LETTER: Dockyard Drive Road


Dear Editor,


I ask the simple questions – Does this country have any kind of development plan? Is tourism really a priority?


This video and photos are of Dockyard Drive, the main road that leads to the country’s main 3 Marinas that serve the yachting sector.


The season is 6 weeks away. APUA has dug up all the roads. They have no plan as they come one week and dig up and then 2 weeks later, they come back and dig up again.


Yachting is a billion-dollar industry. These yachts that come to Antigua are valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. The owners and guests are mega rich.


Is this really the image we want?



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  1. Interest of the people who live here should be a priority and not tourist. We the citizens should enjoy comfortable living first and tourist should get the ancillary benefits. Get the bloody roads fix for people who traverse 365 days a week and not tourist who come here and traverse at most 14 days.

    • Fixed for tourists means fixed for everyone. APUA is engaging in trench warfare with roads all over the island, and can’t be bothered to clean up their mess. And the PM thinks that APUS will buy Digicel and Flow? That’s a good one.

    • I totally agree with you .. we have to treat each other good first… that’s one of the problems we have here, we act like our people don’t deserve better … “FIX THE ROADS FOR THE CITIZENS”..

  2. @Just saying well good thing we don’t depend on toursim dollars as the pandemic has shown us that country can run fine without tourism. Oh wait is pure borrowing the government running the country on. Sorry I take back my tourism dollars comment. Let us be Realistic people.

  3. This road is Heavenly compared to the one from Jolly to Hermitage Hotel and Hermitage Beach. What the hell is going on. Perhaps we could beg China to help us out. They are one of our true friends.

  4. It’s time to get these ugly road pictures before the public, so we can finally get some action. We need to hear directly for the minister responsible for roads, streets and highways. CHINA, we begging for your help. Thank you.

  5. The engineers who oversee the road works need firing. Even a blind man walking on the roadways in Antigua would know when he’s walking over a patch in the road. The patches are either higher or lower than the road level.
    I spoke to one of the Ministers about the “drive-in gutters” at most street corners which cause the roads to deteriorate since the wheels of the vehicles have to pass through the water. The engineers should know by now that with the square gutters (simi), the wheels of the vehicles wouldn’t pass through the waters hence the roads would last longer.
    The vehicles in the country are numerous and growing. The “drive-in gutters” must be abolished to save the roads.

  6. We need tourist dollars. We can’t escape that. That means we need infrastructure. Pure and simple. Until we produce something other than being a tourist destination, we need the infrastructure to support da tourism.


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