LETTER: Dem owe me…. me wan me money back!


Dear Editor,

I’ve been forced to use your portal as the ideal platform to disseminate my message to ask dem back for my money.

I am sure that others who were in a similar position as me shared the same sentiment, that they too want back dem money.

The weekends, especially Saturdays are days that I use to wine down, relax & have fun after getting away from the job site from a full week of stressful & grueling drenching work done from Mondays to Fridays.

Sadly, this weekend was not only disappointing but heart wrenching. To be frank,  the ABFA owe me. Me wan me money back. Last Saturday I spent $20.00 to watch a CONCACAF football match, Antigua  vs Guyana. Up to this minute, I am still wondering if I was at the right venue.

Perhaps the mistake I made, was to leave home with the high expectation that the match between  the two teams would be the ideal antidote to relieve me of the stress i garnered from my job during the past week. Unfortunately & surprisingly so, that was not the case.

At the end of the game, the national team had me feeling embarrassed, in pains and experiencing more stressed from the 5 – 1 defeat they received.

From my vantage point, every single player on the field, played as if they were not defending a country. There was no discernment of any national pride on display. It seemed to me that the national anthem prior to the match, the national attire the players wore, the chanting support the received from the Antiguan supporters and the national flag draped in the wind, meant nothing to them. They all played as if it was just another school boys match.

Of course, as a sportsman myself,  I do understand and appreciate that there can be only one winner and certainly the better of the two competitors on that day of the game will be victorious. However, I have a serious concern when the losing team, especially a team that Carrie’s my Antiguan flag, loses without putting up a proper fight. As an old cliche states ” A sincere  soldier always goes down fighting with their guns & boots on “.

Representing the nation in my view, is serious business. Selecting the right team to represent the nation is also serious business. What comes to mind is the song that Young Destroyer sang in Trinidad in a competition…. ”  whenever he sees the nation’s flag wave in front of him, it inspires him and makes him more of a giant of a man”. The same should apply to our national footballers.

Losing to Guyana was not too troubling to me, I think Guyana played better of the two teams. However, it was extremely painful to see how Antigua lost. Again, from my vantage point, the players were too flat footed; they were not aggressive enough and there was no urgency to win the game from beginning to end.

I think the administration & players of the national football team is definitely joking! In other countries a national team is accountable to the people. Spending thousands of dollars to bring approximately eight English base Antiguan players here and in addition, hosting a contingent of approximately 25 to 30 persons in a hotel for a week or two is a waste of money, if what was seen from the national team on Saturday, is the best they all have to offer.

When I pay my hard earned money to watch a football match, I expect to see a keenly contested game. Winning in my book is secondary. Saturday’s match left me with regrets, disappointments & a lot to be desired. ABFA owes the nation a report and I on the other hand want back my $20.00 back that was given for admission. To say the least he game left me appalled, disgusted & sick.



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  1. Alex, you need to move to the head of the class…. The selectors, players & administrators need a complete overhaul

  2. Ok if you so disgusted and sick, why don’t you go join the team and take them to victory next time? If not stfu and tek whey yaself.

  3. I watched the match (online) and was disappointed with the teams overall performance. There was no fight, no good passing and movement, and three of the goals conceded was down to schoolboy individual errors.

    I’ve no idea what tactics the manager and coaching staff were trying to use, but that was one of the worst Benna Boy performances I’ve seen in a long time.

    Hopefully, this having been the first competitive match of the Concacaf Nations League, this will be the wake-up call needed for the next game.

    If I’d paid I would be looking for a refund as well @ GE.

  4. They could use a #Prime_Time REVIVAL.
    Nike says, #Just_do_It.
    Prime_Time says, #Just_Bring_It.


    Jumbee_Picknee aka Ras Smood
    De ‘ole Dutty Peg🦶🏿 Garrat_Bastard

    Vere C. Edwards

  5. Does the ABFA test of marijuana or any other drugs? I am of the opinion many of the football athletes are heavy smokers and that will most definitely affect their response time on the field…

  6. One coach speaking so beautiful in his English twang and the other a down to earth born Guyanese man talking in his local Guyanese dialect and he is the one who beat the hell out of us. Are we progressing or going backwards? This can be asked of all sports in A&B. Who remember the high note big highly televised game against the USA years back? we lost but we played with heart. where are we now? Who remember Bakka as top three fastest in the world or Miguel Francis threatening to beat Bolt in the 200m in Brazil, we were even big on the Relay field, we’ve been playing netball even before I was born but still. Big up Alzari Joseph since he seems to be the only one progressing.

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