LETTER: Complaint about delay in Antigua & Barbuda’s visa processing


Dear News Editor,

I am writing to express my frustration with the delay in Antigua & Barbuda’s visa processing system.

As an international student attending a university in Antigua, I cannot afford to wait weeks or even months for visa approval.

It is disappointing that despite calling and emailing numerous times, I have yet to receive a solution or a clear indication of when my visa will be processed.

In one instance, I called to inquire about my visa application, only to be told to wait for a supervisor who then hung up on me.

Even when seeking to speak with the Chief Immigration Officer.

This kind of behavior is unacceptable and reflects poorly on the customer service of the department of immigration in Antigua & Barbuda.

Especially when hard earned money is spent.

As a visa applicant who has fully complied with all the requirements, it is incredibly frustrating to be left in limbo with no clear resolution in sight.

I believe that the department of immigration needs to take immediate action to address this matter and improve the efficiency of their visa processing system.

I urge you to investigate this issue and bring attention to the delay in visa processing and the poor customer service.

It is vital that the department of immigration in Antigua & Barbuda takes this matter seriously and implements necessary changes to ensure a timely and efficient visa processing system.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.



An anonymous visa applicant to Antigua & Barbuda.

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  1. Katrina Yearwood is and MP Steadroy Benjamin are a mess. Get people who can do the job properly. Chupz.

  2. I totally agree with you 10000%

    After they give you time for two consecutive terms they denied the third one. That doesn’t make sense. Immigration here is a scam. Sad to say. Is who you know, that what you have.

    • So you come as a visitor for 6 months – you get an extension 3 months (9 months so far) then you look a new 3 months (1 year) – Now you should not be working on time extension- but you expect Immigration should grant you another 3 months and you should not be working – you should go back home and apply for a work permit BY LAW.

  3. We have to fix that my peoples. The waiting time for Visas to be granted to international students is unacceptable. The Ministry of National Security, Foreign Affairs, and the Visa Office should co-ordinate to ensure that process is seamless and timely. We cannot afford to “kill off the goose that lays golden eggs”.

  4. Dear writer
    Thanks for your complaint. However there is absolutely no reason to investigate. We have every confidence in our system it may not be full prior but have served us well over the years.
    Mow, if our process do not match your standards, we understand. Some sources takes long to find out if you are a criminal so please free to apply to another school of your choice.

    Antigua will NOT adjust its stands for you or any other this is how we keep us and all our visitors safe and we take that responsibility seriously.

    Ps tell the US embassy in Barbados that six months is too long to wait for a visa. By the way your Visa application was rejected and Antigua reserves their sovereign right not to give you a reason

  5. Are you and African? If not then wait long my dear. Only african coming into the island with special cargo can get their visa waievered or get it quickly. Those who spend their hard earn money to get a visa have to wait and say nothing keep their mouth closed imagine that.

  6. To author of this editorial letter,

    All you have to do is change the CADENCE of your voice to sound like an African type dialectic tone; then let the relevant authorities know that you arrived via Antigua Airlines.

    Also, let them know that you have no MONEY, no ACCOMMODATION and get a signed declaration document from the Head of our Immigration Department, Katrina ‘Nepotism’ Yearwood, and your visa process problems are solved.

    Done and dusted boss!

    Other than that, you haven’t got a cat’s chance in hell …

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