the UPP against Harold Lovell.

Because I did not hear the full conversation I decided to go and do some research. I found out that Young was a member of the side lead by Lewis in the challenge to Harold Lovell at the convention in 2019. I found out about the videos showing Lovell’s people cheating with the votes. I did not know about all these things. I thought my party was always better than “the others ovah dey” and would never do such things. I found out that most of Lewis’ group were mad with him because he would not let them go public with what they discovered about the votes and other things, because it would hurt the party. I read an article where Lewis openly pledged his support to Lovell and the party in his concession speech. The whole group I understand is now disbanded. Some are finished with the politics, some have gone over to the reds rather than stay with UPP, and others are no longer interested. I have not heard that he has gone back on his pledge.

I now think of this as the UPP shame. With my eyes open, I came up with a piece of advice to the party that I want to win, to check yourself, otherwise you will not see government again in this country.

This is what I discovered. Trevor Young feels that the UPP leadership badplay him in the selection of the candidate for Rural East that he represented in the last elections. Since then he has gone public and has been heaping fire and brimstone on the UPP. It would appear that the party cannot handle Mr Young and are afraid of what damage he might do, especially now that he is with the DNA. One would have thought that the party would have sent former Prime Minister Spencer to speak to Young about calming things down. Spencer was like a father to Young and both of them have been inseparable for many years since Young was his bodyguard and knew his secrets. However, it looks like either Spencer is afraid to talk to Young or the party does not want to put him in this position.

So the next alternative is Richard Lewis. I spoke to someone who knows Lewis well and found out that as far as they knew, Lewis has not been in contact with Young since the group lost the convention race. I was also told that Lewis is a strong UPP man and would in no way condone any attempt by Young to hurt the party. I have confirmed this with others who know the young man well and have watched him as he goes about his work in his constituency and working for his party.

If so, then why was this pressure put on him by this former candidate who could not regain his candidacy, to “get up off his backside” and curse out Young for his war with the UPP? Is Lewis their whipping boy? Are they piling heat on him because they feel he is the only one who could calm Young? Are they unhappy because Young has said favourable things about him and they don’t want to hear that? Are they upset that even the red people speak very highly of Mr Lewis and think that the opposition would be better if he was the leader?

Do they want Mr Lewis to tell Mr Young, and the labourites, and citizens not to say good things about him because this would offend his brothers and sisters in the party? I have come to the conclusion that there seems to be a case of beating up the bright, nerdy boy because he is getting good marks in class. If this last is the case, then they ought to be ashamed of themselves. Harold Lovell needs to take control of all this bile that is thrown on one of his candidates by others in the party and condemn it publicly, That is, unless, he supports it. After all, it was he that Lewis ran against. I even found out that he identified Lewis to be his successor after he lost the last election and decided to call it quits.

The UPP cannot hope to win unless it gets a united front. The damage that was done with all those defections is not helping, and trying to chase out one who seems committed to winning would be a worse blow. From all indications, if a snap poll was taken as to which seats the UPP will win, the one main constituency called for the UPP would be the Rural West. And I got that from red people who live in Rural West.

The question then is, why this heat on Lewis? Is it because he is seen as a nice church boy who would not tell them where to haul dem parts when they say bad things to or about him? Is it because he is a decent family man and a man of principles? Is it because he is seen as a strong source of support in his constituency? Because these are the things I am hearing about him as I engage persons in and out of the constituency.

Or is it simply a case of raw jealousy, grudgemindedness on the part of some of his peers?

M John


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    2023…ABLP 17 SEATS. UPP. 00. DNA 00

    • @ RUPERT MANN:
      Do you care to put your money.Where your mouth is.All of you Birdites,Laborites,Gastonites.I am waiting to see you all eat crow.Many of you would believe that Antigua and Barbuda are willed to the Labor Party.I say,hell no.It is not willed to any Political Party in the Nation.There are many persons in the Labor Party Cabinet.Who are duffers in my opinion.They must go.Many of them are brains dead.They have no ideas to move the Country forward.I do not support any Political Party in Antigua and Barbuda.I look at the slate of Candidates of the UPP.They seem electable to me. More so,than those in present Cabinet.Look at these names:Dean Jonas,Steadroy Benjamin,Kensworth Yearwood,Lennox Weston,Samantha Marshall,Max Hernandez,Paul Greene,Molwyn Joseph,Melford ” do nothing”Nicholas,Maria “missing in action”Browne,Gaston”failed in his role as Prime Minister” Browne,Daryll Matthew.Then you have Asot Michael, Londell Benjamin and the one that was let go,Michael”E Books” Browne.This man has more PHD’S than sands on the beaches of Antigua and Barbuda:ZERO.

      • @ RED KOOL AID
        Hope you can still breathe after such a LONG WINDED NONSENSE. That is where ALL UPP Supporters belong in the complain section. Election is about winning and I maintain You and your UPP DO NOT have a winning team. The results for 2023 as follows..

        ABLP 17 SEATS UPP 000 SEAT DNA 00 SEAT BARBUDA 00 SEAT. Sleep and Meditate on this ….You NON SKULL.

  2. The Question is NOT if UPP wants to win…..UPP will never win AGAIN in Antigua. Look at these Candidates …Who in Their right mind will vote for These UPP Candidates ?????.I agree with RUPERT MANN. UPP DONE/ FINISHED.


  3. UPP appears to have a PROBLEM which the Executive DOES NOT want to address. I can assure the UPP that They cannot go into the next election being so DIVIDED. Hon. Gaston Browne and ABLP will destroy the UPP with the BIG RED MACHINE. The amount Members that left the UPP it is very Embarrassing . UPP needs to do an INTROSPECTION. RUPERT MANN prediction is SCARY.

    I have been reading your CONTRINUTIONS to this medium. You have been predicting ABLP 17 SEAT. UPP 00. You have also predicted the outcome of the last election and You were correct. Please let me know if you are taking POLLS. 2023 DOES NOT look good for UPP.
    UPP SARL..

  5. Waiting on that so called lawyer turn UPP PR man response since in his book they are the best thing since slice bread. How can anyone take these folks seriously. They are even worst than ALP and thats saying something.

  6. Which one of you three wrote that article then called your friends to make dem comments. If you stay in 2021 and look over to 2023 what you people saying there is not what you would see.

  7. @JB

    You are waiting for Charles Tabor to comment ? Charles Tabor would Not comment on this topic because He knows that UPP has far too many problems within than They can handle. Hon. Gaston Browne teased UPP with the Possibility of calling an early election. This forced the UPP to Pickup any Candidates that They can find. Now Gaston see the JOKERS UPP put forward He decided to stretch UPP to 2023 because They Candidates are very weak. Not a Threat. At least five of these Candidates would resign before the election in 2023.

  8. Hon. Gaston Browne call the election early 2022…..ABLP 17 SEATS UPP 00 DNA 00 BARBUDA 00

    The above are the results for ELECTION 2023.

  9. Another question. Last week I was listening to VOP and the former Malawi resident turned politician and host was signing the popular number by Buju…”murderer blood is on your shoulder”. Does anyone know if he was throwing shades at the UPP candidate for St Philips South?

  10. Well one thing for sure, based on that photo Dr. Cleon Athill is the Queen of the pack. E.P. Chet Greene better watch out!

  11. The problem with UPP is indeed the leadership and in particular Harold. If he were to step down and let the younger ones in the party shine, then they have a chance at winning some seats. If not winning, then closely contesting. They won’t win a Government anytime soon but they can at least pose a challenge.

  12. The old UPP finish. IF they want to make any progress they’ll have to disband their organization and rebuild it entirely under new leadership. Then choose viable candidates. Otherwise, in this next election (two years from now) they will be totally wiped out. I suppose that will be good, because then they can disband and totally reorganize under new leadership. We do need an official opposition. The people will decide, but the results are pretty clear.

    • Believe you me that the party has been told the same thing over and over from inside, from outside. Even analysts outside of Antigua have said the party will IMPLODE. But it makes no difference because HAROLD LOVELL CONTINUES TO FOOL HIMSELF! The only person he listens to is Gisele Isaac-Arrindell

  13. Unfortunately UPP is on a failed mission….. The mission to get rid of the ABLP has proved miserably unsuccessful…. Richard Lewis was informed that he is in the right school (politics) but in the wrong class (UPP)…. His level of political reasoning & leadership is far beyond those that he is with in that UPP confused institution…. Similar to those who have jumped ship and seemed refuge on the ABLP big red machine, Richard needs to comes to grip with reality and do likewise……. UPP is stifling and weighty with anger, hate & jealousy towards the PM & his colleagues of the ABLP. For Richard Lewis to make a head way with the great potential that you have, my advice is ” Come out of that & make sure you come in a dis”

  14. Some may not grasp this reasoning …

    UPP is actually a compliment to the ABLP. The government will not change unless it goes rogue, meaning it start ignoring its mandate from the ones who installed in.

    The UPP is weak by design and there is no intent to gain power it is all a facade.

    The information that reaches the public is not the same information those wessels adhere to.

  15. UPP depends on KNIGHT from OBSERVER who curse each night and hurting the UPP. KNIGHT and SERPENT are disgrace to the UPP. How the hell can Someone as knight curse each night. UPP should send a legal letter to KNIGHT to cease from including UPP into His Stupid program. .

  16. Is this the UPP REDEEM TEAM ? Lord help Us !!!!
    UPP will definitely lose all sests in 2023.
    UPP does NOT listen.UPP is completely destroyed from within the PARTY. Very SAD.

    • lol White Fete. How dem say we can´t have no parties and fete during lockdown? Or is it Teeenage Pageant contestants?

      I would really like to hear the UPP announce its SHADOW CABINET. C´mon Lovell

  17. “Of Mr. Lovell and others”

    This letter and its author are pathetic. Mr. Lewis has shown that he has neither the temperament nor good sense for elective office. While I question the suitability of some UPP candidates, the vast majority of ALP MP’s are without any discernable skill, talent, or education, so that shouldn’t be a drawback. The problem for the UPP is Lovell. He simply hasn’t been able to connect with Antigua people. Sir George and Baldwin came out of the trade union movement and had the common touch. If the man at the top can’t command the people, it’s going to be a long night.

  18. Smh to read the COMMENTS and BRAYING of these STUPID JACK ASSES. So much to say about nothing.
    They care nothing about Antigua.
    Not one of them post anything pertaining to Gaston admitting that he gave Asot FIVE MILLION DOLLARS tax waiver.
    To all these TURDS It’s okay if ABLP thief from Antigua people.

    • You lie!
      5 million dollars as in 5,000,000 with all them zeroes after the 5.
      If you share that money amongst the people of Antigua everbody, including the last pickney who born today could a get $100

  19. @ On The Move (with anu people money)
    Turd until you develop the nuts to talk about the 5 million just shut up. Furthermore, if Asot got 5 imagine how much the party leader got.
    Listen to Asot: the PM got rich after 2014 chat.

    • @TGAN
      Hon. Gaston Browne was a MILLIONAIRE before POLITICS. You Guys are throwing MUD to see what stuck. TGAN you have many many more years to complain. UPP DEAD.TGAN and CHARLES TABOR will complain for the next 30 years. Ask Trevor Young about your UPP . DISGRACEFUL.

      • On the move.
        I defend Antigua.
        If Harold or any politician thief from the people I would be the first to tell him or her to go.
        What or who do you defend?
        Gaston’s only intention is to get as much as he can now for his family and for himself now that he is the leader. His fellow party comrades could do likewise as long as they don’t get in his way.
        Stay tuned for more of Gaston vs Asot. ( more corruption to be heard ).


      • @ON THE MOVE: Gaston Browne was not a millionaire before Politics. He was not a millionaire at the piggy bank he worked for,Swiss Bank inna Antigua.

  20. Are These People running to be ELECTED. BIG JOKE. They look like They are AUDITIONING for AMERICAN IDOL. SERPENT and KNIGHT placed the last nail in UPP coffin.TOO BAD.

  21. I noticed that ANTIGUAN challenged all these people to comment on the 5 million and they all refused to touch that topic.

  22. @T OR D:
    It is $5 million and counting.Ask Gaston browne and Asot Michael.While many of those on this medium are hungry with white cornered mouths.They would never comment on the thiefing matters by leaders in this Administration.However,if Gaston did say.The UPP done it.They would be all over it like loose cow manure. Dropped and splashed all over.

  23. HAROLD LOVELL cannot name His shadow Cabinet from this bunch of Candidates. NO One of these Candidates can fill Cabinet posts. No need to mention Shadow Cabinet because UPP already LOST the election.

  24. Do you people want Gaston back in office with all the seats? The man is a dictator who listens to no one, whether they are Cabinet members or professional experts. He thinks he knows it all. He was told by medical experts to hold back on administering all the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines in order to have enough for the second dose. What did Gaston do, he made the decision to do the opposite.
    What will Gaston do if he is unable to source additional Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines? On his show on Saturday on Pointe FM, he said he heard that the Sputnik V vaccine could be used as the second dose for the Oxford-AstraZeneca. Does he really care about the ordinary Antiguans. He took two jabs of Moderna.
    All of the red koolaid drinkers I have a question for you. What has Gaston done for Antigua since he took office?

  25. @ DC
    Hon. Gaston Browne cleaned up the mess left behind by UPP.That is enough. Why UPP cannot attract proper candidates to run for election ? I shall mention in my next communication with you the type of People running on the UPP TICKET. Instead of writting STUPIDNESS , talk to your UPP Leader. Your UPP Leader will be in the GUINNESS book as losing nine consecutive elections. That is what You should be studying period. UPP AWFUL POLITICAL PARTY. For sure We want Gaston Browne back in office.

    • @ Jules
      What mess? Paying off the IMF? The country is in a bigger mess now with all the borrowing, spending and thieving. He has bankrupt the country. What happened to the people’s lands that your grandchildren will need?
      Listen to the Browne and Browne show of March 13th, where he said heard the Sputnik V vaccine could e used as the second dose for the Oxford-AstraZeneca.
      Who does Gaston have in his government who could replace him? We see nobody. He himself thinks they lack intelligence so he has to do all the talking for them.
      Am I writing stupidness you or are too much of a dumb loyalist to accept the truth.

  26. I would suggest that UPP find supporters such as RUPERT MANN ,FREDERIC LAMPTON etc. These Guys worship the earth under Gaston Browne Feet. They are very effective. I have heard Persons repeating Their narratives . They are all over social MEDIA. UPP should watch and learn. Just my opinion.

  27. J.B.RENO I am certainly not afraid to comment. Of course the prediction of the next general elections results by RUPERT MANN, FROM THE SIDELINE, M.J.BRIGHTEN, ZIMBA, ON THE MOVE, PETE, JB and JUST SAYING is just pure politicking and nonsense. What I would like to ask though was why there was no comment from any of you when Gaston and Asot accused each other of corruption and THIEFING in Parliament? I await your long overdue comment on that matter.

    You sound like a WOUNDED SOLDIER. No one stole money. The tax break for Asot Michael was agreed by the Cabinet. What is wrong about that ? You Guys are GRABBING at straws.

    TABOR….Why the UPP is in disarray ? Richard Lewis will leave the UPP shortly and join ABLP. TABOR …UPP FINISHED. You should be concerned about UPP. The AMERICAN IDOL PARTY.

    • @Eric
      Giving away the people’s money as tax breaks to the wealthy is not stealing? The question is what does he get in return?
      These are not cabinet decisions but Gaston Browne’s. He said on Pointe FM he has power to issue tax waivers. Maybe his signature was forged for the $3 million duty because somebody didn’t want to share. What ever happened to this investigation?
      Antiguans should see something wrong with a prime minister giving himself the authority to give away their tax dollars when the country lacks infrastructure and not even a stimulus they could get during this hard covid time.
      Pray the people remember next election.

  29. ERIC CARDEN why you guys are so selective. The saga between Gaston and Asot in Parliament was not only about Asot’s sale of his land at Lawry Bay and his deception in getting a tax break. They were both accusing each other of corruption and in particular the possible illegal means of how each acquired their vast wealth. If you have forgotten, Gaston also mentioned Asot’s involvement in the Peter Verdie solar energy project.

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