LETTER: COVID Spike is coming!


Dear Editor,

I believe the government has made an error in removing vaccine mandates and some restrictions before year end.


I predict now that Antigua will have 2 major covid spikes. The first one will be by mid-December as a result of the opening of bars.


I blame the drinkers/party goers and some bar owners for this.


The irresponsibility seen in English Harbour, Browne’s Avenue, Tindale Road, Grays Farm and the area behind the old Obeez Supermarket and other bars will share the blame.


People were drinking, dancing and sweating right up in each other’s faces and there was hardly a mask to be seen.


The bar owners and members of the public who cursed the government and demanded a reopening will have to take the full blame.


The second spike will come mid to late January after the Christmas celebrations. It is truly astounding that people who have access to the internet and news cannot see and understand what is happening around the world and the unpredictability of Covid-19.


Look at China, Austria, Denmark, Germany, parts of the United States, Barbados, Trinidad etc and you will see that Covid-19 comes in waves. Some countries are on their 4th wave. It seems to die down and then it comes again.


The only ways that seem to help are Vaccination, social distancing, wearing of masks and MOST IMPORTANTLY act responsibly and do not become complacent.


I hope the nation understands that, when, not if, this wave comes, there will be more mandates, restrictions, curfews. We will have only ourselves to blame.


Paul B. James

A True Patriot




  1. Mr. James, I fully agree with the sentiments expressed in your letter. I believe the government made a monumental error by relaxing the vaccine mandates and also fully reopening. It is irresponsible, and demonstrates that as a country we have not learned anything from what is happening around the world. As you rightly pointed out, Europe is experiencing the consequences of opening too soon, and I fear we are headed in that same direction.

  2. – I appreciate your concern but I think the media, politicians and big pharma have really taken us for a ride on this one.
    – I categorically reject the notion that the only solution to this virus is experimental vaccines whose effects may not be fully known for years to come. In their haste to put a one-size-fits-all solution, the governments of this world have ignored the benefits of proper health, existing therapeutics, natural immunity and early treatment, allowing these large companies to be the parishioner and the sheriff.
    – Not to belabor the point but how can a medication which has been around for 40 years and won its inventor a noble prize be considered less safe than experimental technology that is so secret and so new that nobody really understands how (or if) it works and what its long-term side-effects are?
    – Multiple persons, including people inside Pfizer for example have taken issue with Pfizer’s data on efficacy.
    – Facui’s NIH, who makes all the rules, holds the patent for the Moderna vaccine. Can you see a conflict of interest here?
    – While vaccines may reduce the risk of serious infection (according to it’s manufacturer), the real issue with COVID (don’t misunderstand me) is NOT serious infection. It is transmissibility, something which these vaccines do not adequately address.
    – The next best thing, is early treatment. Something which has been scorned as heresy because it has been painted as not having faith in the almighty vaccine.
    – Show me one professional athlete whose career has been ended by Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine as opposed to these jabs.
    – South Korea with a 90% vax rate is seeing a surge in COVID
    – Israel has given 4 doses so far, to everyone they can and they still haven’t gotten it under control
    – In most cases, multiple measures are implemented. Sanitary, protocols, restrictions on movement, vax mandates, as well as people taking their own personal measures but the praise is always heaped upon vaccines and the blame on those who don’t use them. I personally think the reductions happened too quickly to be attributed to vaccines, but that’s not a point I’m willing to argue.
    – Researchers from Ivy league universities have found patterns in the waves that cannot be linked to vaccines or perhaps anything else.
    – What benefit is it to the economy to put hardworking people out of a job?
    – What is the sense in injecting children (the least at risk group), while their bodies are still developing, with some experimental substance?
    – I understand that we are all concerned, and the mainstream media has gotten more mileage out of this than they roached out of MJ’s passing. Of course we want the virus controlled, but they find it easier to control the people. Know this, I will not be coerced or forced to put something in my body that I do not want there. Not now, not ever. Let’s work together and find a better solution.

    • @ Find a better Solution . Well written and
      you’ve masterfully pretty covered most of my points . Maybe you should’ve been the author of the letter. Spoke last night with a Doctor who’s a childhood friend of mine who told me his wife best friend took a vaccine because of a mandate and she had the most horrible reactions including neurological problems. She still lost her job,too sick to work and no one to hold liable.
      He himself is vaccinated but his pregnant wife says no way in hell she’s taking it.
      50 people will take a vaccine and there might be little to no reaction then the 51st person takes it then you have a problem.
      This is why it has to be an individual decision.

  3. Find a better solution….you speak too much truth to be liked around here. It’s a zoonic virus….it’s in nature and your pets can carry Corona just as a person can. There is no such thing as herd immunity and never will be with this. CDC has confirmed this as well. I would bet a years salary that if you shut the doors to all visitors there will be ups and downs with Corona for many years to come, and, as you said, people have no idea what the long term affects of this experimental shot will be. One should scratch their head and think a little before continuing on this path. The unvaxxed are no more of a problem than the vaxxed. And you really want to inject our children with this rubbish? I’ll enjoy the comments for months to come when the numbers do rise again and the blame will more than likely be on visitors from other countries or the unvaxxed. Nevermind that the visitors will be fully vaxxed since that is the requirement. Just pure stupidity….meanwhile you have so many our of work now from the mandates and mental health is declining since that’s what follows with being forced out of the work pool. Desperation and a feeling of panic sets in quickly. Has anyone noticed an uptick in unexplained deaths due to heart attacks? Any stomach and kidney issues? What about strokes? Maybe those numbers need to be tracked. It’s certainly hitting the sports world in a strange way. Again, just pure stupidity of the blind following the man that is raking in the cash, big Pharma and the Fauci followers. By the way, US Congress and their staffers are not mandated for technical (US constitutional) reasons and do not have to take the shot. Wonder why they would choose this path?

  4. Well Said Sir. How Can you force someone to take something that is not protecting them. Antigua Is Small And Everyone knows what’s going on with everyone. In my work place all the staff are vacinated and yet staff still catching covid. SMH. Why is that? When we were small we got one shot…if it was more than one you get it yearssss after. Other countries have decided to just live with it cause the vacines not working. Get with the naturalist and do something. We live in the Caribbean where God gave us so many natural things to use…Come on man…May God Help Us All.

    • Well said, the Most High Yah is not slack but it’s these numbskull just won’t listen. This is a catching up game to this pandemic.

  5. From since this madness started we myself and many others have been saying over and over that they are lying. They Purposely created the issue just to deceive ppl into taking their vaccines and that is where the covid is now coming from cuz covid is in the Vaccines.
    The big countries like Austria, Gibraltar, ect has the highest infection rate because they have then highest vaccinations.

    During a state of emergency there should be no parliament, it’s against the constitution, but yet how did these clowns keep passing mandates?
    For there to even be a parliament the opposition has to be present but yet even with that the Mandates passed, the opposition supposed to be against the government.
    Alot of ppl missed all these things. Never even asked a question.

    What Gaston and his goons have done now is very obvious another trick because if we in a state of emergency Because of a pandemic how do they know when the pandemic will end to give a date of the end of SOE?
    And after deceiving ppl to take the vaccine and now VACCINATED and unvaccinated can work together.

    1: election is coming up.
    2: the Vaccinated are shedding and will affect the unvaccinated, as long as any unvaccinated is in the same place with a Vaccinated for more than 3hrs they will be affected unless they boost their immune system.
    3: they gonna put back the state of emergency either January or February, there will be a new plandemic which will be Marburg which is a mix of Marburg and ebola and the unvaccinated will be blamed.
    4: the vials of smallpox pox that was found will be the globalists “perfect” cover up to hide vaccine deaths.

    Even the CDC says herd immunity is impossible and faucci admitted that the vaccines don’t work but we were conspiracy theorists right?

    We the ppl are protected under the iccpr treaty, Nuremberg code and constitution and Because ppl here so nuh love read they allowed them selves to be raped and Gaston know that, that’s why he kept doing what he did.
    All the ppl that kept praising the government especially when they attacked the protesters who was fighting against the madness.

    Let’s see what the peovaxers have to say now

  6. Of course more spikes are coming. COVID-19 is a medical Pandora’s box…and by failing to halt the spread of this virus at the very beginning when the virus was just in a few countries, the human race failed miserably and there’s no going back. Now we have over 100 million people with ongoing medical issues that we’re calling long Covid when we should be calling it what it is…. ongoing systemic Covid infection that cannot be detected by just swabbing the nasal cavity.

    The virus is going to persist because most people don’t have a clue of what we’re really dealing with.. It’s not going to disappear. We have four common cold coronaviruses that have been infecting humans for thousands of years before those evolved into milder infections. This one is worse because it keeps evolving to become more efficient at replication, which makes our immune system less and less capable of stopping Infection before they gain a foothold. This virus is now causing metabolic and autoimmune disease in some of the previously infected, even when they were asymptomatic. We’re still living at the beginning of the problem and we still don’t know how bad this will eventually become as far as our long term health or longevity. Don’t kid yourselves. This is an RNA virus…. rapidly mutating, capable of jumping species, capable of hybridization with animal coronaviruses to produce far more lethal strains that would completely circumvent vaccination efforts and cause far greater mortality rates. Vaccination was never going to stop it. We can hope for the best, but if you’re not even aware of the science of what the worse case scenarios of this situation looks like, you’re in trouble.

    There’s a new variant of the delta currently spreading. It’s more likely to cause asymptomatic disease according to research data. They’re trying to make that sound like a good thing because it may mean less deaths. It’s not. The worst infection you can get is the one where your immune system doesn’t even know the infection is there. That is how HIV started infecting humans in the 1940s but wasn’t detected until the 1980s.

    • Actually, the only thing delta is evading is the made-up vaccines. Reinfection rates among unvaccinated people are extremely low. Can anyone think of any unvaxxed person who’s gotten it twice? If anything this is a good argument for leaving recovered people alone. Even the Pfizer scientists acknowledged this…but they didn’t know they were being recorded so i guess that doesn’t count.

    • No they don’t and history needs to be taught, I guess also that n o paid attention to the blood moon last night

  7. My guess,only the locals can contract and or spread Covid-19.With the Country about to be fully opened to Tourists from all around the World.vAre you saying that only the locals would be the spreaders of the disease? The Covid Variant like the Delta were brought into Antigua by Tourists. That is a fact.

  8. To travel to Antigua one must be tested for safety, but in the work place only the unvax, if you want safety random test for both vax and unvax, to much hypocrisy, why are they reluctant to test the vaxed.
    Our leaders has made the situation what it is because of the lies and the fear they try to instill

  9. Me. James… Incase you missed the other comments… Hypertension, diabetes, cancer and other generic medication is on a demand decline. So here comes covid-19 vaccines to complicate our immune system so that we can become sick so the generic drugs can go on sale to keep their cash flow coming…. vaccinated people are the issue…. not the unvaxed….

    Oh and remember only vaccinated people can go to bars and Resturant’s and frolic so if there’s a spike we will know for sure it’s the vaccinated people spreading covid….

  10. You say:COVID SPIKE IS COMING! I am saying,Winter is coming and Snow would be on Boggy Peak this season.So are you better buy are you Winter clothes inna Antigua.

  11. Your more likely to get covid from a close friend or family member. Around which, you were not wearing masks anyway.

  12. One thing that seems to have a huge impact in reducing spread in distancing. Countries that maintained distancing after vaccination seem to fare better than those that abandoned all protocols and relied on vaccination alone to save them. Distancing, sanitation and mask wearing when necessary are keys to reducing transmission. Healthy living, effective early care and vaccination can improve outcomes for persons most at risk of severe illness.

    The solution lies in all of us not just in government mandates. We the people need to find new ways of doing things. E.g. socialise outdoors or in very well-ventilated spaces not crowded inside. Whenever the bars open, the cases go up. So, bars need to change how they operate. I believe that all bars should be open air outdoor bars located at the outskirts of communities. Licenses to operate should only be given to bars that meet that requirement. Grants can be given to bar owners to assist with transformation or reconstruction. Some bars can opt to turn into liquor stores with no seating or congregating allowed on the premises – just buy your liquor and go home. There should be NO small crowded indoor bar in any community anywhere.

    Restaurants should try to be open-air as much as possible or be very large and spacious with good separation of persons and good ventilation inside.

    We the people need to build gazeebos and decks/patios or large verandahs for our homes to entertain guests outside. Visitors need to stop expecting to just walk into other persons homes uninvited. Children should play with neighbours in the fresh air out in the yard. Get them outside toys. No sharing of inside toys and tablets with large groups of friends. Movie nights with friends can be in the fresh air outside with spacing not inside on the couch. When it gets late everyone goes back to their own home.

    At work, space people out in different offices etc., have outside dining areas, let people telecommute from home when it is possible – it’s the 21st century you don’t need them to come in just to micromanage them. Move businesses from cities and spread them out in all communities – it’s the 21st century so put your products online and offer delivery. Email instead of walking documents over when possible. We’re all internet connected and tech savvy now. So, why do we need cities of people working in crowded spaces these days?

  13. Ok but why does vaccine need to be mandatory why does it have to throw adults out of work and children out of school because we wish not to take it then we get blamed for being like this cuz we don’t want to take it isn’t it unfair n the vaccine literally doesn’t make u any different from those who take it as u can still catch it n spread it only privilege vaccinated get over unvaccinated is the free will to spread any disease since as long as u vaccinated u don’t need a test

    • There is no need to mandate vaccines or even to force unvaccinated persons to test since both vaccinated and unvaccinated can spread Covid. We all know how to handle Covid without government mandates now. Anyone feeling ill should just stay home, go see their doctor etc. People should just interact in spaced out environments so that there is little spread from asymptomatic individuals. Workplaces and schools can discuss and decide on what’s best for them. Health personnel can inspect and make recommendations. If a workplace has no reasonable protocols at all in place then they can be closed for a bit to make the appropriate changes.

  14. Facts after 18 months of wearing facial coverings, there are still no conclusive study to justify masks.

    If it is we must live with this virus surely wearing facial coverings are anti-natural. Are facial coverings the newest addition to the wardrobe?

    If all that was said about the facial coverings were true and justified, what arguments will be advanced for us to stop wearing them?

    Seems a massive conundrum.

  15. Who is this person?!?

    It seem like you as well was apart of the bar gathering. You have full description who sweating and all up in peoples faces.
    FYI… leave English Harbour Town out of your mix up, please and thanks!

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