LETTER: Disgusted At Events Following Death Of Elizabeth Saunders


Dear Editor,


Since the passing of Ms. Saunders, I have been watching from the side-lines with untold disgust.


On a daily basis followers of Mr. Nana Adom have been disgracing themselves on social media. Like many others, I am concerned about the younger ones in his flock who are being led astray, not considering the damage that is being done to their reputation.


What employer in his or her right mind would want to employ people who bully or unmercifully harass others?


How can parents in their right senses stand by and watch as those under their care spit expletives at anyone they care to?


This is undoubtedly the rising of a bunch of out-laws.


Only a few days ago the entire congregation, including young children, came out with all their fury at former education minister, Dr. Jacqui Quinn.


What was Dr. Quinn’s crime? She merely reported a story in her usual professional tone.


Shame on you parents for leading your children astray! How could you stand by and allow your little ones to throw proverbial stones at this accomplished daughter of the soil?


Now my question is, will the government and the opposition sit idly by and allow Mr Nana Adom and a few careless parents to have their way in ruining the next generation?


When no one hires them they will no doubt resort to a life of crime.

I am therefore calling on the powers that be to look into this matter before it grows out of control.



Concerned resident




  1. There’s a lady who works at Strapphies that sits in the right hand corner as you enter the office who is the most arrogant and unprofessional person one can ever come across.

    • Yes she is a total asshole and doesn’t know what customer service entails. Even a guy who answered the phone was so grumpy. I would never do business there again now that Ms. Saunders is gone.

    • That lady is a very stuck up and I wonder how come she’s still working there with that type of attitude.

      im also sorry to see that in such a short space of time this type of negativity is unfolding.

      Naadia Saunders i beg you please don’t let them destroy your mother’s legacy, she was a lovely lady.

  2. “Then the Lord said to me, “The prophets are prophesying LIES in my name. I have NOT sent them or appointed them or spoken to them. They are prophesying to you FALSE visions, divinations, idolatries and the delusions of THEIR own minds.” [Jeremiah 14:14]

    “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves. [Matt 7:15]

  3. Anytime you stray from the foundational teachings of the bible, you give place for other spirits or doctrines to step in. This is what this pastor has done. The ecclesiastical commission needs to investigate his teachings. He said he is not a christian yet calling on Jesus name. The church name is Mystery of Christ yet they dont call God, this is a serious apostacy.

  4. Just praying and hoping.Those persons are not brain washed to drink any foreign substances.History,remember what happened in Guyana in 1978.

  5. This “Mystery of Christ” needs to be called out and thoroughly investigated. GET OUTTA HERE in Jesus name.. We’ve already got enough make-believers and fake Christians to deal with. What kind of an outfit is this bunch anyway?

  6. I agree! This is a disgrace. That woman spent her life comforting families in grief and. Ow since her passing it’s been non stop scandal… smh

  7. I would as a citizen of this country please ask the government and by extension the Christian council to do some investigation into this church or might I say a cult in our country that should be a Christian society. I knew Mrs Saunders personally as a client and for the little time I know her she would have been extremely disappointed
    I also know this so called pastor his wife also a client passed, they would know that there are people who know the truth. Stop the crap leave our country and walk with your friends to Jones town if that’s your plan but please dont form another Jones town in my country with the little God blessing we have left.

  8. After listening and watching an interview with Pastor Adom, an interview skillfully conducted by Everton Barnes, I am convinced that a thorough investigation into Pastor Adom’s ministry, his personal and especially that of his wife with the late Elizabeth Saunders, their financial involvement with Straffies Funeral Home. Just listening to him and watching his body language during the interview convinced me that there was much amiss. . On the one hand he admitted that Elizabeth was extremely generous in terms of her tithes and offerings. But in another breath he insinuated that she was practically broke and that he and his church often had to pay the salaries of employees of the funeral. When asked, Pastor Adom admitted that there were no records to verify this!! A formal enquiry is required. This is one March for justice that I would wholeheartedly support.

  9. When it comes to Obeah Working/Religious practices Antiguans from the highest Orders, those controlled by the Flavians Rome, Windsor palace and Capitaline hill such as, the catholics, anglicans, moravian, Baptist, protestants, are ALL hypocrites, nothing but hypocrites and to some extent, some were parasites, at some point in time to the People, as well.

    They don’t go after…
    A…Abortion clinics in the Nation.
    B…Pedophilias in the Nation.
    C…Corrupt politicians
    D…Same sex lifestyles.
    F…the abusive, and prejudicial
    aspects of the Judiciary
    …all of the are well documented in the Nation; yet, they’re up in arms because, someone is beating them at their Obeah/Religious Games.

    Go after one! Go after ALL!

    • Woah! So every single person is a hypocrite except for YOU??? Must be nice to be the only perfect human being living in an imperfect world. Maybe when you get to your little imaginary “parallel universe” there won’t be “ALL” hypocrites there. In the meantime, teach “ALL” how to unbecome a hypocrite based on your standards.

  10. @Hypocrisy…I am, an Antiguan! I am covered in my statement, “…Antiguans from the highest Orders!”

    According to the ‘Ancients,’ REALIZATION is one of the roads travelled, in this Universe, to Enlightment in the, ‘parallel universe!’
    Therefore, when one realizes their faults, and are reluctant to change, based upon HYPOCRISY, then they’re just as guilty, as those whom they are accusing!

    Oh, by the way, I just read a piece from another news portal which is reporting, on the Vampire Killer murder trial, and the attorney for the accused, questioned Wendel the former C.O.P., as to his knowledge, of the ‘Illuminati and the Lodge!’
    Now, by the way….why would a Member of the Bar Association, use the words illuminati and the lodge, in the Courts, if he had no evidence, that they’re one, and the same?
    An allegation VEHEMENTLY denied by Lodge Members, since, the illuminati is accused of countless accusations of murder to the control, of the New Norm which we are all living in.
    Before, Bowen made the assertion in the Courts have you, in your capacity, as a hypocrite or any other in, of the Fraternal Orders of Religion in the Nation complained about the ILLUMINATI & the Lodge?

    …and, this is just one example;
    …so let me be plain and simple!
    …when, it comes to hypocrisy
    …You see👀👣👀👣, feel me!
    …We are One Big Family!

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