LETTER: Dear Harry Lovell


We’re still here.

I got you, and I have to admit that you’re not as easy to find fault with as the two my associates got. I think they forgot to mention that we are ready to change up things in Antigua.

We can’t give you a name like the other two because you have never chosen an animal to describe yourself. But then and therefore, as Analyst would say, maybe that is the problem with you. Not enough loud belching, scratching body parts, drink-and-drunkness in you.

You are an intelligent, learned man. That would be good for when you get in. But for right now, to beat that Creature from the Black Lagoon, you have to get some ‘me Tarzan’ and howl while you beat up your chest. You have to step up to the plate with a bat that is bigger than his. Right now, you are having tea with the ladies of Petticoat Junction. The reason might be on account of the amount of time you spend trying to please some of them and making their opinion dominate yours. Everybody telling you how to win the election, but nobody telling you that you have to win your seat first.

You are the leader of the UPP, but sometimes we have to look hard to see if this is really so. You are leading candidates who seem to be leading you at times. You have difficulty reining them in and some go on the radio and say what they like. One of your former candidates said that you and the skirt element in the party used to tear him apart if he even went on the radio. What happen now? You fraid this set? One new one even said that nobody could get him to change how he is. Didn’t you hear him say that?

You seem to surround yourself with persons who only remember the glory days of the ten years and are not too keen to come out and fight for another ten. Labour fought the UPP every day of those ten years and still fighting even though they are in power. You are a wordsmith and you have a clique of wordsmiths, and that is what we hear from them every minute of the day. Words, words, words. Talk, talk, talk. You have one who just talk big words all the time. Not one ounce of political IQ. You have a radio station that you do not promote but spend time on the stations that belong to two of your boys. Now stop and think what kind of optics that is.

You have some coat tails and frock tails that you need to come out from under. The frock tails killing you and seem to be sapping all your manly political power. You cannot beat a pit bull if you go out to fight him surrounded by miaows. Where is that fighter who showed us in the days of the ACLM how to take on the system and claw his way through? Where is that fighter who rallied the teachers and students and took all that rough up from the police for his belief in justice and good governance? I thought he was meant for greatness. We need him badly now. Wake up, brother. Your time is now.

Most of the criticisms we hear about you are not justified, especially those about you being the worst tourism minister and the worst finance minister. But you have to understand that Labour has a job to do and they will nasty you up to get the job done. You have to put some of the people around you in the background. Forget all the sentimental nonsense and cut out the soft stuff. Reach out to us and we will help you fight. Just say OK and we will contact you and meet with you. You alone.

We want change. We want a champion fighter, a brawler. Get out of those fancy clothes you’re wearing and join us to get rid of the Dog and his kennel mates. It’s not too late to shed some of those losers you have. You made some lousy choices for your team, but it is not too late to solve that problem. And stop trying to be a good egg and bigging up the Top Dog for things he’s doing that you think are right. Remember CCJ? And some others?

That is not the politics we have here in Antigua. If you can’t shake that approach, then you have no right being the leader of a party that should be fighting to kick out a man who never met a rule, ethical or moral, that he did not break in politics. You’re still letting him get away with all kinds of hanky-panky because when neither you nor your courtiers nor handmaidens say anything, that makes him get bolder and bolder.

You have made too many mistakes choosing candidates and some of the people you have around you. You turned off some because they say you bad play them and we believe that to be so.  We know for sure you are not a saint, but you’re much better than the Mouthstache One. We just have to get you to think and believe that. There are too many people who are finding it hard to give your party a vote even though the other one is so bad.

So wake up, man. Stop the dolly house, fooly fooly stupidness and grow an iron pair. You have to show the country and your party that you run things and are prepared to sideline all who don’t want to accept that leader is next to your name, and your name only.

That’s all for now. We will re-visit you later to see if you have made any progress in changing your laid-back attitude as leader.


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  1. He can’t even run a fowl coop much less to be prime minister of Antigua
    He needs a chill pill

    • Strange you should say so!

      A certain PM from a certain Caribbean country had a supermarket in the “Valley” . That supermarket failed after a few months.

      That PM cannot pay pensioners, cannot pay LIAT workers and cannot pay hotel workers.

      That PM boasts that he is soooooo rich! while people are bawling! hungry! and suffering!
      Study that!!!!

      • I didnt know the PM responsible for liar workers and hotel workers……..think before you comment!

  2. HAROLD LOVELL is surrounded by too many LOUD SPEAKERS and no substance. Harold need to get rid of the COMPLETE set of Candidates He presented. UPP cannot go into the next election with these Candidates. Also Harold need to get rid of CHARLES TABOR, GISEL ISAAC , SERPENT etc.

  3. I’m glad someone is saying it. Labour Party not saying a ting but people prefer to take a chance with them than go with these people UPP is presenting. Harold needs to get rid of Sherfield Bowen, Franz deFreitas, Serpent, Pearl and Janice. At least those people. Oh and Alister Thomas before he can make any progress.


      ABLP will rule ANTIGUA for the next 30 years. UPP Candidates not fit for office. DUNCE elements.

      • What is the latest with Samantha, the CIP money, the private corporation and the conflict of interest.

      • Chupz n am sure u wont live to see that….keep dreaming the ppl eyes will open soon enough n labor will be thrown out

  4. Strange you should say so!

    A certain PM from a certain Caribbean country had a supermarket in the “Valley” . That supermarket failed after a few months.

    That PM cannot pay pensioners, cannot pay LIAT workers and cannot pay hotel workers.

    That PM boasts that he is soooooo rich! while people are bawling! hungry! and suffering!
    Study that!!!!

  5. The part about Lovell being the WORST FINANCE MINISTER and WORST TOURISM MINISTER is 100% true though!!

    Too many horrible decisions that scarred our economy and that people will not be quick to forgive him for.

    But the writer summed it up when they stated that Lovell forgot that he has to win HIS SEAT first.

    Won 2 elections
    Lost 7 elections

    What a dismal record!! Listening to the hag 🐖 with 💄 will plunge him further into the abyss. Old people say “who nah hear will feel”.

    • SMH Please share the record.
      I dare you !
      Stack up Max’s record against Harold’s record!
      I dare you!
      Gaston Browne is the worst Finance Minister ever!
      Stack up Gaston’s record against Harold’s record!
      I dare you!
      Ask the pensioners!
      Ask the Liat workers
      Ask the hotel workers
      Ask the solid waste workers!
      I dare you.
      People bawling, crying, suffering!

      Maybe you just don’t care

      • Desert rose I am sorry I have to correct you, especially since your comments are like a breath of fresh air on ANR, but Gaston Browne is only Finance Minister in name. The real Finance Minister is Lennox Weston. As they would say in law Gaston is the de jure Finance Minister while Lennox is the de facto Finance Minister.

      • Just stay in the desert please with your sun – bleached nonsense! Every thing for you is a mirage. Stop taking advantage and those lazy simpletons who prefer to leave their thinking to the likes of you. Find an oasis soon please, for your own sake…. But then again, no, stay right where you are!

        • How poetic my friend. Ouch, I touched your red raw corn!!!! Thin skinned
          BTW what is the latest with Samantha and the CIP funds

  6. UPP is living in DENIAL. UPP do not accept that They are a weak Opposition…DESERT ROSE take a look at the UPP Candidates for 2023. Would you trust the Nation’s Economy in Their hands ? The Candidates are LAUGHABLE. Gaston Browne single handedly DESTROYED Harold Lovell and the UPP. As the Prime Minister mentioned most of the UPP Candidates cannot handle Their Personal lives and running for office. Total disgrace.

    DESERT ROSE….I read that you are on an assignment to see who write under different names. Why don’t give your real name instead of hiding behind some stupid name ?????
    You are a real UPP member. LOUD CHAT with AN EMPTY HEAd.

    • ERIC CARDEN while your name is not as outrageous as FROM THE SIDELINE, TENMAN (at least we know who TENMAN is), PHILLIP G, PETE and JUST SAYING, and may appear as a real, that does not mean it could not be an alias as well. So please give Desert Rose a break. She, like others know that many of the pro ALP fictitious commentors on ANR could be one or two persons operating under numerous aliases. ERIC CARDEN you might be the closest to being genuine but their are still doubts.

        How do you know that DESERT ROSE is a Woman ? Chuck you really know WEIRD People. Chuck did you read the letter submitted to ANR by a strong Supporter of UPP ? UPP has so many internal problems . A UPP Supporter told me that UPP would be destroyed before 2023 election. DUNCE Serpent will remove Himself because He cannot speak on any Issues.

        • Ok ERIC CARDEN I must confess I referred to Desert Rose as she but I do not know her gender. Irrespective of her gender the points that are made destroy the arguments of all the ALP minions. As I said before Desert Rose is like a breath of fresh air. Yes, I read the letter and how do you know it is from a UPP supporter? It could be from one of you.

          • Eric Carsden, you talk about the UPP internal problems. In the first place, how do you know it is a strong UPP supporter that wrote the letter.
            Talk about internal problems:
            Talk about the cuss out that Asot and Gaston had in Parliament.
            Ask the question as to why Gaston was compelled to give Molwyn a knighthood!
            Who is challenging sitting MPs and why?
            You should have a more rounded approach to politics

    • I think you folks should read ‘The Thirteen Sins Of Gaston Browne ‘, written by Lionel Max Hurst. That’s all I will say.

  7. Now the UPP PRO ( MISSA KNIGHT ) Observer Radio is BURNT OUT and is off the AIR …Who will fill that spot ? Personally I believe now that Knight is off the Radio it is better for UPP. Knight is also responsible for the DOWNFALL of UPP. He is not Someone to be attached to a Political Party. This Guy CUSS CUSS each night. BIG TURN OFF

  8. Where is JAMALE PRINGLE…Is He still muzzled by Harold ,Gisel and the Gang ? I heard from inside sources that Jamale is PISSED.

  9. Most of the UPP Candidates have too many BAD Luggage. When that BiG RED JUGGERNAUT is rolled out later this year UPP Candidates will run away. Guys remember the Prime Minister mentioned on Friday that election is TWO years away. UPP Candidates will be burnt out. Easy win for ABLP.

    • Take the plank out of your own eye before you take the speck out of another person’s eye.
      Have you re-read your first sentence. I suggest you do. Your grammar my dear friend needs some attention.
      Perhaps you can help me with this.
      What is the situation with Samantha, the CIP money.

      • Speaking about Grammar; when writing a question, at the end you should use a question mark. If you’re not aware of how it looks then here (?).

          • @ DESERT ROSE.
            When will your BOSS Harold Lovell address the $ 94,00000 000 for 1000 / L Feet of RUNAWAY ?

  10. PETE why would Harold take advise from you an ALP apologist and propagandist. It is the very slate of candidates you want him to get rid of that is driving such fear in Gaston Browne, the ALP and supporters like you, FROM THE SIDELINE, JUST SAYING, CARSON B, PHILLIP G, TENMAN, BEEF, G GREAVES, CErmle and RAWTID.

  11. It is critically important for all, especially those who would wish to see their political party form the next government that it WILL require the electorate to change from party A to B or maintain the status quo. The comments here if taken seriously favors the former.

  12. Its amazing that some people just talk because they have a voice. I wonder why it is that the current PM said that he made most of his money under the UPP . Talking a lot doesn’t mean that its the truth. All this about the worst government ever is to instill fear. Repeating lies constantly does not make them truth.

  13. Mr. Romantic Rhythmns
    Mr. Wadadli Power Plant
    Mr. IMF
    Mr. Allow Sandals to hold on to our ABST monies
    Mr. Melford Bangin Post

    • Hmmmm
      Your answers made are the taking points of the ABLP. Please guide me to the paper work for the above points.
      I especially want to see Romantic Rhythm paper work , the one that you saw. please tell me the documents to look for. I want to be on the same page.

      The Wadadli Powerplant. Again refer me to the documents that point to Harold.

      The IMF- That is interesting. Harold got a loan for 1 per cent. Gaston has to borrow money for interest rates of 8 per cent or higher. Gaston says he has to borrow to pay wages and salaries.
      What is the interest rate.

      I challenge you to tell me the interest rate that Gaston got from the ACB loan.

      Sandals and ABST Monies. Who was the Finance Minister who negotiated the deal with Sandals? Was it Harold?
      Was Gaston Browne Minister of Planning in the Lester Bird Administration? When was that deal made.

      Yes, Melford did beat Harold.
      Tell me, what is the latest in City East? Just asking. Maybe you should check it out.

      So my friend, you have the ABLP talking points.

      But are you sure, are you really sure that your information is correct?

      • Should we talk about the YIDA deal today or do you want to do some research on that first?

        Who really owns the company that generates the electricity?

        How much money was paid to bail out Leewind Paints?

        Tell us about the money given by the Chinese concerning the Booby Ally Project?

        I am still waiting to hear about Samantha and the CIP funds

        • @Hmmmmmm. #HFWL is also Mr Airport Extension. All part of a non exhaustive list of collosal failures. Look you should hear d man yessiday in the cess pit. He sounded soo desperate I literally felt sorry for him. Thank God he did not last beyond the 4:30pm news break as I am certain my soft heart would have shed a tear given how desperate the man sounded.

          • The red herring is delicious with troba, boiled egg and chop-up.

            I heard Harold yesterday. He sounded calm. Your heart is not soft. lf it were, you would have been weeping for the landlord that is about to lose his land.

    Charles Tabor is in hiding. Tabor wake to what the UPP
    Supporters are saying. Charlesworth have you read the letter ? Your UPP Members are not happy with the UPP CANDIDATES for 2023
    This will be the easiest win for ABLP.
    TABOR you are a BAD ADVISOR to Harold and UPP. I recommend that you are fired.

    • FREDERIC LAMPTON when I cite the ALP regular apologists and propagandists such as FROM THE SIDELINE, JUST SAYING, TENMAN, BEEF, PETE, PHILLIP G and CARSON B sometimes I inadvertently forget to mention you. I apologize for that. Anyway, for your information I do not advise Harold or the UPP unlike you who might be giving Gaston Browne such horrible advice, that despite the trillions he had at his disposal, he has run the country on a reef (and please don’t blame it on covid).

      • @Tabor. You don’t advise Harold? Can that brain of his take sound reasoning or even the folly associated with you?

        Please advise Lovell to give an account for $ 94,000,000 for the Runaway extension .

        • @On the move
          Please ask Gaston to account for the over $300,000 spent on the Barbuda plane that certain people pilfered for parts, rendering the plane unable to fly. Why was no one held accountable and charged with theft of the people’s assets? Now Gaston wants to spend another $100,000 to fix the plane.

          • @ OBSERVATION

            Gaston Browne already gave EXPLANATIONS. Now is your CHOIR BOY HAROLD to explain $94,000,000 RUNAWAY overrun.A Public enquiry will be called soon.I am sure you listened to Pointe Fm on Saturday. Gaston Browne is a TRANSPARENT PRIME MINISTER.

  15. Where is PANTY KNIGHT of OBSERVER RADIO ? I heard that Knight is burnt out . Some.People said that He was FIRED. PANTY KNIGHT is a CUNUMUNU ( Thank You DONNA CHAIA) for the most suitable name for PANTY KNIGHT.

  16. Dear Harry Lovell
    I will advise you to stop going on the SNAKE PIT with EMPTY HEAD Serpent. Harry you are making yourself a BIG FOOL. What comes out of your mouth are a BUNCH.of LIES. I will recommend that you spend your time listening to the BROWNE and BROWNE Program on POINTE FM on Saturdays 4 pm until 8pm . Harry your knowledge will improve and you will stop telling all those LIES.Do not take Advice from CHARLES TABOR.

  17. @HFWL yesterday when you were amongst your buffoons in the cess pit (91.1) you were calling out monies a senator got. Three weeks in counting and you are yet to answer the question raised by the PM about the airport extension.

    • Really ” Just Saying “, so the Prime Minister throws out a red herring and Harold must answer.
      Since you mentioned the Snakepit, please justify what the ABLP is doing the the Comrade’s property in City East?

  18. RUPERT MANN you are back. For some reason I only remember the minions like FROM THE SIDELINE, JUST SAYING, PETE, CARSON B, FREDERIC LAMPTON, BEEF, TENMAN and PHILLIP G etc. Good to see you back. I listen sometimes to the BROWNE & BROWNE show and all I can do is to shake my head in disbelief of the lies being told by Gaston Browne. He put Hitler’s propagandist Goebbels to shame (perhaps one should not be too surprised with the similarities of Gaston and Hitler).

  19. HARRY…Please address the $94,000,000 ..The runaway extension 1000 L / FEET. The Public need to know.

      • If vyou listened to the BROWNE and BROWNE yesterday. Prime Minister announced that FORENSIC ACCOUNTING plus ENQUIRY will called within days

        This is for my Friend DESERT ROSE

    • If Gaston knows of any wrong doing by Harold on the runway extension, let Gaston provide the evidence and then ask Harold to account. Gaston said on his radio program that he is not accusing Harold of any wrong doing so what should he account for? Harold went to law school and he knows that if you are going to make statements you need evidence.
      Why don’t you ask Maria Browne how she acquired substantial assets before she was thirty? And to think Gaston put her to run in a constituency and denied a another Antiguan a job. Gaston is all for me and mine. Think about that.

  20. ON THE MOVE Harry will address anything you want him to address as long as Gaston Browne address the Odebrecht 3 million Euros bride scandal involving Casroy James and himself. Please ask Gaston to conduct an enquiry into the airport runway and also Odebrecht.

  21. I.listened to BROWNE and BROWNE yesterday. I am in SHOCK to hear the amount of money that was spent on the RUNAWAY. DESERT ROSE and CHARLES TABOR finally the Prime Minister announced that a FORENSIC ACCOUNTING and A PUBLIC ENQUIRY will be called. So look out HAROLD LOVELL ,CHARLES TABOR , DESERT ROSE and Others.

    • I listened to the Snakepit and I am shocked to see how the ABLP is no good. What a crying shame to see how they wasted money on the “new” non-existing cemetery. Wey dey money gorn.
      The same ABLP that was against the CIP now wasting CIP money. Bunch of hypocrites!
      Quick question: Samantha? CIP? Time for an investigation.

  22. RUPERT MANN forensic accounting and Public Enquiry into what? I hope not just into the Andrade Guitterez airport runway matter. I say tell Gaston Browne to also look into the Odebrecht bribery scandal that involved him and Casroy James. If their is any jail time involve Casroy James alone should not be taking it.

  23. Why the hell ANR does NOT report on the $94,000,000 RUNAWAY ? ANR I am vexed with you.

    • I vex with ANR for not reporting the way that the CIP monies are being spent . Examples Leewind Paints, non-existing ” new” public cemetery, Samantha and her CIP charity etc etc
      ANR you are sleeping!!!!


    I shall excuse you. The BLUE KOOLAID has caused you BRAIN DAMAGED . You are a real CLOWN.Go back in your hole. You have not addressed PANTY KNIGHT issue.UPP has burnt out PANTY KNIGHT.Now KNIGHT needs PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP.What a shame.

  25. ERIC CARDEN what do we say about the RED KOOLAID? I am sure you must have heard the ALP being described as a cult. Do you know the control of cults over the thinking of their members? Can you recall the Jonestown massacre in Guyana with the Jim Jones cult? I hope the RED KOOLAID is not that strong but given the way the minions of the ALP behave people say it is strong.

  26. Oh dear, what can the matter be. Is Eric Carden upset? What a shame!!!!

    I understand, just like your puppet master, you are thin skinned.

    Have you addressed the Samantha, CIP issue?

    OH No- you have not gotten your talking points from your puppet master. You lack critical thinking skills. When you don’t what to say, you lash out. Yes throw a tantrum. The toddlers who are two years old are watching you

    Chuck Tabor is leading you down the wrong path. You are jot a clear THINKER. You just oppose at all times. Election is 2 years away. The way in which you are going You will be burnt out just like PANTY KNIGHT. Get off your high horse. There is a long way to go. WE are getting the BIG RED MACHINE ready.

    2023 election results as follows.

    ABLP. 17 SEATS

    UPP. 00. SEAT

    DNA. 00. SEAT

    BARBUDA. 00. SEAT.


    Chuck Tabor is leading you down the wrong path. You are not a clear THINKER. You just oppose at all times. Election is 2 years away. The way in which you are going You will be burnt out just like PANTY KNIGHT. Get off your high horse. There is a long way to go. WE are getting the BIG RED MACHINE ready.

    2023 election results as follows.

    ABLP. 17 SEATS

    UPP. 00. SEAT

    DNA. 00. SEAT

    BARBUDA. 00. SEAT.


    • Are you saying they will not even get a single pringle? By the way where is Pringle? I hope he is using this down time wisely and is enrolled some where to brush up on his grammar.

    • How simplistic! I would expect such a blog from Rupert Mann. But I guess Sir Lester Bird is correct in his analysis of those people who support the Labour Party.

      If I were you, I would be more concerned about the ALP member who is trying to unseat the sitting ALP MP in City East.

      Oh you haven’t heard about that? Yeah, part of the internal strife within the ALP.

  29. PRINGLE is MUZZLED. UPP said when PRINGLE speaks They lose SUPPORT./ VOTES. Also UPP wants to.move Pringle from ALL.SAINTS EAST AND ST.LUKES. Big fighting within the UPP. More to come.

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