LETTER: Disgusted With PM Browne’s Comment On Request For Higher Pay

Cabinet of Antigua & Barbuda (FILE PHOTO)

Dear Editor,


I am writing this letter to express my absolute disgust on your recent article about the PM saying member of his Cabinet have made a request for higher pay.


You can’t make this nonsense up? Someone please tell me this is a joke? Is this government and Cabinet really serious? What work are these useless ministers doing to request a higher pay people? Mr PM we all know you are trying to take our minds off the 20k a month rent you are collecting from Victor Sigh but I am still going to address you head on. For a leader of this country to have the audacity to even mention about his Cabinet member wants an increase in these times is a disgrace. You’re collecting 20K a month rental fee yet still you still collecting your government salary and want to tell the people you and your members want an increase in pay more especially in these times. Look at the conflict of interest, an investor is renting a house from the PM, whereas he could rent a house from someone else where, and potential get special perks and treatment from the PM. What a thing!


At the start of this year Social Security board announced that they are going to take more money out of working people pockets who are already struggling in these times and yet still with this increase Social Security is still struggling to pay the pensioners what they are due and on time. The audacity!


The hard-working civil servants in this country are overworked and underpaid. Pay increase for everyone has been frozen for years now. Teachers and other civil servants are due an upgrade to their salaries and the money cannot be found to pay what is due to them for years. For many years civil servants have worked above and beyond the call of duty and in some cases, they have not received a recognition from their P.S or supervisor neither the politicians who take credit publicly for the work civil servants does behind the scene to make the system work. Yet still we can find money for Happy Ministry, One Nation Concerts and other unnecessary crap to do around this place.


Up to now Jolly beach workers cannot get their Servance and these same politicians telling Liat workers they should take whatever scraps they offering them and be happy while these same politicians want to make their pockets fatter of the back of the people of this country. The nurses in this country who have been overworked, mentally and physically drained since this pandemic started asked the cabinet for an increase which is more than duly deserved to them was told no by this government. I hope one day the nurses will take action to get what they are duly deserved. This government still owes backpay, pensions and severance and they talking about increase. Lord! This is bias and unfair especially in these times and it seems to me like this government wants to build this country into a communist country “Do as I say not as I do”.


What happen to the poor people in this country? Goods and services gone up, people working in both the public and private sector salaries isn’t increasing to match the cost of living, these ministers got to be clowning around this place. We the citizens can’t even get proper roads to drive on( them full of crater), the place overgrown with bush, APUA can’t even supply water reliably to the population and the electricity supply is unreliably. The nerve!


Imagine up to this day public servants over 3 years have been waiting for their increase and up to now nothing has been forthcoming. These Cabinet members isn’t doing a damn thing so why should they get an increase while the citizens suffer the high cost of living with the same salary. This is all a self-enrichment scheme before the next general election to ensure their pockets are full before the people vote out “ALL” these useless politicians out of office. We need change in this country and the people needs to wake up and smell the damn coffee. $1000 wrapped up in red T-shirts and duty free nah help aru. Only the elites and their people are benefiting off the poor people backs in country.


Shame on all these Ministers. All they seem to be good for is to sit down in an office and do nothing while screwing up the entire country and its economy. Remember Mr. PM and your Cabinet members, God nah sleep tarl, tarl. Yall better repent and change your selfish and evil ways before it’s too late.



Carl Martin

Disgusted Antiguan

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  1. This letter couldn’t any better they will never change remember out God isn’t there God so they don’t believe in the creator of heaven and earth they believe in the devil … But they greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to let people think he isn’t real….. The PM and all these politician are apart of an elite much more evil and sinister thank we think nothing on their agenda for Antigua and Barbuda is good… The God they serve is asking for is payday and u better believe they must have it … For what does it profit a man to lose his soul and gain the world….. These people are demons and sadly it doesn’t matter how many letters we write it won’t make a difference ….the new world order have been planned from since the beginning of times sadly things are gonna get worse alot worse but we must keep.our faith in the most high strong its time to pick a side ..

  2. This letter points out very good indications of the disparity in Antigua and Barbuda. Imagine during these two years that we have been struggling and battling this so called pandemic, that not one of these ministers have ever said let me just take a pay cut. So many senior citizens and beneficiaries of their deserved pensions cannot get their checks. Public employees are due back pay, pregnant persons have yet to collect their maternity benefits from social security in months, some maybe a year, yet still government ministers who you barely hear do anything in their constituency are asking for a pay raise. Imagine that.

    Also why is it that no one sees that there is clearly a conflict of interest in this instance that the prime minister of a country, who has a house, is renting it to an investor(if I’m not mistaken, if I am feel free to correct me) of said country and so many people are saying that it’s okay?

    Public servants who have worked hard for government for years with no pay increase, who actually do the dirty work to keep the country running cannot get a raise.

    Also is there any truth to the government paying housing for some ministers and if its true why? So they get paid to do their job while also having their utilities paid for by poor people’s taxes when their pay is in the thousands?

  3. This is a story fabricated by Gaston Browne in a poor attempt to shift the narrative. What he should be doing is reducing his salary and the Minister salary for poor job performance. But don’t worry they will all lose their job and their pay come next election. I can’t wait to vote them out!

    • Truthseeker, that is why they are jacking up their salary so that when they are booted out they will have a big pension.

  4. LOL people of Antigua why do you always very easily at that fall for the bags of tricks Like a theif in the night when things start getting hot he throws a bone in the corner and the dogs get distracted and run away. The investor rental was taking up all the media time.
    The pressure was on and you guys had your feet on the snakes neck AND THEN FELL FOR IT AND RELEASED THE GRIP now the Government Ministers salaries is making the news cycle and he does this repeditively and without notice.

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