LETTER: Dear Mr Serpent Watts

Algernon ' Serpent' Watts and Political Leader of the United Progressive Party Harold E. Lovell

Dear Mr Serpent Watts

Enough people are tired of hearing you calling out your running mates on the radio to know that what you are doing is not good for the Redeem Team and for the Party you are running for.

Why do you have to go on the radio in your Pit where you rule supreme, no matter who else come in there, including the Captain, and call on Richard Lewis to call you? Don’t you and Lewis speak?

Can’t you take up the telephone and ask him what you want to ask him, or do you prefer that he acts like the performing seals you have grown accustom to and bark when you say he should?

It does not sound good, and you should stop it, you and your business partner, Mr Knight. And this goes for any of the candidates. Even in Parliament everybody there is equal.

Have you set yourself up as the head of the team and is now insisting that they call you when you want them to.

We notice this unfortunate behavior on your part and are tired of it. Each political party can only have one leader. There is a deputy, but that is what he is. Deputy. Last time we look, you were neither. You are slowly gathering the candidates into your den and they are all like performing seals. You dictate and they perform. That is not good.

The advice we have for them is they need to be spending that valuable time they spend trying to please you and use it in their constituency trying to get the vote, and you need to spend your time working harder in yours. The ALP poll makes you look bad, even though it is a Labour poll.

We are not going to vote Labour this time so it is important for us to see things are going well in the UPP. You are messing things up with your ‘me ah de bass attitude’. We have agreed that if our candidate joins that Saturday night gang you have on your radio station, we are going to call him out and give him a stern talking. Except for the three women, none of the other men know which one of them we are talking.

It is obvious that you should not be running as a candidate. Too many years of bossing around people and tell them what to do does not promote a humble situation, as it must be for a politician.

We think you should do the leader a favor and bow out now that it is early.  You work better stirring up the people from your perch on your radio station than pulling the candidates in your direction. We were very happy when you beat up on the UPP in 2014. That help us to win.

Now leave the candidates alone and either start some serious work in your constituency, or come out and give the leader enough time to put somebody there who do not have a big ego and is a team player.

Gaston Browne is doing all kind of unmentionable things and all we are hearing from you is how great and wonderful you are or were on a Saturday.

The candidates there with you need to find the radio station that belong to the party and work hard there to develop a listenership for their politics, not sitting down with you and beating can and spoon and playing who could remember and sing a whole calypso.

These are serious times. Get serious or bow out.


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    • Uh…whether its beef, mutton, chicken, turkey or soya meat…one thing is certain: THAT EVERY ONE OF US WILL GIVE ACCOUNT FOR OUR AFFAIRS IN THIS LIFE.

      So we can jump red…jump blue…or not jump at all: The righteous Judge has the final say.
      If you live in corruption well…expect your end will be destruction. If you live in righteousness, then expect your end will be life eternal.

      There is NO middle ground.

      So all who accept the corruption and play blind to the corruption, thinking they could deal a way out of that final judgement: BIG MISTAKE !
      Your day is coming…and fast approaching.
      Antigua has been warned. You have two ways in life: Choose one: one way is a fast and broad path. Many follow this way because it is an easy path. However, the end result is fatal. The other is a narrow and difficult path. Few there be that walk this path.
      History has shown over and over again, that THE MAJORITY is always in the wrong path.

      In the days of Noah…only 8 persons were saved. In Babylon, only three Jewish youngsters did not bow. In Elijah’s time…he stood alone against hundreds of false prophets.
      The same is true to this day. The majority is following the corruption. So it will be right up to the end of this evil world.

      Do not be a part of that majority. So whether you are beef, chicken, turkey, fish or mutton…it is time that you wake up to TRUTH. I know it is hard to face the truth because it hurts. Consider what your end will be though; as you look at the two paths in life.

      Do you prefer to enjoy the temporary loot that corruption offers now and end up in destruction or would you rather accept the righteous path and obtain that glorious life that is offered for free.

      THE CHOICE IS YOURS: I implore you to please choose “LIFE”.

      Antiguans: choose the right path and forsake the evil now.

      Not much time is left.


      • Couldn’t have said it better. Very timely warning.
        God bless you. Hope this does not fall on deaf ears

      • Praise the lord all a we too wicket so Jesus say when he ready to come he turning back because no body a fo go heaven and the so call Christian the going get the most whipping

  1. SERPENT is a BIG LOSER. He believes that He is the Leader of UPP. Serpent likes No ONE . He is too SELF CENTRED and would never be a POLITICIAN. Serpent is just a LOUD MOUTH. BAD for UPP. Serpent will never be elected.

    • Gaston Browne is a man unfit to lead. Why would a true leader take the Moderna vaccination and give the inferior one to everybody else.
      Who is the real looser!

  2. This is a bunch of HOGWASH. When last has Serpent mentioned Richard Lewis’ name on the radio? And this is from someone who listens the show every Saturday.

    • @Djones

      Perhaps you missed the show on Monday,

      “Six votes in a house at Cooks Hill”

  3. BEEF it seems as if you and all the other ALP apologists and propagandists on ANR with their numerous pseudonyms really like to call my name. As you BEEF are fully aware, I have put certain activities undertaken by the government to you, such as the payment of thousands of dollars to the Agricultural Development Corporation (which is a legal entity), but instead the cheque was made out to Osbert Frederick in his personal capacity. Just like the money that was given to the Samantha Marshall charity in St. Mary’s to fix the police and fire station in Johnson’s Point, you could find nothing inappropriate with those activities. BEEF I would suggest to you that instead of calling my name you do some research in government functioning and good governance, so that you will become more knowledgeable and therefore (hopefully) be more objective in accepting the wrongdoing of your Party officials.

    • Ahh Mr Tabor once again a voice of reason AND FACTS . That was sent by Beef because he might’ve been playing with the phone again .

      • MICHAEL B knowing BEEF I am extremely happy to know that he might have been playing with the phone rather than some part of his anatomy 😂

  4. I am supporter of “The Serpent” in the Snake Pit. I listened to him on Saturday and again yesterday,Monday. Someone texted into the show yesterday,from Cooks Hill. They gave a number and told Serpent to give their number to Richard Lewis. Because the 5 voters in that home would be voting for him,Richard Lewis.So letter writer. What did Serpent do wrong? You are just trying to stir up the pot. I personally think you should go and have yourself a MASTER-BATION. It could and would do you a whole lot of good. You trouble maker Labor Party supporter.

  5. Melchesidec
    October 1, 2020 At 8:00 pm
    September 23, 2020 at 11:02 am
    Mr Lovell’s major problem is that he has about 6 prime ministers on his ticket which will be a major disaster. Serpent, Franz, Alister, Pearl, Pringle, and Athil, they know everything about everything. These people will not agree on anything they are going to spend countless hours to prove that their idea is the better. This will lead to certain fragmentation or cliques…..

    Mr Lovell is a good person well respected and means well, but to be successful in carry water with that basket seems daunting.

    And to even consider single Pringle as deputy is scary.

  6. MICHAEL B knowing BEEF I am extremely happy to know that he might have been playing with the phone rather than some part of his anatomy 😂

    • J.P what is the trouble in the UPP Party? Was their trouble in the ALP Party when Gaston Browne and Asot Michael accused each other of corruption, in of all places, our Parliament. As we get closer to the election, I suspect their will be even more trouble coming out from your Party.

    • What is the latest with Asot and Gaston. Wow they had such a cuss out in Parliament about money matters. Repeat money matters wink wink! about money matters!
      ABLP love money more than people

  7. The UPPITES were the worse government in Wadadli history. Anyone who supports this group of failure’s needs their head’s to be examine. Those Politrickians are filled with hatred, envy and vindictiveness.

    • You don’t live in Antigua so can’t see the suffering of the pensioners. Yet Gaston boasts about how rich he is.
      You can”t hear the LIAT workers crying. Yet Gaston boasting of how rich he is.
      You can’t feel the pain of the hotel workers. Yet Gaston boasting of how rich he is.

      Even if you don’t have a heart at least stop selling your soul

  8. You don’t live in Antigua so can’t see the suffering of the pensioners. Yet Gaston boasts about how rich he is.
    You can”t hear the LIAT workers crying. Yet Gaston boasting of how rich he is.
    You can’t feel the pain of the hotel workers. Yet Gaston boasting of how rich he is.

    Even if you don’t have a heart at least stop selling your soul

    We shall start an INVESTIGATION with $94,000,000 for 1000 L / FEET of RUNAWAY. Tabor you should be concerned about Someone in your circle heading to 1735. That is what you should be concerned. Tabor stop blowing SMOKE.

    • J.P. let us also speculate about a Prime Minister going to jail over the Odebrecht bribery scandal if a thorough enquiry is ever conducted. That is what I am concerned about.

  10. CHARLES TABOR never see anything the UPP is doing wrong . Tabor turns a BLIND eye to WRONGDOINGS. Tabor take off the BLINDFOLDERS. Cannot wait to hear you in 2023 when UPP will lose all Their seats. Tabor do you honestly see any of the Candidates on the UPP ticket would be elected ? These Candidates are worst than 2018.


  12. Glad to see SERPENT has at least one SUPPORTER. Please do not waste your vote. Serpent would not get back His deposit in 2023.

  13. Richard need to answer them clowns at point fm they lub fo call his name saying that he does not agree with certain UPP agenda s

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