LETTER: CIP’s Outdated Website


Dear Editor,

Could you please do a story or research about Antigua’s CIP and ask the government about why the Antigua CIP website hasn’t been updated for more than 10 months? The website for the CIP program is very old and out of date, the most recent information posted on the CIP website was in Jan. 2018 and of course this is not acceptable. http://www.cip.gov.ag/

Also, if Antigua wants to have more money coming in via the CIP program, it should position itself to be more competitive with other CIP places like St. Kitts. Over the last two months, St. Kitts has established new via free agreements with over 5 countries, including Russia. Antigua has done nothing recently in this regard. Also, St. Kitts allows children of its CIP citizens to be registered as citizens of St. Kitts basically for free with small fee, yet Antigua charges its CIP citizens $25,000 to have a child as a registered Antigua citizen – which seems very inhumane. Do policies such as this make Antigua’s CIP program competitive with others in the region, even the world? The answer is simply: NO. Antigua must do more to make its CIP program more attractive.

Hopefully you can ask the government directly what is going on with the Antigua CIP website, the CIP program in general, and visa-free travel agreements for Antigua citizens. Maybe if the Antigua CIP program is more successful, the government can have enough money to pay the monies owed to civil servant government workers. Also, is the reduced donation levels for CIP applicants being extended beyond Oct. 31, 2018?

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  1. CIP doesn’t have a Marketing officer currently and haven’t had one since 4 to 5 months ago. The marketing personnel resigned and eversince, the incompetent HR and CEO has failed to address that issue among others…………..
    They don’t even have a driver; the HR does the driving SMDH and so much young ppl in anu out of work, yet they can’t find no one to fill those positions

  2. I hope that the government updates the CIP website soon! St. Kitt’s CIP unit is very active on social media and always seem active in making their program more and more attractive to global citizens.

  3. Look at how nice and updated Dominica’s CIP website is – our’s is trashy looking compared to theirs.

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