LETTER: Desperate Power Seekers Pay Criminals to Terrorize Citizens


“Desperate Power Seekers Pay Criminals to Terrorize Citizens”

Dear Editor,

I am writing to express my deep concern regarding the recent surge in criminal activity within our Country.

The orchestrated series of robberies has left many of us feeling vulnerable and fearful for our safety.

What is most troubling is the possibility that these crimes are being orchestrated by individuals lurking in the shadows, desperate for power and control.

It is distressing to think that there are those among us who would resort to such tactics, using fear and intimidation to further their own selfish agendas.

Furthermore, the notion that these shadowy figures are paying criminal elements to carry out these acts only adds to the gravity of the situation.

It raises questions about the depths to which some individuals are willing to sink in pursuit of their own personal gain, regardless of the harm inflicted upon innocent citizens.

As a community, we must come together to condemn these actions and demand accountability from those responsible. We cannot allow ourselves to be ruled by fear or intimidation.

It is imperative that law enforcement agencies take swift and decisive action to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice.

In times of adversity, it is essential that we stand united against those who seek to sow discord and chaos. Let us not be cowed into submission by the actions of a few individuals driven by greed and ambition.

Concerned Citizen

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  1. This is outrageous! This baseless nonsense about “orchestrated crime” should not have been published. We’ve had open borders for the past 30 years and the chickens are now coming home to roost. There’s no “invisible hand” orchestrating the crime wave. The ALP and their supporters have inflicted this foreign pestilence on this small island.

  2. The writer of this letter is “distressing” as they mention. There is no proof. This is ridiculous.
    Get a life.

    • U so right . That letter they should shub up there a ssssssss before sending it to the public bout desperate power seekers u can tell that red coolade fucking with that person with out Greece

  3. Our borders are very porous, if you look around we look like a weed land , alot of kids walk around joint in the mouth, where there is drugs their is guns and all kind of illegal activities . Some people leave their countries to better themselves legally, some people realize this small island is blessed they bring their norms here and try their corrupt lifestyle to get rich quick, with their corrupt lifestyles. I am not against people traveling and want a better way in life I am against the corrupt politicians they are responsible for the problem because they want votes, a time will come it’s going to backfire and you will here them singing a different song. These politicians cause divisions against nationals and non nationals. Guyanese against Jamaicans , spanish against non Hispanics and all the other nationalities against local, local against locals still. Politics is the cause of this! I don’t agree with the writer of this article , but what it seems to me is the effects of porous borders and the strong influence has caused this. Crime is everywhere some places crime rate are higher than some, if you let whosever will may come just to get votes eventually it will get dangerous

  4. There is a law that governs human action. It’s the law of sowing and reaping. Newton’s
    third law of motion states that to every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
    I tend to agree with @Mr. Byam here.
    Antigua and Barbuda flung wide their gates and welcomed all sorts of people without proper screening and and planning. The primary objective was to remain in power (see For Your Eyes Only).It worked for ALP who managed to remain in power for 28 years.
    Perhaps we are reaping what THEY sowed; perhaps this is the reaction to those actions.

    • The only problem with your statement is that most of the crimes are committed by born and breed Antiguans.

  5. read Nuffield Burnette and Trevor Young and think a little…..the writer has said nothing not to agree with..5 comments say they do not agree??? the circumstance has to reflect continuance of key words to initiated a political show down the borders are challenged??? who is employed to observe the borders? Defense ,Custom, immigration and police so if they are divided and practice political favorites so yes the writer really has said ALL because what’s in the dark will come out in the light>> ONLY TRUST the MOST HIGH

  6. Because this accusation is so extreme, it is best you have a minimum of slight evidence to make such extreme statement. I gather from what you are writing, political candidates and even elected officials are paying (soliciting) and participating (co-conspirators) in inherently dangerous crimes being committed in the country?

    This is so extreme, it should not be said without even the slightest reasonable piece of evidence corroborating such extreme conduct. I do not need probably cause (criminsl standard) but lower standard, extremely lower standard, reasonable suspicion. This is the criminal test and not civil test.

    I think these accusations should never be made unless accompanied by evidence. This is serious. I do believe criminals are conspiring and planning, it is clear in videos there are more than 1 but to impute this on officials (not saying it is impossible), just saying proper procedure should be used when doing so

  7. @watching. There is no “perhaps”, it’s a direct result and influence on the culture of Antigua and Barbuda, direct.

    When you have a lacks immigration system, the criminal elements will always take advantage of it, because it provides a route for their escape, and many a criminal over the years have used Antigua as a get away spot.

    So there is doubt here that we are reaping those terrible consequential decisions that were made so that some politician can bolster their votes and stay in power.
    Though this writer does not have any solid proof, we have many a examples across the Caribbean where political parties has orchestrated certain murderous cleansing of their opposition, in the likes of Cuba, Jamaica and most notable Haiti.

    So yes though the facts do not support this claim by this Author, it is not too far fetch to think that politicians and criminals are in bed with one another right here in Antigua.

  8. Old People Say “Evil Thinks What Evil Does”. Not even the police are making such baseless accusations. The police should haul you in for questioning. I am leaning towards the ASSUMPTION that you’re a political operative sowing fear into people’s minds. We’re already fearful of the criminals enough as it is

  9. Concerned Citizen, this is a serious allegation. If you have a source, why dont you go to police with this information?
    You’re creating fear and trepidation in the minds of the population unless you come clean with what you know. This is not an all fools prank. What ever your motives are, you’ve taken the wrong route.

  10. @ivy.

    Has it ever cross your mind that this Author is not a baseless or as dumb as you think.
    You ever here about “Whistle Blowers”?

    Well just maybe this person has direct information and this is just his only way to bring a little conversation to the subject first, a soft landing as you would say?

    So I wouldn’t be too quick to just write him/her off just yet.

    From what I read, this person is not crazy or a fool, so you better just cool and try to pick up on why would someone write this.. huuumm.

    • The problem with the people of the nation is they think within the box and believe that everything is red and blue. They act like the politicians have the last say when they only carry out instructions; a small gear in a very big machinery

  11. Some people wouldn’t agree with the writer but it’s going on right now in Antigua I know that for sure it’s the truth

  12. This letter is absolute RUBBISH and should never have been published.
    The writer starts off with a THEORY and says there is a “POSSIBILITY” that the present spare of robberies was “orchestrated by individuals lurking in the shadows..”
    Unless he is one of them, he could never kno who they are, where they are and what their long-term goals are.
    The senseless writer then moves from his wild THEORY to making it a fact. “… there are those among us who resort to such tactics..” Again… what or where is the source of his wild accusations? Is he one of the orchestrates? Is he the mastermind?
    He then “double-downs” on his stupid fear mongering and proclaims “.. the notion that these shadowy figures are paying criminal elements to carry out these acts only adds to the gravity of the situation.” Really? Someone is paying the thugs to rob local businessmen?
    I really hope Commissioner Rodney will bring the author in for questioning as he has detailed information that neither the public nor the police are privy to. He says he knows that shadowy ppl are pulling the strings.
    His closing statement confirms that he is either one of the shadowy ppl or the financiers. He urges all readers to .. “.. condemn these actions (paying thugs) and demand accountability from those responsible.” I certainly not sure what he means by that, but he is all alone on that suggestion as he already knows to whom the condemnation should be directed.
    It must have been a slow news day when such senseless, baseless and reckless letters are published.

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