LETTER: Burford Is Among The Best

Dear Editor,
I read a letter on your news site questioning the presence of a black brother, Garfield Burford’s presence at ABS TV, but I notice that the writer has no problem with the Caucasians at Observer and ZDK.
It seems that there are different rules for different people.
From what I have seen of Mr. Burford, he is a significant cut above all the others in Antigua. In fact, as far as I am concerned he is the most professional journalist in Antigua and the rest should learn. He is always well prepared and researched before he does anything.
Unlike the other letter writer I am not prepared to tear down any individual by name but most of them cannot read and mispronounce simple words. They appear on the weekly Post Cabinet Press Conference and ask mainly irrelevant questions. Here is an example at one of the 5 pm Wednesday Press Conferences –  there had been a fire earlier in the day, and one of the so-called journalists, asked Minister Nicholas for an update on the fire. Really!!!
Minister Nicholas was giving a Cabinet Briefing and you are asking about a fire in Sea View Farm. You should have gone out to the scene and get your own story. But this is the laziness that passes for journalism in Antigua.




  1. Mr Bufford came here for a specific mandate, like the chap at Customs they are able to ween themselves into permanency! That is the issue at hand. Nobody is questioning his credentials. It reminds of the alligator in the pond scenario whereby a man was asked to fished alligators from a pond as they were a nuisance. For some odd reasons he just could not catch that very last one after numerous attempts. Figure out what he is still there trying to catch that alligator!

    • I believed it is time that Antigua and Barbuda government start sending our people overseas to cross train in different fields instead of bringing people here to train us. Because when these person come here and they saw that the salary is good, they don’t want to go back to their country. Once their contact is up don’t renew it just send them back. If we Antiguans and Barbudans can’t learn in one year or six months cross training something is totally wrong with us.

    • Antiguans again…stop looking ” hand outs” educate yourselves and stop crying about an Antiguan suppose to be this and that. Its you all fault and you all still never get the picture why other qualified professionals are selected over us. Other nationals come here fully qualified. While we shit on our lazy bum looking for political hand outs. Come on rise up and educate yourselves, qualify yourselves. I wont employ people who no qualified …its insanity

  2. I have now also managed to read your news article. All the “pseudo journalists” that you are referring to at ABS, wasnt getting them up to scratch one of the mandates for Bufford? So he remains a cut above the rest as determined by you but he has failed miserably in equipping and training his peers which I know factually was his primary mandate. Maybe it is all by design then!

  3. Observer and ZDK are private radio stations. ABS is a taxpayer funded station and the face of Antigua’s only public TV station should be an Antiguan. You would never see an Antiguan or any other nationality at Jamaica public TV station so why do it here.

    If Antiguans are not up to speed, then train them. I know a lot of politicians that are not competent either but we dont bring in qualified politicians from Jamaica to replace them, we allow them to learn on the job like at the Health ministry. I wish politicians could get CSME certificates and move freely around the Caribbean to work , Caricom would mash up in one week.

    Antiguans should remember this coming election that these politicians think we are not good enough to be the face of our own TV station and fire all the politicians that disrespect us in our own homes every day.

    Why say ‘black brother’ anyway, is not our black brothers and sisters that are choking LIAT to death while subsidizing the competition?

    • If your myopic, parochial mind had done your research, you would have known that a St Lucia national (Janella Percius) is one of the main news anchor on Jamaica’s main television station, TVJ. We Jamaicans don’t undermine and discriminate like some of you guys esp the ones who have never ventured outside Antigua’s borders in a plane for your entire existence.

      On another note, if you look around, over 80% of businesses in ANU are owned by White and Jewish people. Why are local Antiguans incapable of owning anything substantial? They seem to be a huge void of mental aptitude! Only Yardie unuh have strength fah? Most of who complaining abt Garfield reading the news cannot even fathom idea of going in front of a teleprompter. Ease off the high horse and stop being pompous and downright revolting.

      • What, you forgot that it was the same Yardees that says, “We Antigua and Barbuda are sucking on them like little pigs.” Now Antigua become their safe haven. Our PM was right when he said couple or less years ago that Antigua and Barbuda have made great contributions to the development of Jamaica. Antiguans and Barbudans should be the top in all government organizations.

        • @Paul, conversely, majority of the educated elite of Antigua are educated in the land of Wood and Water! last year i counted 20 Caribbean Maritime University students on a plane from Kgn to ANU. This excludes those attend the University of Technology and UWI, Mona. So is you asked me, Jamaica is making a significant contribution to the development of ANU.

          Any astute and pragmatic mind would aim to own income generating assets instead of bickering over some government head position. That is why the Asians and Jews are beating us Blacks to the core; do you think these people really care abt who wins/lose an election?

      • Since when do JEWS own anything in Antigua. ThAt sounds like a slur. JEWS!!! You making joke? Give us some names please.

        • @ Jackie, You must be living under a rock somewhere lol…The family who owns the Power Plant in ANU literally owns majority of the island lol. Are they African descendants or Jews? lol

    • Also, all media houses in Jamaica are privatized and the major one (RJR communication group) is listed on one of the world’s best performing stock exchange (Jamaica Stock Exchange). Maybe you should log onto the JSE, link up with a broker, buy some shares and stop chat!!!

    • There are people from across the Caribbean on Jamaican TV. The main anchor for our main prime time newscast is St Lucian. The host of our main morning radio programme is from Belize. Jamaica is always accepting of people from across the caribbean

  4. Go back to Jamaica Garfield and give Anderson athill the recognition he deserve. We can’t pull that shit off in jamaica😝

    • Yall Antiguan’s are the same one that does tear down your own news broadcasters when they sound so unprofessional and we need better quality because it doesn’t look good one the country now better come it’s not what we want because he ain’t from here smfh step up or shut up

    • You could have left out the profanity and I’d have given you a “Amen”. Clean up your language. You don’t need to be so unprofessional. I doubt if you were raised like that. Chuuptz.

  5. In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king. That alone explains why Burford is deemed by many blind land-dwellers to be “among the best”. He came here ostensibly to train aspiring or below par journalists, recognized the extent of the land’s blindness, and simply manoeuvred himself into the role of the one-eyed king. And what is so great about this one eyed king?. Yes, he does have a commanding voice ( which seems at odds with his short stature), he dresses well, and he appears to have honed his acting skills just as well. In reality, this one-eyed king seems to spend a lot of time with a thesaurus (instead of training ‘blind’ locals as he was hired to do). He has therefore perfected the art of asking the same question ad nauseum using a variety of big words all if which mean the same darn thing. He needs to stop the play acting, complete the assignment that he was commissioned to do and having done so successfully, apply for a more permanent job as trainer of future newscasters or go home. Antigua has a long history of broadcasters dating all the way back to Micky Matthew and perhaps even before. Burford is taking up space denying local aspirants the training and the natural opportunity to reduce their blindness!

  6. Burford is a good journalist, but the purpose for which he was brought here is finish now, and he can return to his homeland or move on to some other island that needs his help. Thank you for your serviced, but you finish here. The people on the streets have been complaining. He was brought here to improve the station, and he did that, but now he seems to be the big shot over there, We have many Antiguan journalists like Terry, Ali, Sharon, Shermaine, Liburd, etc. etc. Perhaps the problem might go deeper than Burford. What about the management? People say if the ABS staff had a vote that over 90% would vote nonconfidence in the management. And most of us know why!!!! Of course, the reasons are many, and should not be ignored. And, course, the non-Antiguan Burford can’t do anything but lick the boots of management (if he wants to keep his job and stay in this country)..

  7. Not aware of all the information surrounding the issue with Mr. Burford and Abstv. But from living in New York i know the importance of establishing relationships with my Caribbean brothers. I am a strong believer in Caribbean integration therefore i am very much in favor of Mr. Burford. Moreso from watching and listening he is very professional. An asset to Abstv

    • Hello my dear Cousin Kelly, I appreciate “establishing great relationships,” with our fellow Caribbeanites, however, we must be certain to manage the integration piece. We cannot allow for that to permeate every key position in our country.
      We have to be careful. Yes, seek out the best to train our people, but not to take or dominate the place of our people. This goes not only for the media, but for other spaces also. I see trouble looming on the horizon if we do not implement limits or measures around integration. No country can stand on its own in this world of globalization, but it doesn’t mean that anything goes, we must maintain the reins of our country. Let me be clear, I have nothing against Mr. Burford or any other foreigner who assumes a critical role in any Antiguan establishment; we need to maintain a balance.

  8. Antiguans need to stand up, because the politicians have us as second class citizens in our own country

    • Antiguans need stand up and learn to appreciate what they have, learn where they need to and be professional…..professionalism is not changing your accent and shout on on your subordinates it’s knowing what to do and don it right. Antiguans like going halfway and like fast cash…they are too lazy!!!!??
      Learn from the foreigners and work hardddd!!!?
      Foreigners are helping boost the country, and we are all black lives that matter…so many Antiguans in US and UK….if those ppl had to treat them the same you’re now treating Burford and others then those present here should be prepared to move because those coming would definitely fill the spaces.

  9. I love all ABS staff they are all pros,they were doing very well but Garfield just add a little more flavour so people enjoy them all.

    • I swear the xenophobia is strong today!

      Garfield Burford is a journalist par excellence that must remain where he is. The ABS is an institution that makes hiring decisions based on meritocracy, not jingoism or nationality. Any employee of an organization is judged based on knowledge, competence and effectiveness. Even if he was brought in to do a particular job, no CEO or head of a company is going to get rid of an employee that has distinguished himself above the rest.

      If your sole reason for “demanding” that Burford be let go or removed from Antigua Tv simply because he is not Antiguan, then you are anti-Caricom, small-minded, jealous and full of badmind. You are no different from Donald Trump.

      Instead of hating on Mr. Burford, ask yourselves why he or Jamaicans in general are so good at what their crafts on the world stage, but Antiguans are unable to reach that bar?

      This is a globalised world. All jobs in Antigua are up for grab by the rest of the world. Dont just hate and hide behind xenophobic rhethoric, just be better! Do better and try to set yourselves apart.

      Grudgefulness, ‘badmind’, vitriol and jealousy will not stop Garfield from an excellent journalist! Step your game up Antiguans.

  10. Burford is no kind of cut above the rest. As far as am concerned he should not have been brought here and placed incharged if anybody here . This foolishness should stop . Because they can threaten them with send back home Burford and others are their puppets .

  11. Thou shalt not covet they neighbors good fortune. Antigua’s are the most covetous , backbiting haters of their own family and race. The undercurrent of sociopathy is the reason all the lands of the world are now cursed. there are demons among us. The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof . Be a citizen of the world choose your place and live in peace.

  12. Mr. Buford would not be still here if those in power did not want him to be here. Obviously, those in power do not think that there are any capable Antiguans to replace him

  13. Great nations are built on diversity. What’s y’all problem? Look around you, great ‘power houses’ created by people from different countries. Blatant prejudice and jealous comments here. Y’all even admit to not liking your own standards. Antiguan’s small minded xenophobia is well known but Antiguans go to plenty of countries and get good jobs so that’s ok for you and not for someone else? How many of you complainers speak to your MP to improve your own standards? You want foreign money, foreign skill, sell your passports, sell your land to foreigners, want investors in your country, but you don’t want the people and treat them like this and it’s OK? How many ministers truly Antiguan? How many Antiguans are at the top of local organisations, the banks, communications companies? Few. So why a problem with a journalist? But always the first who demand what foreigners have. Use your negative energy to your own government and improve your own training instead of trying to bring someone down.

  14. Burford,you are so popular and or unpopular.Perhaps you should run for political office.If you are a naturalized citizen of Antigua and Barbuda.You would not have to give up your citizenship of Jamaica.While Nationals of Antigua and Barbuda who are naturalized citizens of some countries.Would have to renounced that citizenship in order to run for political offices in the country of their births,Antigua and Barbuda.Do you see that double standard Burford,in Antigua.That system was set up to stymied Nationals in my opinion.

  15. Once the topic is about a non-nation y’all are very active !!! Haha foolish badminded set of people

  16. He can come across as snobbish…I witnessed something in Cost Pro where he was speaking to one of the food servers at the back. I was turned off. I am not saying that he isn’t a professional at what he does but the arrogance. Needs some humbling juice. Antiguans are working overseas in prestigious positions as well so…

  17. Just for argument sake, maybe the people that he has been hired to train head so hard that dem nar larn fast enough so his tenure extended.
    Antigua fuh Antiguans, Jamaica for Jamaicans, Guyana for Guyanese… nah suh? Well Canada should be for Canadians, America for Americans.

  18. Bufford isn’t all that. He okay. As long as he licks the boot and hides behind the skirt of management he’ll be protected. He good at that.

  19. I don’t know why some Antiguans have so much hate for their Caribbean brother and sisters especially jamaican and guyanese , and the people who really coming to take their country and enslave them those are the ones they love, welcome and support.. to them jamaican and guyanese are the only nine nationals smh.

  20. You people are sad, pathetic and disgusting. Now I see who were the Africans people that sold their fellow African brothers and sisters into slavery = ANTIGUANS!!!

    • JAM…. I agree with you 100%. All they do is whine n complain….but they are non achievers. Blaming all their failures and shortcomings on non nationals. Bunch of hypocrites…they love our music…our food our culture but still hate us the jamaican ppl. I pray for you badminded and envious ppl. Stop kissing the Chinese and Syrians rear end and embrace your own Caribbean black bros and sisters. “Unity is strength”….ONE LOVE

  21. Mr Burford is one among the best in the Caribbean, but he does sometimes come across as arrogant. And that is honestly the only problem I have with him. It’s like someone who knows they’re the smartest person in the room and likes to remind of you it. It’s obvious that he has an expansive vocabulary and likes to display it, sometimes rather unnecessarily and usually when in dialogue with the other anchors. And it’s more the tone and posturing in which he showcases his vocabulary which comes across as arrogant. I dare anyone to honestly tell me that they have not thought that about him at least one time. Other than that I have no problem with him, he is among the best in the Caribbean.

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