LETTER: COVID-19 Protocols Frustration


Dear Editor,


The Prime Minister of this fair country has disappointed me massively yesterday in parliament that all government works must get vaccinated or test twice monthly.


Whilst I don’t have a problem with a person’s having to test, the health officials know that vaccinated person can still contract this disease and spread it to the unvaccinated so regardless of if they are asymptomatic or symptomatic which the government fails inform the public about. So why must they not get tested like the unvaccinated???


The PM should understand that forcing persons to take the vaccine cannot be the right way to encourage persons to get vaccinated against Covid-19.


The government has done their part in making vaccines available to the public and educating the population, however the government needs to understand the right of persons to become vaccinated or not to become vaccinated.


Persons may have varying reasons which they chose NOT to vaccinate raging from (THE PM GOING BEHIND THE PUBLICS BACK AND TAKING THE MODERNA VACCINE)  undermining public confidence after he promised to take it publicly on camera, health issues, mixing messaging from the CDC and doctors alike and the new technologies that’s being implemented in the vaccines.


ALL ADULTS know right from wrong, hence if they chose to act reckless with their lives and not vaccinate or mask up, social distance and wash hands, the government cannot be blamed for them being infected or becoming severly ill and dying from Covid-19.


Your job as the government in power is not to force persons to vaccinate but to educate persons about the vaccine and make them available to persons which the government commendably has done thus far to the best of their ability.


However, what is noticeable throughout this whole pandemic is that doctors and persons in the medical field are not pushing the importance of eating healthy, exercise and boosting your immune system to give you a fighting chance of survival if you become infected with the disease.


Finally, I am goanna address double standards, curfew and state of emergency. If the government enforced the same protocols, they have for locals on the tourist coming here and enforced the protocols, we would not have seen such high numbers of infections of Covid-19 via community spread and we would not have seen the Royalton Hotel having that large unmasked pool party we saw and that is a fact.

In regards to the curfew, the government moved the curfew from 11pm to 8pm and we are still seeing large numbers of infections, so really what does the curfew do to reduce spread and the same things you would do at night you can do at day.


Make it make sense please!! We all know the curfew is for population control and to show the populous who is really in charge.


The curfew is putting tremendous stress on the business community who has largely remained silent and they are losing business and some are even laying off employees.


Thank you ANR for giving me this platform to vent my frustrations with the covid-19 protocols as a loyal ANR reader and fan.




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  1. “ALL ADULTS know right from wrong, hence if they chose to act reckless with their lives and not vaccinate or mask up, social distance and wash hands, the government cannot be blamed for them being infected or becoming severely ill and dying from Covid-19.” The government doesn’t care whether you get vaccinated or into. It is about protecting others. The same reason you will go to jail if you get caught drunk driving. You don’t have the right to infect others and to overload the health system. Likely we are already losing people because some conspiracy nut has caught covid and is taking up a hospital bed that should be available for people with other illnesses who have not recklessly endangered the lives of others.

  2. Chups chups and chups so Miss Vanessa u wanna talk about the spanish bars that are still operating u wanna talk about beaches and all the beach parties that happen every weekend u wanna talking about lower Market Street where every and anybody like with mask not being worn properly or not at all no hand washing so social distance or u just go continue blame government tourist and hotel. Whatever happen to personal responsibility u nah want talk about that Miss Vanessa but go awff sis

    • U sure didn’t read the same article I read. The writer never blamed the government over the issues. He/she is asking questions.

    • Frustrated you are? Let’s others express themselves and that’s it’s!!!! For sure you are one of those who get a top up for be a dammit not,chasing and harassing all of those who make sense in communicated verbally or writing!!!!. I imagine your grease body attached to a phone and by your side a stupid CHINESE LITTLE RADIO….Scumbags as you not stay longer in the cities,go back to the bush you belong,eat your banana daily dosis and let’s THE HUMANS decide for them.

      We are fed up with the actuals limited civilizated ANIMALS represent this beautiful state….

  3. – Vaccinated are catching it so might as well test them also. Their lives are important too you know!
    – There are people having GREAT success both treating AND preventing this disease, locally and internationally. Look it up. I know it will take some time for this to sink in because we’ve all been told there’s no hope except for you know what. The same day I got the result, the man was on the radio and they guided me right thru dealing with it.
    – I would also ask why they stopped telling us to eat healthy, but the truth is it is not the doctor’s job to tell you what to eat. His job is to dispense approved medicines (don’t know why they don’t just use the ones that are working but I’ve already made that point). Naturalists have been treating my family for Bell palsy, heart palpitations, Eczema, breast cancer (yes u heard right), why not COVID-19?

  4. To all who have a problem with the lady’s frustration, act like you’re responsible. Who are you or the the government to tell people WHAT the FUCK to put in their bodies? Is it yours? If your trusted ‘vaccine’ (which is NOT a vaccine by definition according to the CDC) isn’t protecting you from the virus, why the FUCK we should take it? How effective is it if it can’t do the very thing it was created for?
    By the way; How come all covid symptoms are the exact same as the symptoms of the flu which, if you didn’t notice disappeared on the arrival of covid?
    And another thing….the chain of command when it comes to the government of America making an announcement the automatically all the government of the Caribbean say the same things right after. All of them saying the same things.
    I don’t have a problem with protecting one’s self or others, however, don’t try to squeeze me in a corner to do what you think is good for me. We no longer live in that Era. People are not stupid, most of them are scared and it’s because of the threats that the so called leaders are pushing. Incarceration, loss of employment, starvation, charges, separation and segregation, division and the like, is all that necessary, and if so, to achieve what?

  5. Thank you Vanessa zI think you said many things that were on our minds. The government has to share some blame along with the reckless people in antigua especially some business owners who allow their customers to disregard the protocol s

  6. Please tell me about the last time you heard someone who died because of the flu being incubated for days, weeks or months so they could breathe or have long after symptoms, heart and lung problems after they no longer have the flu. Tell me about a flu that stopped tourists from coming and disrupted your economy. You want the PM to fight with no hands? Astra Zeneca is not new science. It’s the same old type of vaccine you have taken in your body if you went to school in Antigua and Barbuda. Enough with the conspiracy theories. It’s clear that with the vaccine, following health protocols , eating right and building immunity generally you have a fighting chance of fewer variants, less infected, fewer hospitalizations, fewer deaths the country’s health system not being overwhelmed and the country’s economy recovering. The numbers are clear. Oh I forgot. They are fake. I’m sorry I don’t want to starve with you. I want to be able to have my surgery at the hospital because it’s not full of people who will not listen. The law is pretty clear also. So go to Court. Enjoy making a fool of yourself. Make it make sense!

  7. Dear Writer, the data does not validate your rant. Vaccinated are not catching it at the same level of unvaccinated. Of the recent local data (Aug 29 to sept 04) on active covid cases, the fully vaccinated account for 35 persons while the unvaccinated account for some 116. No the vaccinated do not spread it at the same level as the unvaccinated. Not only are they (vaccinated) less likely to catch it in comparison with the unvaccinated, if they do, they are less likely to be symptomatic hence less likely to easily spread it (in comparison to unvaccinated). More importantly the vaccinated are in general not at the hospital with severe covid, tying up our limited resources, negatively impacting ill persons who don’t have covid. The recent stats in the US shows that 90 percent of the persons at hospitals in the US with covid are unvaccinated. 96 percent of those at Intensive care units are also unvaccinated. see https://www.cbs17.com/community/health/coronavirus/unc-health-unvaccinated-make-up-90-percent-of-its-hospitalized-covid-patients/ also see “CDC study shows unvaccinated people are 29 times more likely to be hospitalized with Covid”

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