LETTER: Do you think in the year 2023 politicians should be trying to win votes by promising things that should have already existed



Do you think in the year 2023 politicians should be trying to win votes by promising things that should have already existed and the public accustomed to, like cleaning gutters and drains, paving roads, fencing schools and sports facilities, cutting grass, and pruning trees?

Doesn’t that to you, as it is to me, shows how pathetic politicians think the public is in the year 2023?

The people should have already been accustomed to this and making such promises would make the people just turned their face and suck their teeth (an Antiguan thing).

In the year 2023, candidates should be promising village trust funds (an trust bank account with millions for the village that an individual or individuals in a village can apply for, for village purposes or national interest purposes), hiring more officers for the village safety, increasing jobs in the village, providing more services for children and the aged in the village, providing more technology for safety and ease of the village, and providing those advanced needs and wants of each village since each village they have their own unique wants, needs and resources to highlight and protect.

why on earth fencing and gutter cleaning are even relevant in the year 2023 from political candidates as the main promises to meet the needs and wants of a country in the year 2023?

The reason is that long established political parties’ cares nothing for you, you are just a vote to stay in power and not only that, you, the voting public, have no kind of self-respect and self-worth. Y

ou think you deserve nothing and if any person tells you that you actually deserve more, you curse and hate that person because you are so brainwashed by your political party that you would attack your rescuer who is saving you from the kidnapper, from the rapist, from your enslaver and the murderer.

Because you cannot see living any other way, it is like the prisoners who while doing my bachelors and masters in criminology we were researching because when they are about to be released they would commit crimes the day before release because they were in fear of being released because they were already accustomed to living in prison and did not know if they could fit into freedom, advancement, liberty, peace, and unity with chances of progressing in life. I have now diagnosed Antigua (I do not know about Barbuda), and mainly Bolans Village with this defect.

I am not telling you to not support your party, I am telling you to demand more from them. I am telling you to be able to say they are wrong, when they are wrong but still support them if you choose. Being their supporters does not mean you cannot say they are wrong when they are wrong privately and or publicly. I would never ever want any friend or supporter who cannot correct me when I am wrong.

There are some people that I believe are so mentally sick (some regular bloggers) that no matter when, they would prefer to impute the evilest things upon another, knowing it is not the truth but believe it would strategically distract dunces and ignorant folks from taking notice of their God’s (Political leaders) failures.

So, they do this to protect their party from being held accountable, which then leaves the people with no advancement or correction that better helps the public attain greatness to help the entire. These people do not really care for you, these bloggers and vloggers on these websites, they care only for their party and themself, politicians should exercise an extremely high standard of care for you but none of them do.

At this time new, candidates should not be thinking that cleaning gutters, cutting trees, paving roads and all these basic things are big promises that can win an election.

But they currently do because they know locally, you guys in the villages, namely, Bolans Village, deserves nothing and accustomed to nothing. You want nothing major out of life.  So, let us just promise them things they should have already gotten decades ago, and still when we win, it still will not happen, we will promise this again next election.

In 2023, you should be hearing things from political candidates like forming village trust funds, village educational scholarships, village creation of jobs, village safety programs, village increase in salary, village technological advancement, village business ownership, village tourism product, village grocery store where villagers can sell village products, Bolans Village main road should have been one of the most beautiful roads and sides of road in the country because of many hotels in the area, etcetera.

People you have the right chose, and you have used that right to curse me out, I respect your freewill, but am I asking you to do anything unreasonable? Am I evil for seeing that you deserve more?

If that makes me evil, I will continue my way of being evil, and this will be my only kind of evil. You deserve so much more. Do you not see it?

This is not really intended to diminish any of the new candidates for St. Mary’s South by-election, but to simply say when is being promised is what you should have already gotten and accustomed to that it would have zero value being promised at this time.

I love you all and you do no need to love me back, this is just my way of helping you all.

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  1. SHUGY CAN’T READ!!! SHUGY REAL DUNCE!! Big “press conference” and SHUGY MADE AN ASSHOLE OF HIMSELF FOR THE WORLD TO SEE!!! Why Mrs. Arrindell didn’t prep him with HER SCRIPT beforehand???? Poor Azara Lavia was so embarassed! Pringle had a hell of a time laughing at shugy dunceniss. shugy WORSE DAN PRINGLE!

      • Shoogy can’t even pronounce “Alfa” much less “Nero” 🤣 😂 😆 😅

        What a PISS POOR EXCUSE FOR A “GUIDANCE COUNSELOR” 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣

  2. No politician should be promising the electorate what they should have. The most important thing is to hold the politicians accountable for the things that come out of their mouths and not reflecting these humans. There has to be new imaginative ways of dealing with the many things that need to get done as a country.

  3. @sad but untruthful:When Gaston Browne said PRADACALS for the word PROTOCOLS.Was that okay with you? He did say other things and mispronounced other words.I did not see and or hear persons like you saying anything in that regard.In your world of narrow mindedness,Gaston Browne could not say or do anything wrong.Kiss ARSE !!

    • A mistake and not being able to do better is not the samething… Shuggy’s inability to call the work versus PM Browne making a mistake on a word…… smh poor you for trying to group these two situations.

  4. Who wrote this nonsense? So how is representation done? Also, is only Antigua politics run so? All over the globe you go, a so de ting set up. Ya’ll need to get a grip. Petty people!

  5. Once the Colonists left; the current political system of dependency was established and is so engrained that it is now part of the political culture.
    Three generations of Antiguans and Barbuda knows no other way than looking to the politicians for their daily survival, or to get special benefits.
    This political strategy has benighted the ruling elites. It needs to be changed.
    No entity exists to transform the current political system which enables outsiders with a little capital to thrive, while the local continue to visit the Minister’s offices looking for favors.

  6. poor AZARA LAVIA had to teach shugy how to READ on Live TV! He stumble and fumble his way through the speech that SOMEONE ELSE PREPARED……school children say it was the Man Cow.

    why shugy didn’t read GIZELLE speech before he went infront the camera?? Makes him look like an asshole infront of the whole world. Too busy PARTYING to read! not the kind of representative the people need.

    even shugy little son that he have with his wife (he lef she because she gian baby weight) could a help he with pronunciation!

    SUPERFICIAL, LAWLESSNESS, PRESERVATION tripped up shugy……suppose he was at the UN General Assembly??????/

    go learn to READ boss!!!! too much PARTYING killing ya brain cells Mr. Married Man!

  7. The political system has been broken for far too long, and there is no one on the political scene with the charismatic, political and leadership skills to address it.
    And as the future looks worse. Just take a look at the two individuals who has expressed an interest in St. Phillips Constituency.

  8. @hmmmmm,
    You honestly think this is how politics, representation and leaders is?

    I do hope you are just being the devils advocate in this discussion.

  9. Baldwin couldn’t read, Pringle can’t read, and now we’re seeing Shugy can’t read, what a calamity!🤣😂🤣

  10. Does anyone realize nearly all the responses was not about the substance of my topic bit about whether a person who can read, read properly?

    Why is that the most important thing to focus on?

  11. Shuggy says Sport is his Pet Peeve.
    pet peeve
    something that a particular person finds especially annoying.
    “one of my biggest pet peeves is poor customer service”

    My biggest Pet Peeve is having illiterate politicians offering themselves up for national service.

    • Shuggy and Serpent will torment you till the day you die.

      Eat your heart out. You cannot remove them from Parliament. I know it burns you so badly.

      Are you attracted to them? Are you gay? You are always on Serpent’s and Shuggy’s backs.

      Get off your side-lines and find something productive to do with your time.

    • @sidelines: You say:Having illiterate politicians offering themselves up for national service. How you Sidelines measures literacy/illiteracy? Those in positions of leaderships at this time.How do you measure and or place them on that literacy scale.They are the supposedly smartest persons in Antigua.They have managed the Nation’s finances like crap.If they were employed by my Company.They would be collecting unemployment at this time. Sets of bloated balloons, to include you.One day your eating at that pig’s trough would be over.What would you do then? Smelling Gaston’s gas he passes.

    The Serenity Prayer: “God grant me (us) the serenity// to accept the things I (we) cannot change, //the courage to change the things I (we) can, // and the wisdom to know the difference….”

    The choices we make will always determine the outcomes!

    Your ‘diagnosis’ of Bolans on the economic, political and social issues and your vision for its developmental progress, human and capital are well targeted and delivered. So you write from a place of personal honesty, experiences, knowledge and thoughtfulness.

    Briefly, this takeaway from the LETTER: “In the year 2023 candidates should be promising village trust funds ( a trust bank account with millions for the village that our individual or individuals in a village can apply for village purposes or national interest purposes).” And you repeated it below for emphasis – an effective form of delivery!

    In a small place, people will ask, where is the money to come from? Wealthy individuals, corporations, government? There is a lot of money in specific sectors floating around!
    Before addressing the money, this recent comment comes to mind: “….it’s not that there aren’t a few good ideas out there. ….it’s the stewardship of these ideas…..the corrupt people that will eventually oversee the finances of these ideas (Islanman26/Air Peace controlling stake…ANR 10/2/23). Also this comment above (The Provocateur) : ” No entity exists to transform the current political system which enables outsiders with a little capital to thrive…”
    There must be a radical change in our thinking, culture to a priority of honesty, good intentions, trustworthiness, responsibility, accountability for individual and collective public good.

    The (A) government can begin to allocate these funds in the budget. The budget process must radically change to allow for specific allocations of resources to each village with the necessary interconnection of the various departments.
    Undoubtedly, this is outrageous, undermining and disruptive to the political directorates!
    Then other entities will feel comfortable getting involved.

    Enough for now! Hope you have the courage, commitment to push ahead with your political vision and business goal, despite haters and distractors, to establish business in A&B and the Caribbean. Never give up!

    Let us interact with humility, grace, honesty, good intentions! …Be nice to each other!

    Save our Humanity, Save our Youths, Save our Environment, Save our Soil!!!


    • @RATWELL,
      WHEN FOLKS LIKE YOU POST, I GET EMOTIONAL. It makes me want to know who you are, to say thank you.

      I wish others really look deeper into things. I truly believe folks there do not see their worth.

      I have no political aspiration but as a citizen and villager, I am so ready to make a positive impact on the entire.

      Thank you for your post

  13. Lots of good ideas presented in the article. One blessing from this by-election is that people are thinking more about what is needed in the villages. Hopefully, changes can be made in the future to allow persons in communities to play a role in improving their own communities and hence lives more effectively. The village trust seems like a good option.
    It is true that when ideas are suggested a lot of hate is received, which is why I hardly make comments any more. If people prefer to live in dysfunction, who am I to suggest otherwise? I will just try my best in my own life and for my own family for the most part. But, it’s good that persons like this writer still try to motivate everyone to improve together. We may not always agree on a plan, but conversations like these are helpful and should be treated respectfully.

    @ my way of helping
    Respectfully and humbly, thank YOU!
    The passion you express for what you believe is palpable!
    You truly believe the theory that your investment in A&B, and particularly Bolans, can be a successful model to help in its economic, political and social development.
    You’re chomping at the bit to get started. However, your anticipated speed is not guaranteed! In a small place, be conscious and watchful for roadblocks!
    Time is a major factor to think about!

    Let us interact with humility, grace, honesty, good intentions!….Be nice to each other!

    Save our Humanity, Save our Youths, Save our Environment, Save our Soil!!!


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