LETTER: Deceitful Election Tactics By PM Browne & The ABLP Administration


Dear Editor,


I want to tell the people of this country; elections are going to happen next year based on the recent weekly releases from the Cabinet notes.


Reading the Cabinet notes recently its stinks of an election knocking on our doorsteps. All of a sudden after strong objection to unvaccinated students entering the classroom, now they announced starting this Monday both vaccinated and unvaccinated can return to face-to-face learning.


If my memory serves me right, the minister of education said there will be no provision for unvaccinated students to do remote learning because the government simply does not have the resources. My questions to him are “What happened to the laptops and the eBooks you gave to the students?


On the issue of vaccine. Scientists are now saying that herd immunity will never be reached and when J’Truth and others were saying this people was laughing and calling him crazy. How can you get immune if no one get immunity from this vaccine? This vaccine seems to be more of a therapeutic than a vaccine in that it lessens the symptoms of covid rather prevent you from getting it completely.


The reality is Dr John Campbell has indicated that both vaccinated and unvaccinated will get this virus eventually. Big shout out to Mr. Knight for informing the public about this latest development. All we need to do is to continue to wear our mask, social distance, hand washing and proper hygiene.


The recent announcement of the government’s intention to end the State of Emergency before the 27th of December further cements election are on the brink of being called. It’s been a while now person in this country have been calling for an end to the SOE considering the country has been open to air travelers mainly through this pandemic and recently now sea travelers, along with bars, restaurants and gyms etc.


The current safety measures implemented to curb the spread of Covid-19 could have been achieved under the Public Health Act with the imposing of the SOE which leads me to now believe no doubt the government had the SOE in place to oppress the people of this country and prevent them from protesting. All of a sudden now there is a rush to drop the SOE. Questions to Ministers: Is it true the SOE is being dropped because you guys want to go house to house to campaign?



Finally on the issue of taking bread out of people’s mouth because the refuse to take this “vaccine”. For two plus months now this administration has been displacing people both government and private sectors works from their jobs simply because they refuse to take the vaccine resulting in them losing their livelihood. All of a sudden now elections are on the precipice all unvaccinated government workers can return to work and take the covid test. My question is ” What happen to the unvaccinated workers who lost their job ad already replaced in the private sector Mr. PM”? You mean to tell me this administration really put people out of work for nothing. People, when an election date is called, remember what they did to you all.


This government is a clown government run by a head clown/dictator. If we the people stood up for our rights and demand better, we would not get trampled by this government in the first place. Based on the wickedness and bad treatment we have gotten from this government, if people lost the care of their minds and give these people even one seat again, the people of this country doesn’t love themselves at all. The country needs to rid themselves from these evil people.


Elections are coming like a thief in the night. Don’t be fooled people by the hand outs, money in t-shirts and duty free. These are temporary material things and will not improve your lives in the long run.


Don’t forget how you were treated. Let’s treat them how they treated us.


Desiree Matthew

Jamaican/Antiguan Resident



  1. You gal mind dem don’t deport you an den say sorry when dem dun stamp you passport jus likka dem who dun loose dem job.

  2. The government cannot lift the state of emergency (SOE) without also dropping all the covid Regulations since they argued from day one that you cannot have the Regulations with the SOE. If the SOE is lifted and the Regulations remain, this will be just another example of the idiotic and inept government that we have running our country. The UPP has argued from day one that the covid Regulations under the Public Health Act do you require the existence of a SOE for their implementation. We will soon see who was right come the 27 December, 2021.

    • @ Charles Tabor am I missing something So if the regulations can’t be in place when you drop a SOE, unvaccinated and vaccinated kids going back to school and workers etc… why they’re still saying only vaccinated returning Nationals and residents citizens are allowed to return ?
      I’ve been to Antigua and was tagged like a goat and couldn’t pass my gate for 14 days so where’s the problem ?
      Even Biden leave that alone with no restriction on U.S.citizens except a negative Covid test because he knows the volcano that would’ve erupted.

      • JAJ you are missing the point. The Regulations can be in place without the State of Emergency. It is the government that argued that you required a state of emergency for the Regulations to be in place. It is my contention that that position by the government is wrong.

  3. If you have so many issues, why not take them up with Andrew Holness? Go back home if things aren’t working for you here. You lucky you can speak poorly about those who lead the land you eat off of.

    • Yes, if this country is so bad WHY are you not heading home to Jamaica??? You are bad mouthing our freely elected choice of government leadership. You call them a “clown government”. Is something wrong with you? You are bad mouthing the whole nation, and dissing the electorate who made their choice at the ballot box. Why not return to your paradise in Jamaica.

      • @Kristi: There are thousands of us Nationals of Antigua and Barbuda living in other Countries. So why are you going after that Jamaican lady for writing what she thinks. I am living in the USA as a Citizen of this Country for over 45 plus years. Are you therefore saying that I should not have a say in this Country? Because I am not from here,the USA. In my opinion,as long as those Non-Nationals work and pay all applicable taxes as you do. They have a right to damn well speak out,as you do.

        • I don’t care where your old ass lives. If you have such a gripe with people’s country, leave their land. I said what I said.

  4. I read these letters with a tea spoon of salt like when I listen to another foreigner voice note well scripted on S Bird’s program shedding crocodile tears while in the process claiming she can’t get child support because she is not vaccinated. My people the UPP knows the strength of the foreign votes and what they are doing is to set up people to try and make eligible naturalised voters uneasy with the government. It’s all part of their drowning man’s tactic.


    I thought you were the lead Defense Attorney for the accused. This shows how INEPT you are…You are just a LOUD for the UPP. UPP does NOT trust CHARLES TABOR.Your constitution arguments are irrelevant. Shame Tabor.

  6. The lockdowns for unvaccinated will be coming. Look at what’s happening in other parts of the world as the prelude to what’s coming later for y’all. Australia is a good example to look at first.

    • I agree with you COMPLETELY.

      Melford actually said it during his last post cabinet briefing. People, listen to them when they talk.

      All unvaccinated voters should vote against the A.L.P.

      Those who believe in the right to choose should vote against the A.L.P.

      The A.L.P. had its time. Now is ours.

      Let us vote out the A.L.P.

  7. from day one as prime minister gaston have this country in a mess. it only getting stinker and stinker with he as prime minister. look on the roads. look how dutty and run down st. john’s city is.

    and to add insult to injury plenty people hungry bad. but gaston can start up farm and another one of them me hear going in to poultry production near big creek. Several of them since in office have they wing span wider than eagle snapping up land here and land there and getting into business here there and everywhere.

    They in this for they self they no love the people and country. Time for them to go.

  8. The people of A&B should never ever forget what PM GB & his Govt have done to them in the last 2yrs. Lifting all restrictions in preparations for elections is just another ploy to get elected and give the people 4 more years of BULLYING & TYRANNY. So, if you all do not learn your LESSONS then you all will get more of the same. They are coming for the 5yr olds and then your babies with an experimental vaccine and blindly following the USA. No one seems to be talking about the side effects in children such as myocarditis and pericarditis (heart problems). Do not play politics with your lives. Any Govt elected including UPP, should be held accountable to act in the best interest of the A&B people and not dictatorship. Wake Up A&B people!!!

  9. Deceitful in deed. Girl, I wonder if they realize what hanging over there heads. People absolutely fed up with them. This prime minister is a disgrace to our country. So tell them we waiting for the election too. The amount of young women like me in this country who are so disgusted with the ALP is growing daily. Bring the election because we are ready for them.

    • Speak for yourself as a young woman who was personally victimized by UPP me will NEVER EVER vote for them. I lost my job and my home because the UPP target me and my fanily as “Birdies” some of you seems to have short memory but I certainly don’t UPP just as wicked as ALP some of them.don’t have no country at heart just want to see how rich they can get!

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