LETTER: Call for police to do more to fight crime

Police on recent crime scene/Observer photo

Call for police to do more to fight crime

Robberies, guns, violence, and crime are all too common occurrences in our society today. It seems like every day we hear about another robbery or violent incident that has taken place somewhere on our small island. While it’s easy to feel helpless in the face of such widespread criminal activity, there is one group of people who have the power to make a difference: the police. However, recent events have shown that there may be some problems with their approach. In this post, we’ll explore why more needs to be done when it comes to addressing these issues and what can be done to ensure that criminals are brought to justice and innocent citizens are protected from harm.

Recent robberies 

Recent robberies have been a cause for concern in many communities, as they not only put people’s property at risk but also their lives. In some instances, robbers brandish guns and use violence to get what they want. This has led to an increase in fear among citizens who worry about becoming victims of these crimes.

The impact of recent robberies goes beyond the immediate harm caused to individuals; it can also affect the wider community. Despite police, robbery rates continue to remain high, It is clear that more needs to be done by the Royal Police Force of Antigua and Barbuda to create a safer antigua for everyone.


The possible solutions 

There are several possible solutions that can help reduce the number of robberies and other violent crimes in our communities. One solution is to increase police presence in high-crime areas, especially during peak hours when most robberies occur.

Another possible solution is to improve community policing efforts by building stronger relationships between law enforcement officers and local residents. This approach may involve working with community leaders, schools, and businesses to create safe spaces where people can gather without fear of violence or crime.

Technology can also play a role in reducing robbery-related crimes. For instance, installing surveillance cameras in commercial areas or on public transportation could deter criminal activity. Additionally, implementing mobile apps that allow citizens to report suspicious activity or contact emergency services quickly may help prevent robberies from happening.

Furthermore, addressing underlying issues like poverty and unemployment may also contribute to lowering the crime rate. Providing job training programs and affordable housing options for low-income individuals could give them an alternative means of supporting themselves instead of resorting to criminal activities.

There isn’t one single solution that will magically solve the problem of robberies and violent crimes overnight; rather it requires a combination of strategies aimed at tackling various root causes behind these issues.

Why more needs to be done 

The recent surge in robberies, guns and violence has left many citizens and residence  feeling unsafe. While the police force is responsible for maintaining law and order, it’s evident that more needs to be done.

There are several actions that can be taken to combat the recent surge in robberies, guns, violence and crime. Firstly, police departments need to increase their presence. By having a visible presence on the streets, criminals may be deterred from committing crimes.
Secondly, law enforcement agencies should work with community leaders to establish neighborhood watch programs. Members of these programs can monitor suspicious activity and report it to authorities before any criminal activity takes place.

Thirdly, investing in technology such as CCTV cameras and facial recognition software could aid police departments in identifying suspects and tracking down criminals after a crime has been committed.

Fourthly, stricter gun control laws must be implemented across the country. This will help reduce the number of firearms available for use by criminals during robbery attempts or violent incidents.

Members of society must take an active role in reporting any suspicious behavior they witness. By working together with law enforcement agencies, we can help keep our communities safe from harm.

It is clear that more needs to be done if we want to tackle this issue effectively. It’s time for action!

We, the people of Antigua, don’t feel safe in our homes. I call on Commissioner of Police to hold his officers responsible for solving these robberies and senseless crimes. We need increase police presence in the city and within our communities, arrest any suspicious persons and anyone found breaking the law. We need justice and need to feel safe.

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  1. The MAIN THING that needs to be done is for the ENTIRE police force to wake up and cater to the needs of the people and not bang, kick and assault them. Police have forced a wedge between them and the public that has now lead the a hatred, dislike and mistrust for ALL of them, yes, even the FEW good ones that do Thier job and appreciate the public input. More needs to be done to foster a better relationship.

  2. In the US, there are programs for housing and there lots of food…even free food. But there is a lot of gun violence. Many people here commit crime because of drug addiction or drug use. It is a very hard problem to solve if people get weapons and then are hooked on expensive drugs that make them crazy :(.

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