LETTER: Close all – Bars and Churches


Dear Editor,

I refer to a letter to ANR calling for a bar to be closed in Browne’s Avenue due to the noise nuisance being created.

I agree and I wish to add that all the clap-hand churches that are located in the midst of residential communities should also be closed. Noise is noise.

I have a friend who lives in Golden Grove close to a clap-hand church that goes until 10 pm, Monday to Friday, and all day on Sunday., with loud amplified music and singing. The neighbours can’t get any rest.

But these same so-called Christians complain about noise from bars. Do as I say and not as I do

These problems I place at the feet of the moribund DCA. It is high time that this country be zoned and restrictions be placed on control of what can be built and opened in a residential area. But I  know this will never happen..

Everything is politics and this fallacy of poor people. So because of poor people, we must not have laws. Unless you are Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos, you are poor.

So we are all poor.. Can DCA and the Police explain how someone was given permission to open a Bar/Restaurant on a bend in the road that joins 3 roads?

I am not sure what that area is called but it is on the road across from Woods that will wind its way to Fort Road.

This country needs order and discipline.


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  1. And aircraft! Let’s ban all aircraft, especially those that are full of tourists bringing money to the island, after all, noise is noise!

    • When the blind leads the blind then severe danger is certain. TRUTH REALLY DOES HURT.

      The question is about regulations that are on the books, but are not being adhered to in relation to some people. The prescribed practice of issuance of license for business establishment has a methodical procedure. In many instances, the powers that be do not follow these regulations. For whatever reasons: Be it that the businesses owners are their friends, politicians are shareholders, law enforcement are friends/family. The list can go on.


      Equal rights must be for all. The issuance of license for business must be vetted with the residents of the proposed location of the establishments be systematically involved in the process. Once this is not done, then the law would have been ignored and speculations can be made as to why this is so.

      We need to stand up for what is TRUTH. Despite the fact that it hurts so much. Cuts like a knife.

      Lucky Dube has a song with the line:” If you stand for the truth, you will always stand alone”.

      Nobody can prevent the people from killing themselves drinking the rum, smoking or doing other drugs. Thats their choice. They will have to give account for how they treat their bodies. We all will have to stand before the Great Judgment Seat.

      However, in your quest to destroy your minds and bodies, we still need our environment to be clean and free of the noise pollution, litter ( garbage), foul language and other disrespectful acts.

      The idea of keeping the noise decibels down to a certain level or shutting it off altogether at 11 pm are not solutions. They are bandages trying to patch up dirty sores. The truth is that these bars/clubs should not be given licenses to operate in residential areas. POINT BLANK! IT IS SIMPLE AND PELLUCID AS THAT! WHAT MORE DO THE AUTHORITIES NEED TO KNOW ? NADA…NOTHING MORE!

      I agree with one commentor that zoning must be done to locate these bars and clubs in specific areas. The people who want to destroy their brains and bodies with the booze and stuff will find them wherever they are located.

      Why cannot the people who hold these public offices understand the simplicity of these situations. Learn to do their jobs as they are being paid to.

      This country needs a heart surgery ( just like the rest of the world).


  2. So pray tell me where the buildings that keep services are really supposed to be put. Because we are the “Church” where we worship is just a building!! The buildings are supposed to be in the heart of the community, the solution for the nosie is not to move those buildings but have them sound prove. Where regardless of how often the doors are open the noise wouldn’t affect the outside. If that’s your argument!!! But we must not stop the churches from carrying out Gods work… Just my two cent 😔

  3. You.can the tell when the devil start to feel very rampant. Does any of this make sense to close churches is something wrong with our people in today’s world or Satan taking a foot hols in some people’s life

  4. I agree. Close the churches. They just take people’s money and waste their. Where are the Christians to lay hands and heal people from covid? Raise the dead to life? Help Andre Simon? And I hope when Andre comes around no one says it’s god when it’s the people who generously gave and the experts who studied so hard who are doing the work. Close down churches! They have no place in modern society.

    • @Chups To address some of your concerns…
      “The labourer is worthy of his reward.” Is there any evidence that our local churches waste money? Pastors provide a useful service to their congregations and should be compensated like anyone else. Churches also do a lot of charity work in the community.
      “God works in mysyerious ways his wonders to perform.” Miracles are complicated. God is more concerned with our eternal souls than perfecting our lives here on earth. Having rebelled against God, we have no right to expect healing. We can only ask. No harm in that. Everything in life, even the doctors’ expertise on a given day, are at the mercy of God’s agreement. It would all make sense to you if you seek to understand in an open minded way.

      • P.S. I prayed earnestly for Andre during one of the prayer campaigns and the next day he was reported as showing the first signs of awareness. That was before he went overseas to see any experts.
        I personally believe that God is paying attention to our prayers when we truly pray in faith. It certainly doesn’t hurt to include Him. Nevertheless, God’s will be done.

  5. satan is real, working in spirit
    You can see him and hear him in this world every day
    satan is real, working with power
    He can tempt you and lead you astray.

  6. for the documented role the church played in Antigua between 1810 & 1851, THEY SHOULD ALL BE CLOSED; Well maybe except for the Wesleyan.

    • So the current innocent churchgoers should be punished for what random people in the past opted to do in the name of the church? How does that make sense? Perhaps, instead, we should be on our knees in church thanking God that the past is history… After all, many of our ancestors prayed for that end, and it was proper Christians who fought against things like slavery the most.

  7. Unfortunately, this letter compares apples and oranges. When setting public policy we should think about the relative benefit and harm of different activities. Churches are mostly beneficial. Even their “noise” is just uplifting and inspirational music. Most curches only make “noise” a few hours per week. That’s comparable to your neighbour down the road.
    Bars on the other hand bring a host of potential problems many days a week because people literally get drunk there. So, there is great potential for violence, lewedness, degrading music etc. This can be problematic for both adults and children living nearby. No justification for closing churches but bars should definitely be zoned.

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