LETTER: Dear Mr Top Dog Browne

Prime Minister Gaston Browne with supporters in the 2018 general elections (file photo)

Dear Mr Top Dog Browne

We again. Your turn today.

We have a very important question for you. Why don’t you love Antigua people? What have we done to you that you favor everything and everybody else over us?

You have decided that our lands are better in the hands of other people of other races. Even the ones that made us suffer physically and from poverty. You put all kinds of stumbling blocks in the way of Antiguans getting a piece of land in their own country, whether they want to buy or lease.

 If a man lost his job and decides to sell ice pop in a cooler to feed his family, he has to look out for you. There you are, on his route, with your ice pop cart selling ice pop made by the school meals system, selling to his customers. If a construction worker who has one back hoe and going from job to job and trying to get paid for the jobs he did for the government since last year before Covid, there you are, newly minted Farmer Browne, with your newly imported construction machinery, on your newly acquired acres of land, with your newly placed APUA services, making sure that you run him out of business.

You call us all kinds of derogatory names and humiliate us. Yet some of us move to you like moths to a flame. Some feel that kind of pull has to do with the supernatural. Have you cast a spell on us? An evil spell?

The humiliation continues with this $50 voucher you are giving out for us to go and take the vaccine. This is a type of bondage since there will be people who are in such a bad state, would go for the $50.

How long do you think this type of oppression you have imposed on us would last? You seem to think that we would be afraid of going to 1735 if we come out on the street and revolt against your administration. And you may be right there. You know, like we do, that our people would not take to the streets while there is a State of Emergency because they are afraid. Afraid of you because they can’t be sure what you will do to them since your head seems to come and go, and afraid for their families’ safety because, again same reason.

It is as though you are baring your teeth at us, growling, and furiously wagging your tail. But be careful. There is a bunch of schoolboys creeping up on you. And they look like they have things in their hand. And you know you must never trust a schoolboy with something in his hand.

What kind of chief servant are you? What did we do to you that would make you hate us so much and want to see us suffer? Is it something we neglected to do for you as a kid? Were we unkind to you? Did you take a vow like in the movies to see us pay and suffer?

Please tell us how we can put things right with you. Gosh Jack, we suffer enough. If not for us, do it for the senior citizens who go to bed each night cursing your name. Do it for the young people who are about to sit exams and don’t have the right tools to secure a pass. Do it for the little ones who do not have regular electricity nor water in their homes or schools to make them feel that their life right now is not abnormal.

Do it for the nation that must listen to and read all these stories from other countries that are looking at us as freaks and don’t understand how we could be living this type of life under you voluntarily.


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  1. This is drafted with the upmost sincerity and finally someone came forward and shared how many others are feeling.

    • We need to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery by now. We will just end up voting in another colonial slave yet again to be our leader. We must bot for fearless, profound pan-African to lead us. Take a look a the the Barbadian Prime Minister for an example. We must be careful not to vote in another puppet for European elites that really call the shots.

  2. Someone said they walked from town to a particular village few years ago because they were selling land so they went to try to get a piece. Im not going to say who, but the politician just look on them and said you cant afford it The person walked right back to town crying under the hot sun & you expecting me to vote for them people there again? NEVER!

    • There are colonial slave minded, self hating and self righteous politicians in both parties. It’s not the party, it’s the Pan-African first. One who loves their people and put them first before wealth or politics. European/American elites own the Islands under cover and I’m sure they rig the votes in favour of any potential PM that will carry out their biddings.

  3. Talking as a born labour right


  4. Gaston Browne is a wicked, wicked, wicked man. That letter writer speaks for most of us.

  5. Is this a NEW PLATFORM on ANR that anyone can WHATEVER ???? These are UPP Operatives. Awaiting for the next POSTING. Election is in the AIR.

    • The person who wrote this letter speaks for many of us and should not be viewed as a person who just supports the upp. For a whole year things has been so frustrating almost to the point of suicidal thoughts and no one listens to the plights of the lesser man. Not saying things wasnt bad from before but it got to the point if no return from the start if this pandemic. I’ve lost my job, was kicked out of my apartment not for none payment of rent but for late payment….no one cares and for someone to speak on how they feel and the experience they’ve had under this government should not be judged as a partisan view. Come on people learn to be more empathetic we are all human, since more fortunate than some. Just remember not all of us were born with gold spoon or are fortunate to have family support.

  6. Cue up Tenman and the other apologists and choir members to come explain why Gaston is right and all Antiguans should bow and accept whatever he says must be right even when it does not align with common sense.

  7. The winds are swirling. The defections have started. The money train is being exposed. The coward will bark but has no bite. His future is bleak as the party can no longer come to his defense. He’s a loose cannon with no balls. He utters ignorance. He knows full well what he’s saying. When you play with fire and undermined others to grandstand. The ballot box will be our saving grace. Remove him from government and let the alphabet boys deal with him.

  8. When a government behavior in this manner it is because they are Godless, the nation shall enter into prayer and fasting and pray for deliverance.
    Well said against this Godless government.

  9. Well put together letter. I applaud the person who wrote this excellent job on there behalf.

  10. Dictator traitor tyrant Gaston must be removed from office.

    He thinks all we are to him are his financial slaves and minions. That scumbag does not represent us or our nation and must be removed from office. All he does as the letter states is compete with local businesses and allows his family to get away with shit.

    His son takes a grant from the ministry of education, graduates in Miami and overnight becomes a millionaire. That is such abuse of power and traitor dictator tyrant Gaston must face justice and be made to return all the stolen funds to treasury.

  11. Don’t need to explain “grass”, the record itself justifies his stewardship, hence demands reelection. No other party has provided Antiguan’s with not only land but inexpensive yet more than value for money housing. We have also had a revolution in healthcare (more clinics, majorly improved MSJ). Enhancement in education, via increasing the capacitary of existing schools, an a added secondary school, plus new University of A&B. Boss, all I get from this article is the writer is a loser who does not wish to take responsibility for his/her failure

    • TENMAN are you really serious or you are out of your mind? Even if you are correct and the government has made some lands available and has tried to build 500 homes in 500 days, the ALP government led by Gaston Browne will go down in history as the government that has alienated most of the country’s land into the hands of foreigners and Barbuda is not the only example.

    • Tenman, you’re only one man. We the people demand that Gaston Brown be ousted. Trying to buy land in Antigua is like a needle in a haystack. Antiguan people should be able to choose their own destiny. Everybody cannot afford to buy those houses. Talking about healthcare, the system needs revamping tremendously. There is no compassion in the hospital, the ambulance system is not effective. No proper accommodation for senior citizens and disabled people. The healthcare system is far from being effective. I certainly do not agree with you that the writer is a loser, is information is truthful and most of it factual. The loser here is Gaston Brown, he is disrespectful to the citizens of Antigua and Barbuda, and the only people benefiting from this arrangement is Gaston, his cronies, his family, ie, his wife and son. When people are suffering, Gaston’s used his platform to boasts about his wife’s wealth and she never worked anywhere before Antiguans erroneously gave her that position that is a conflict of interest with her and Brown can control lands. Tenman, time for Gaston to go, he served 2 terms too many. Let me be clear, I am not a UPP supporter, just a concerned citizen.

  12. It is just so amazing how grown people can not reason through issues without becoming personal and or defensive.. So what if this was written by a UPP Supporter? Is the message not relevant? Can’t we not speak to the issues raise and address the failings, mismanagement, corrupt practice’s, the cronyism, nepotism of this present administration or the ‘excellent’ governance that they administer if that’s how one feels.

    Are we so tribal that we can’t call a spade a spade… Whether blue or red we all ate occupying a space on this rock and as such should demand the best type of governance where the greatest majority benefits and not just 1%.

    Gastonites, all you defenders of this Top dog the sweet you’re enjoying now is only the dripping that is run over in the politicians cups cause they’re cups are never full for them…. Please there must come a time when we can all unite for the better good of the country..

    Time for us to call out our employees and demand that they govern this nation honestly, fairly and with integrity and dignity.. Or is it that or representatives are a reflection of who we are as a people?

    To Whom It May Concern:



    This is a well written article that, in my opinion, expresses the true feeling of the majority of the Antiguan people. This ISN’T about politics…. this is about LIBERITY, FREEDOM, JUSTICE AND HUMAND DECENCY.

  14. Plesase forward to Gaston Browne. I’m not a resident of Antigua but have been following how things are progressing as I have roots there. Mr. Browne, the one thing I ask of you, is that you do not make vaccines mandatory. I think you’ve succeeded in getting a good portion of the population vaccinated thus far. Taking away peoples rights to what goes into their body, however is wrong beyond measure. God has given me a word for you and that word is fear God and live. He says that if you do not do this wicked thing he will spare your life. God is not mocked, what a man sows, he shall reap. Regardless of what ee think God still reigns supreme and has the final say, no other entity. God only who sent Jesus Christ to shed his blood for mankind. Take heed.

  15. Ik it’s not d topic but “Bullet head”u need fi stop exploiting ppl hard work n time. Stop commanding ppl to take a vaccine witch shud be optional punk ru just want program antiguan ppl like fowl inna pen,,,so if our own antiguans who build dis country from ground up can’t keep their jobs why we voting or we jus some walking blind dunce!!!!!

  16. Gaston no care about nobody look around him a all former Upp people he help…..people that run behind a Gaston from start get left behind right now….me vote for Gaston Brown 3 times but not even the greatest spell can make me vote for him again…..Since he a tell me about wear Brown Shirt come a Villa School me a talk about Gaston Brown man with the plan….plan to left me to the dogs

  17. The truth is we live in a system where we blame others for certain analytical truths. It’s more like trading. We buy what they sell or we sell what they advertise. We will never be satisfied with who is in power and the only way out of this game is simply not to play.

  18. Well said. I honestly thought I was in a small minority who felt this way. I was shocked when Antiguans vote for Gaston last election. Gaston Brown is a dictator, I was also shocked that Antiguans voted for his wife. Corruption and conflict of interest. Gaston Brown took lands away from the rightful ministry and gave it to his wife so he can control it. He is robbing Our county blind. As the writer stated, he is always belittling Antiguans. I understand that Antiguans believe he is the lesser of both evils but he is not. Antiguans, upset the apple cart. Demand change from both parties, fight for our country. We must demand that Antiguans have the opportunity to buy government lands. Gaston having a farm as Prime Minister is conflict of interest. He has access to the best lands, resources of water and all the privileges local farmers don’t have. How do we make Gaston get away with this. Time to put an end to dictatorship and corruption. Time to get rid of the top dawg.

  19. TENMAN are you really serious or you are out of your mind? Even if you are correct and the government has made some lands available and has tried to build 500 homes in 500 days, the ALP government led by Gaston Browne will go down in history as the government that has alienated most of the country’s land into the hands of foreigners and Barbuda is not the only example.

  20. Wow sad , and we blame our fellow barbudans for behaving in such manner, when we have this kind of person as our prime minister?

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