LETTER: Can anything good come from the St. Mary’s South constituency?


Dear Editor,

The country side has always been looked down on in a condescending manner and many have asked, can anything good come from the St. Mary’s South constituency?

The simple answer is yes!

To name a few, the St Mary’s South constituency has produced outstanding persons in various professions such as politicians, lawyers, doctors, nurses, cricketers, footballers, policemen, teachers, mechanics, fishermen, farmers & religous ministers.

I am sure that the residents of the SMS constituency are a proud people & they can boast of successful sons & daughters of the soil in the likes of Samantha Marshall as an attorney, Hugh Marshall as a politician, Andy Roberts as international cricketer, Cortright Marshall as an  attorney, Hilson Baptist as successful Business man & the list can go on & on.

Now, like a rising star, engraving his name on that list is Mr. Dwayne Chemist George, a lecturer & a bright up coming politician. The question might be asked why is Shuggy’s name not on the list. To make a long story short, his professional & personal track record does not qualify him to be there.

Interestingly, Dwayne George has established himself as an exceptional Sr. Lecturer at the Antigua State College. Ten years of lecturing at tertiary level at such a young age, is no easy feat. He has reshaped the lives of hundreds of students who has passed through the walls of the distinguished institution and at the same time made many families proud & alleviated them from poverty.


Being cognizant of his God given ability of empowering people & transforming their lives, Dwayne has decided to expand his wings and now venture into politics where he can offer his expertise to his fellow constituents to empower them to the next level.

His enthusiasm, his youthfulness, his passion and his brilliant mind fused with his bi-lingual skills and his in depth knowledge of macro & micro economoics makes him the perfect candidate to be the caretaker of his beloved St. Mary’s South constituency.


There is no doubt that Dwayne is a jewel of the St. Mary’s South constituency. He is blessed, and rarely do communities whose livelihood depends highly on agriculture & tourism for survival, produce persons of such high calibre.

For the short time he has been vying to be the representative of SMS, Dwayne’s track record along with his plans has demonstrated clearly, that he is the best fitted person for the job.

Continuing from where Samantha has left off, it is evident that persons can see that Dwayne is certainly letting his works & his interpersonal ability speak for itself.

It is obvious that Dwayne is a firm believer of the bible and hence, followng it as his guide. Clearly he is replicating what Matthew 5.16 states…… “Let your light so shine before men, so that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven”.

Should the people of St Mary’s South pass this opportunity of not electing this dynamic individual, Dwayne Chemist George,  into parliament, then the world who is watching on will be surprised & extremely disappointed in their thoughts & actions of the electorates.



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    • where did the $25,000, new jeep and the 'new found wealth' come from? dwayne had nothing? now he's rich? wey de money come fram? where did the $25,000, new jeep and the 'new found wealth' come from? dwayne had nothing? now he's rich? wey de money come fram?

      @ ERIC THE RED, Bluddy Bloke , IMAN, SMH, BERTABOI, PRIM, JP, Hmmmmmmm, GILES et al


      • you guys writing up all your garbage on Antigua News room think that would change 1 single vote in St Marys South? NEVER EVER EVER, lol, y’all just wasting your time, 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

        • @time wasters

          You know I was going to write an article about online blogging doesn’t have any effects locally?

          Most local folks do not read these things, I actually thought they did until I was there. Nearly no ones locally goes on any of these unless the topic is some outrageous happening, something extreme, and even then, they get updates sitting in the buses, at the corner of the roads and from their neighbors.

          So, from my own recent experience, locals do not do online news much and our hope that these things affect locals, at this time is so not valid.

    • @ BRIXTONIAN .My latest polling as of October 19th.2023. DWAYNE GEORGE LEAD increases as follows.

      DWAYNE GEORGE now leads SHUGY SIMON by 14 points.

      Landslide victory for DWAYNE GEORGE and ABLP.

  1. Is who vote him in again? Oh yes you the people of antigua and barbuda …
    Antigua imo has a unique breed of people I’m convinced

  2. Shame on Shuggy for not making the prestigious list of SMS. Fitzroy knows what he’s talking about…… Dwayne is the right man with the plan to take care of SMS…….

    • Ahhhh, secret agent Fitzroy is back; and watch him disappear like a ‘DAY GHOST’ 💀 when the St Mary’s South by-election is over. Soooo predictable!

      • @ BRIXTONIAN .My latest polling as of October 19th.2023. DWAYNE GEORGE LEAD increases as follows.

        DWAYNE GEORGE now leads SHUGY SIMON by 14 points.

        Landslide victory for DWAYNE GEORGE and ABLP.

  3. @ Fitzroy

    The people of St Marys South should elect ANYONE ELSE EXCEPT DWAYNE ‘ISCARIOT’ JUDAS.

    How can anyone trust someone who has sold their soul to the DEVIL GASTON, for 30 pieces of silver?
    He will never ever be trusted by St Marys South residents.

    • @failing grade

      APOSTLE SHUGY SIMON OF THE NAZARENE CHURCH is the JUDAS dat sellout Jesus in exchange fu FETE!! Fu 2 feathers and glitter from insane carnival, he tun he back on God!!

      Sellout Cortwright Marshall with rumours and lies. Dat FETE BOY can’t meet good.

  4. the people deserve honest member of Parliament. GOD-FEARING man who dont turn he back on God………respect God respect the people, love the people. ex-Apostle Kelvin he changed for the worse….used to serve God now dancing with Satan kingdom

    nazarene dont mess with Alcohol dont gamble dont jump up in carnival…..pray he change he ways. he dont suit politics. he living for the flesh, not good. very bad example for youth n other ppl

    “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.” Luke 9:62

    ABANDON the church
    ABANDON the constituency

  5. Proverbs 14:14 says “the BACKSLIDER in heart shall be filled with his own ways”

  6. Thank you Mr. George for the $25,000 INVESTMENT in Sports and the community.

  7. Shuggy is a LeBron James knock off. Y’all dont see he is trying very hard to model his looks and dressing like LeBron. Beard etc. He soon start wearing skirts and a purse.




    • hypocrites

      The people came back after UPP LOSE the january 18th election. No more Canda trips for the Preacherman, since no more constituency allowance for his to waste on travelling to Miami carnival to whine and grind with…..

      • @ Really

        UPP people never disappeared, BECAUSE THEY KNOW THAT THEY NEVER LOST THE ELECTION. They knew that the election was stolen from them by the tiefing ABLP party and Gaston Brown- in his own words he admitted to that ‘I transferred people in several constituencies to enable some of my colleagues to win their seat’. Is NOT THAT FRAUD? U SHUD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF TALKING ABOUT UPP LOSE. U GUYS HAVE NO SHAME.
        THE ABLP GOVERNMENT IS AN ILLEGITIMATE ONE, and that is why things are going so terribly wrong for you all. The only thing left to do which I will predict again is that Antiguans will be taxed for the incompetence and fraudulent activities of the bunch of scamps.

  9. I mean this respectfully, is Ms. Marshall from Bolans or have ever lived there? I am only asking and this is not to impute that I am against her. You know in Antigua, you ask a question and it automatically assumed to be an attack.

    I very proud of hearing Mr. Dwayne George is a professor in the Antigua State College. Good great Dwayne.

    I do not think it is necessary to diminish Mr. Simon’s profession as a guide counselor in a high school to highlight Mr. George great achievement.

    Guidance counselors, teachers and professors like Mr. George and Mr. Simon needs more support in their profession.

    Do not let the children think that the profession of guidance counseling is worthless. We can try to win the election by highlighting the merit of each candidate and not by bashing.

    I will probably never ever get into politics for these same reasons. We can do so much better.

    I want someone to offer a village $1,000,000.00 during an election, if all candidates and supports can be involve in politics without cursing each other, demeaning each other, and focus on the merit and issues, instead of the unnecessary abuse of each other. If such conditioned are met, the donor donates $1,000,000.00 to the village or each village for village purposes.

    I would love to see social experiments like these, conditioning those folks who are so mentally corrupted that for politics they will make others wrongfully look bad, as distraction and to abuse.

    I know of bloggers on both side who will do anything, even abuse, and lie on someone if that person speaks in good-faith about a failure of their candidate. Trust me, that have occurred to me. You can not trust people like that and should never have them close to you.

    I am honored to see Mr. George and Mr. Simon enter into politics to represent their people, I am so proud and I wish the winner the best.

    I will never ever let what team you are on make me be rude to any of you or dislike you. I pray the best one for the constituency wins.

    It is okay people, to have a favorite but do we need to abuse the other?

    These actions are literally folks who can actually substantially and immediately help the constituency refuse to help in ways they can. Folks who would refuse any and all salary from the government and let that money be used by the villagers because the person’s salary at his or her businesses averages $20,000 to $100,000.00usd a week and would not need a dime from the Antigua Government. These candidates have crazy amount of money in US treasury bonds and are creative in business and economics, and are sharing people but because of the abuse, cruelty, defamation, and other violations candidates have to face and their supporters, you are literally pushing help away that would have direct and immediate substantial impact on each and every person in the constituencies.

    I am begging each of you from love, start treating each other, even your “opponents” better. All the degrading each other is not material and necessary.

    There are people who truly want to help and can help immediately.

    Can your candidate is wrong, say he or she is wrong. Do not go and abuse the person because they correctly said your person is wrong.

    Be better. Please.

    • @ I do understand yr sentiments but do I agree with you. The political platform is all about bashing. It is all about exposing your opponent’s dirty laundry. If Shuggy had a clean slate then he wld not be bashed. In our parliament we need ladies & gentlemen who descent, respectable & intelligent who can bring great value to the table in order to take our country forward…. Besides Richard Lewis & Bowen no else on UPP side has anything worthwhile to offer to the people of Anu & B’da.

  10. That $25,000.000 from Dwayne George is nothing less than blatant bribery and no one in authority calling it out. This is the reason Antigua will never get anywhere.

    Gaston Browne in full desperate mode to hold on to control. That @55h0le even had the audacity to show up at a UPP rally just to make a scene. That piece of sh1t can’t even stay out of people business.

    Antigua people, your vote is worth a lot more than $25,000.00. Antigua is worth even more than that. Vote for what is right.


    Voting Dwayne in is a vote for a government that only takes care of themselves, not you, not your community and not Antigua.

    Govt workers aren’t being paid, pensioners aren’t being paid, Social Security isn’t being paid, water isn’t being delivered on a consistent basis. Take a look at all the current govt members, they are not in your shoes. They are living a sweet life, they are not struggling to put bread and cheese on their tables. They have pork chops, steak, lobster and can chose what they want to eat on any given day. While the rest of us lucky to have a piece of bread and cheese daily.

    When you vote, remember your vote is worth more that that $25,000.00 bribe from Dwayne George. Ask him where he got the money from to bribe you. Follow the money trail. There is your answer. You will then know who is extremely desperate to stay in power and be a dictator.

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