LETTER: Close the bars that play loud music until 4 a.m


Dear Editor,

I read with interest your excellent article entitled  “Court revokes liquor license of 13 Bar after petition from neighbours” published on 6th October 2022.

The exact same problem exists in the area of Jolly Harbour, maybe you are aware of it.

There is an area just to the south of Jolly Harbour on Valley Road where in recent years a number of bars have opened and which play deafening music often later than 4 am. I have learned that a striptease bar is also about to open in this location.

This is a residential area with many rental villas, hotels and restaurants all targeting the tourist market essential for the economy of Jolly Harbour.

Tourists constantly complain angrily about the excessively loud noise that spoils their holidays in an otherwise idyllic location.

The tourists write damaging reviews and regularly demand refunds and compensation for ruined holidays.

In early 2022 when this problem became a major issue a number of owners contacted and met with the Minister of Tourism.

He referred us to the Police Commissioner who took no action. I engaged a local lawyer to contact the Minister of Health who they showed had the responsibility, the legal means to address this excessive noise problem and reported health cases.

The Minister of Health refused to respond to any received formal letters, refused to return calls and refused to agree to any requested meeting.

Twelve months on and the problem is now worse. Owners are putting their properties on the market and exiting the rental business.

Repeat bookings are no longer happening. There is a community of locals whose livelihoods are at risk (e.g. managers, cleaners, gardeners, taxi drivers etc.).

Tourists do not frequent these bars and strip tease bars instead they come with their families to enjoy Antigua, sadly many leave determined never to visit the island again; and keen to share their dreadful experience on social media.

One owner in the process of selling up his business intends to contact the main tourism media in the UK to expose the risk of holidaying and investing in the lawless country of Antigua. Such a reputation gained is impossible to remove.

The residents put their actions on hold until the election was past, we are now resuming our actions.

As  with the case you reported these antisocial establishments should not have been granted licences to play music until 4am in a residential area.

We will investigate how this happened and if the licences can be revoked.

I will also investigate possible action against the Ministry of Health for wilful dereliction of their duty of care to the health of this community.

I am contacting you to explore any interest you may have in following this campaign and giving it coverage. Any advice or suggestions will be gratefully received.

Kind regards

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  1. Problem with that said article: “Court revokes liquor license of 13 Bar after petition from neighbors” published on 6th October 2022.”

    I sat in the court room as an observer; during the hearing. As a former cop in the USA, I was curious to see how some of these cases would play out.

    The fact is the above mentioned bar NEVER had a liquor license at all. The owners were given a superette license and blatantly operated a bar/restaurant selling alcoholic beverages.
    For over two years the said proprietors boasted that they have a legal liquor license when indeed that was far from the truth.
    The chief magistrate revoked even the superette license that was granted since deception was used to obtain it in the first place.

    So go to the court, find out if the business in your area really has a liquor license. No magistrate will issue such license for those businesses to operate in residential areas. It is not lawful or ethical.
    Many of these establishments pop up all over Antigua, destroying quiet communities. In many instances, the cops have shares in these businesses and hence enable the criminal acts to continue. Senior cops and junior cops are heavy rum drinkers. They also use these businesses as cover for much more illegal activities.
    I am a retired cop from the USA and on my many visits to Antigua, I have done some undercover work and discovered how money laundering and human trafficking are widespread in the Antiguan society.

    There needs to be a holistic overhaul of your security system: police, army, immigration and coast guard. However, this type of corruption does not proliferate unless it is accommodated by high government officials. So in short, your entire system is highly and dangerously messed up.

    Until you change the system, the corruption will continue

    • Wow, thank you for your very well worded and explained comment. If we didn’t already know of the rampant corruption and delinquency here, we now have some more confirmed – would be great if someone like you was involved in overhauling such an urgently required holistic overhaul….then, we would see a much happier populace, able to eat better, enjoy their island home more feeling more secure, children properly educated to a high standard, with a far improved utility’s system, roads and thoroughfares, countryside and wildlife, encouragement for all farmers et al….with the further benefits of a roaring tourism business, where everyone gains. Wish this wasn’t just a long cherished dream of most of us! 😰

    • @demarkay_NJ

      As a kid living in Villa, I remember #Villa_Yolanda in the 1970’s. Then Bars which operate as you have described began to spread like wild fire in the Villa & Point Communities in the 1980’s to Present.
      Allegedly, didn’t a politician operated one such bar on Popeshead Street and even had a Mobile_Whorehouse?

      Antiguans are too passive when it comes to protecting what are in their best interests holistically.

      It’s gonna be one hell of a fight, to bring some semblance to this aspect(Bars, Rum Shop, Brothels, Whorehouses, Dope distribution centers), of the Nation’s society.

      However, these establishments are only allowed to operate and thrive on certain neighborhoods.

      Anyone who tries to bring these businesses under control will more then likely, be met with an untimely death, labelled #SUICIDE.

      Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
      De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard

      Vere C. Edwards

    • Well to you I say, clean your ears out as 13 bar has a Tavern license and the nature of the business as listed on the business registration states the nature of business as suprette, bar and food. Type less until you know more. And a petition can’t close a business again type less until you know more. You weren’t the only one present in the corrupt court.

      • 13 bar was a disrepute… disreputable , disgusting, dirty, demeaning and devilish. You should not type at all.. all of you are the same.. a bunch of LIARS determined to be a disease in Antigua . Hope the people continue to stand up by any means necessary to stop this evil in our society 🙏🏽.

      • LIAR!!! As stated by the one who was present in the court.. 13 bar did not have anything but LIES AND DECEPTION. WHY WOULD YOU STAND UP FOR THIS KIND OF WRONG! sure if people really do the research you weren’t there in that court that day either lol. You people are not real at all. He had no right and still has no right to operate a bar there. One of these good days. Fork lightning will strike that very place where he had his rebellious 13 bar. Why not just take warning and stop being a pharaoh.. don’t you remember what happened to pharaoh? Be quiet 🤫. Hush you mouth and don’t stand up for evil people. Trust me they won’t be standing up for you when you need them. Hush you mouth and remember pharaoh, just Hush 😯 🙄

        • Do you remember Sodom and Gomorrah? Do you know what is adultery? Are you aware that thou shall not steal or bare false witness? … forgetful are you of your past oh great sinner ? Folk lightening already struck you hence the reason you are full of hate… look around you….You dont qualify to say what’s right, hush your mouth !!! You hate a man and not the authorities…. your critics were correct, it’s not the bar you hated it was the individual ….

    • “No magistrate will issue such license for those businesses to operate in residential areas. It is not lawful or ethical. ” are you serious ?

      Then hodges bay club, bars in jolly harbor, bars in Point, bars in Johnsons, the bars on tindale road etc. are all operating without a licenses dwllll hahahahahahhahaha do reseach before you come on here chatting crap and sharing half truth and whole lies. what you don’t know about please dont talk about as much of what your stated is farrrrr from facts!

      • @Silky…in this day and age, the open air entertainment businesses in the Nation, a growing Nation, no doubt, MUST come under review to coincide, parallel the times, in which we live. This is paramount, to be a part of the cream and not #de bun! Wen U get #bun it no nice!

        Anyways, this is about clubs, bars, liquor licenses, noise ordinances, and the likes which comprise a legal business. It’s very obvious, that our Culture, lifestyles, habits, norms etc, on this little piece of rock is among, the creme de la creme in some regards, however policies, guidelines, ordinances which must parallel, coincide with today’s cream of the crop lifestyles are woefully lacking, lackluster and need to be amended.

        As they, policies, ordinances, laws, which pertains to bars, clubs, restaurants, cars, vans, anything which plays music above a certain decibel MUST be addressed, and sooner, rather than later.

        Things such as ingress/egress, schematics especially regarding the playing of music, sound proofing, fire escape plans, handicapped etc MUST be addressed.

        I love music. I am a fan of entertainment!
        I’m a fan of being entertained. I’m a fan of businesses growing and making money, to keep the Nation moving forward, not lateral, horizontal, nor in reverse.
        However, in this day and age with the advance in technology’s I cannot condone nor support certain things which are a scourge on Culture and Society.

        Trust me, this debate should even be about interjection of the Spirit of Arrogance but one of compliance with a #balance, which is beneficial to all.

        Yes, open your clubs but they MUST be regulated, and not in no #Dung_Kay_Damn_Way!

        I’ve witnessed my peeps become federal judges, Nike designers, Facebook(Meta) Techies, University of Maryland basketball star, Mom’s 95years young and still sharp as a razor blade mentally and there are many, many, many more who’re from this piece, of a Rock who will not sit, stand, nor be silent when it comes to phuckery and the OPEN BARS playing loud music is pure fuckery in Antigua at this period, in our development.

        Ras Smood aka Jumbee_Picknee
        De ‘ole Dutty Peg_Foot Bastard

        Vere C. Edwards

  2. The trouble is, over the years there was no specific designation ( Residential or Commercial Area) to setting up a bar, and anyone could have just open one regardless where. And over the past 5 to 15 years, particularly since the influx of citizens from the Dominican Republic, we have seem bars gone up on Tindale Road, De Souza Road, Martins Village, Browne’s Avenue, Lower Back Street, Lower Ottos, and many other traditional residential areas. This should never have happened. Persons wanting to operate bars should be barred from doing so once the area is designated to be a residential area. There is nothing worse than been prevented from sleeping by the loud noise and the traffic associated with these bars. Frankly speaking, bars operating in residential areas should have their licenses revoked.

    • @Audley Phillip…they, those from Santo Domingo have become the #SWING_VOTE in the Nation General Elections. It therefore, stands to reason, that the poliTRICKtans, charlatans, Pied Pipers will not do anything to change nor address this scourge, on our culture and Society.

      One question, where are the #Christians, their shepherds and prophets to be on the forefront fighting this scourge.


    • Clearly, the people fed up now.. these knock up bars say absolutely nothing good about Antigua. They only wreak havoc on this small society. They are nothing but destroyers. And yes the minister of health will not do anything about this disease that’s destroying our Antigua. He does not care as long as he is back in office. Picket his office people. You put him in office to work on your behalf, so demand he work. Place a demand on him/them. Antigua stinks. Its dirty. Has anyone gone up market Street lately? Do you see Antigua or do you see Jamaica, Guyana, Dominica, Santo Domingo, Trinidad, you will see AFRICANS squeezing in there soon too. If they are not there already.. every island listed is so much bigger than Antiguas 108 square miles. Poor Antigua is gone . We are lost . They have pushed us out taking
      bread from our families. That’s what your government is doing to us.. open your eyes and see what they are doing to us. They are destroying us that’s why they don’t care about the bars all over the place right in people back yard front yard, side yard. Eh wrong eh just wrong. Bars do not belong right beside people’s homes, church, school or business . Stinking filthy bar disease destroying Antigua more than covid

  3. Don’t get me wrong I do go out. However it only takes commonsense to know certain businesses just DON’T BELONG IN RESIDENTIAL AREAS. Are we really willing to damage our tourism system for one, maybe two nights of fun?
    One night of fun VS years of helping our community/country grow. These so called mp’s really need to go and come again. If there’s some sort of petition/protest I will have no problem being apart of it. Turn off the noise if it can’t be turned down

  4. Here is the problem perhaps if the people in Jolly Harbour that is crying now had supported the residents in Browns Avenue, there would be some support for them now.

    The thing is the people in Jolly Harbour has never ever supported the Africans living here, they separate themselves and consider us less than.

    Turn up the music and add more base.
    When the elderly man on King Obstinate Drive could not open his window, where was your support? It’s your time now……No sympathy

  5. When the head is sick, the whole body suffers. Look at the people leading this country!!? Look at the head!!… change the head to have a changed body!!! Antiguans TALK UP..ARISE PASTORS OF THIS NATION! SPEAK UP FOR OUR RIGHTS IN OUR COUNTRY! SPEAK OUT AGAINST THESE THINGS AND STOP FOCUSING ON WHO CAN BUILD THE BIGGEST CHURCH BUILDING ,TO RAKE IN MORE MONEY! MANY OF YOU SO CALLED PASTORS HAVE BEEN WEIGHED! You who should be Gods voice against these bars and houses of disrepute wreaking havoc on the lives of young and old.. have you stopped marching in the streets and praying down these idols of debauchery and immorality?! !!?! Drugs all over this nation.
    Not just Grays farm and Point, but Blue Waters, Hodges Bay and Crosbies, etc filled with drugs too, they just hide it better. AND Speaking of illegal dirty looking and filthy bars such as the one 13’s bar mentioned by someone, who are supported by policemen in high ranks aiding illegal activities. This nation needs a cry for repentance. Have you listened to how noisy and lawless this nation has become?!? Not just from these illegal bars but also from motorists driving all over with heavy music that shake our very frames.. where is the noise act to be enforced? Where are the policemen to enforce laws? They can’t enforce as they are a huge part of the problem. Many of them are not from Antigua and hate many Antiguans. So they dont care as long as they get a monthly salary. Antigua has gone to nothing This peaceful and beautiful nation.. filled with toooo much Jamaicans, Santo Domingans, who do nothing but heap up rubbish everywhere, put up rusty old galvanised fences even on our main roads that never had them before until they took up residence here. Knocking up shacks to sell all over this country. Making our beautiful Antigua like the countries they are leaving and have left.. a pile of rubbish and old galvanise. Let’s march against illegal bars.. let’s march for our rights.. Antigua was NEVER LIKE THIS. The residents of Brown’s Avenue stood up for what was right and stood against WRONG AND AN EVIL THAT WAS SO REDICULOUSLY DEVILISH.. those bar owners will reap what they sowed.. they planning to reopen is the word on the street so they not moving nothing out of the nasty looking building they erected. The residents should all rise up to citizens arrest if they do what they plan to do and reopen. That bar owner lied all in court as you have said. He too is a criminal and many people know that.. he was selling drugs for certain people right there under cover. He will reap what he sowed.. Antiguans rise up against these ILLEGAL BARS and take back our country.. its wrong from the head.. Pastors WHERE ARE YOU?!?! Stop building the biggest church and build the KINGDOM OF GOD! Stop going after titles and go after souls! Stop putting people God did not call because they come to you with some meaningless letters behind their names in posotions they dont belong. Take the nation back through prayers. THIS IS A TRAVESTY

    CLOSE THESE BARS.. STOP Making Antigua like Santo Domingo, like the poor of Jamaica, like the rubbish streets of Haiti..etc these people have come and helped to just ruin our little island.. 😒 😑 and believe you me the Ministers of Government won’t do a things about it as they buy their votes every election. How sad this what our Antigua has come to. Jolly harbour fight! ANTIGUA FIGHT BACK. FIGHT FOR OUR COUNTRY OR WE WILL BE ALL MOST MISERABLE . CLOSE ALL ILLEGAL BARS.. SET UP PERIMETERS.. LEAVE BARS TO THE HOTELS AND DECENT RESTAURANTS NOT WITHIN RESIDENTIAL AREAS WHERE PEOPLE NEED TO LIVE NORMAL LIVES AND NOT BE TORMENTED BY THESE PEOPLE.

  6. Where are the “Apostles” in this country to speak a word against these ills? Too busy making themselves rich, building lavish buildings and homes 🏡 🙄. Too busy not been sent to do this work Too busy with their titles. Have any one of you ever heard these apostles here speak out against wholesome, drunkenness from these bars, corruption and the many ills plaguing this nation. Calling out the simple preaches to demonstrate how much God hates evil. These bars are just that….evil . If John the Baptist were in these times I know he would be afraid to speak out.. ARISE churches and true preachers in this nation. March and pray and cry out in the streets if you have to.. God will hear…

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